Horton to have Surgery…. Straka Too???

Rookie Nathan Horton of the Florida Panthers will miss the rest of the season to have shoulder surgery.

…And what About Martin Straka?(TSN.ca)

According to Straka himself, he said that he will need surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left knee.

However, the Kings are disputing that assessment, saying more testing is needed to determine the extent of the injury which occurred last weekend in a game against Columbus.

“We need to wait longer until the swelling goes down and we are able to see just what the damage is,” Kings coach Andy Murray tells the Los Angeles Times.

The Kings point out that Straka’s injury is to the MCL, which rarely requires surgery, unlike the ACL, which performs a separate function within the knee. If surgery is required, Straka would be out of the lineup until the final month of the season.

Kings forward Jon Sim tore his MCL last month but has appeared in five of the last seven games.

Straka had chalked up 11 points in 19 games since joining the Kings in a trade with Pittsburgh last November.


So if you take a look at who’s seriously injured in Los Angeles, you have

Jason Allison

Zigmund Palffy

Adam Deadmarsh

Martin Straka

Those are most definately their top-4 offensive forwards. I never seen a team with so much successive badluck. But then again, is it really badluck? After the Kings acquired Straka from the Pens I pointed out that even though they got him out of Pittsburgh for a relatively cheap price what was the point in bringing ANOTHER VERY FRAGILE forward when half of your team are at the hospital…? This is already the 2nd time that Straka is injured since being acquired by the Kings. When he played is first game in a L.A. uniform he left in the second period after suffering a shoulder injury if my memory serves me right.

Straka suffered from different freaky accident in the past and I once thought that he was just not lucky but it is now clear that this guy will most likely never play an entire season without being injured at least once. Hate to say I told you so, Kings!



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  1. Treva says:

    How can the kings expect to compete? Sean Avery? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kings are able to make it into the playoffs (currently in a three way tie for 8th). They have decent goaltending and defense (Huet is a good back-up provided he doesn’t have to start all the time). Should they make the playoffs, look for the brooms to come out and sweep up the mess.

    Are they candidates for unloading players at the deadline? or are they going to be buyers?

  2. bringbacktocchet says:

    this is absolutely crazy. if you look a this team on paper it rocks (minus a hole or two on D), but they have NEVER been able to play together. palffy was definitely on his way to an mvp season if the kings kept up their pace. i have no idea what the kings will do. god only hopes kings fans don’t have to go through ANOTHER youth movement and ANOTHER 5 year plan from the organization. but it looks as though we will spend the second half of the year watching the manchester monarchs. it’s time for the fans and organzation to face reality that allison and deadmarsh are never coming back and start making plans. applause to the organzization for the moves that they made, but it’s time to start making more. fire sale, no. lose some dead weight, yes. i’m taking a pool as to the next victim on the kings will be and how will it happen. piano form the sky? zamboni accident? the agony of being a kings fan. put a knife in me, i’m done!!!

  3. OldNord says:

    Donald Audette has signed a contract with the Panthers for 150 000$ and could earn 400 000$ with the bonuses.

    He will not replacing Horton, they’re not similar players, but I think, depending how much ice time he will get, he could help them, and acore some goals, especially on the powerplay.

  4. Lint07 says:

    Good call ‘nord, I just saw that too.

    Before the Horton injury I predicted that Audette would sign a small contract with bonuses with either Atlanta or NYIslanders but NYI signed Ronning.

    With the injury to Horton it makes sense for the Panthers to sign him.

    Audette isn’t done, if they give him a real chance to prove himself he really can help this team.

  5. OldNord says:

    Mr. Demers was right when has predicted Audette could sign with the Panthers this week last saturday on CBC.

    On the Panthers side, it’s a little investment who could be profitable for them if Audette’s productive, otherwise, it’s “only” 150k thrown down the drain.

  6. TC_4 says:

    You know, you have to wonder why the Kings wanted ANOTHER injury prone player in the first place??? The Kings are not going to make the playoffs, and they haven’t won in what, 10, 12 is it? Something like that. Watch out for the Oilers people I’m telling you! Although, we lose tonight, my cries will be to unload the team!

  7. AfroCon says:

    What do you want them to unload? And with what do you want them to buy anything?

  8. TC_4 says:

    We Won!!! HUGE game Saturday in Nashville. They win it, they’ll be 4 back of them and 6 back of Calgary. I’m telling you, the Oilers are climbing, and others are falling. We win Saturday, and I’m going to start feeling really good about that 11 of 14 prediction.

  9. TC_4 says:

    You know I feel for you dude! It’s a shame, because they are one team that plays a pretty entertaining style, and they have to be losing a ton of money, espically if they start sliding down the standings. But you never know, they stayed in it for a while last year, so maybe they’ll do that again this year.

  10. TC_4 says:

    The problem with Audette is that his track record says he’ll go on a tear making 400k, then will get 2 mil from some team and only get 4 goals in 82 games. He has the talent to get 20-30 goals every year, and he just doesn’t.

  11. OldNord says:

    He will get 2 mil from MontrĂ©al if there is no lock-out, I don’t think a team would offer a 2 mil contract to Audette if they take this in consideration.

  12. TC_4 says:

    You would hope not. He is one of the best examples as to why one of the many goal scoring problems in the league is because some of the best talents know they can get big bucks with one good year, and just stop working while still collecting there money. Look at Jagr.

  13. trailerparkboys says:

    Audette is a expansion team player ,where if he is on the ice all the time he will get you 70 points.But put him on a team with depth , and he rides the pines!!! . I like to see him get anther chance . I think he will have a decent finish . 30 points in the second half is not impossible .If he gets the ice time


  14. guinsfan4life says:

    I wouldn’t really consider what they got in return for Straka a relatively cheap price. The player they received in return for Straka, Martin Strbak, who has been perhaps their most effective defenseman since shortly after the trade, and talented winger Sergi Ansakov, who coincedentally was first on his team in scoring during the world championships–who was second?? Alex ovechkin.

    So I wouldn’t say they received little in return for Straka. When we see Ansakov in pgh in a few years while straka is retired, and Strbak has contributed as he has, you’ll think the deal was a steal.

  15. Lint07 says:

    don’t get me wrong, I am saying since day 1 that the Pens did receive a fairly good package considering everybody knew that Straka wasn’t going to return with the team anyway. I like Ansakov and I thought that Strbak was nothing more than a throw in player in the trade but he’s done good things since his arrival with the Pens. The fact that they had to pay part of Straka salary made it a good trade for both team.

    That being said, the Kings didn’t gave up THAT much for a 80 pts scorer like Straka and that is why I said ”relatively” cheap price. I say that the Pens will be contenders in 5-6 years from now, they’ll be fun to watch. Just like my Habs, both teams are going in the right direction.

  16. TC_4 says:

    Lint, come on, you said and I quote “the Oilers will win 11 of 14, guarenteed, without a doubt.” Your such a tool, what a stupid comment, a stupid article, your a jackass…..later on…..I didn’t call you names, I know it was your opinion, you started this buddy, I didn’t do a thing wrong, grow up, quit contradicting yourself(contradicting is the word I just learned), and back up what your saying, blah, blah, blah, blah. ahhhhh…I’m bored! Drop me a private msg dude, haven’t chated with you for a while.

  17. Lint07 says:

    Dude, I don’t remember saying that. I must’ve been really drunk though cause honestly what kind of sane person would say something like that??

    Wow! people must’ve thought I was really stupid for saying that… Won’t happen again, hopefully!

    I replied to you pm, by the way!

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