Horton to have Surgery…. Straka Too???

Rookie Nathan Horton of the Florida Panthers will miss the rest of the season to have shoulder surgery.

…And what About Martin Straka?(TSN.ca)

According to Straka himself, he said that he will need surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left knee.

However, the Kings are disputing that assessment, saying more testing is needed to determine the extent of the injury which occurred last weekend in a game against Columbus.

“We need to wait longer until the swelling goes down and we are able to see just what the damage is,” Kings coach Andy Murray tells the Los Angeles Times.

The Kings point out that Straka’s injury is to the MCL, which rarely requires surgery, unlike the ACL, which performs a separate function within the knee. If surgery is required, Straka would be out of the lineup until the final month of the season.

Kings forward Jon Sim tore his MCL last month but has appeared in five of the last seven games.

Straka had chalked up 11 points in 19 games since joining the Kings in a trade with Pittsburgh last November.


So if you take a look at who’s seriously injured in Los Angeles, you have

Jason Allison

Zigmund Palffy

Adam Deadmarsh

Martin Straka

Those are most definately their top-4 offensive forwards. I never seen a team with so much successive badluck. But then again, is it really badluck? After the Kings acquired Straka from the Pens I pointed out that even though they got him out of Pittsburgh for a relatively cheap price what was the point in bringing ANOTHER VERY FRAGILE forward when half of your team are at the hospital…? This is already the 2nd time that Straka is injured since being acquired by the Kings. When he played is first game in a L.A. uniform he left in the second period after suffering a shoulder injury if my memory serves me right.

Straka suffered from different freaky accident in the past and I once thought that he was just not lucky but it is now clear that this guy will most likely never play an entire season without being injured at least once. Hate to say I told you so, Kings!