Hossa, Datsyuk, St. Louis. Could They Get Moved?

3 terrific hockey players are currently having some problems coming to terms on a contract with their current clubs.

Marian Hossa is in a rather bitter dispute with the Ottawa Senators that he is about to take to arbitration. Things could get ugly here as he is looking for Iginla/Thornton/Lecavalier type of money despite not having as good a track record as those 3.

Pavel Datsyuk is also in a rough dispute with his club, the Detroit Red Wings. Demanding at least $5 Million, he seems to be pricing himself out of the Wings range as they currently do not have enough cap room to meet the demands of both him and Hendrik Zetterberg.

Martin St. Louis is the reigning MVP and wishes to be paid like one. Seeing fellow teammate Vincent Lecavalier get big bucks has only irked the small speedster even more. A player of his status is certainly going to look for the maximum. It will be hard for the Bolts to meet his demands as they simply have too many good players to keep them all.

So the possibility exists that any or all of these 3 players could get moved. because Hossa and St. Louis are going to be unrestricted free agents next summer it’s make or break for their clubs. Datsyuk still has a few years to go to reach UFA status but he could bury himself in Russia without too many complaints on his part. So each team is going to have to make a big decision in the near future.

So where could these 3 end up? Here are a few possibilities.

Hossa – I know that there was talk of the Sens moving Redden in order to free room for Hossa. But if I were Ottawa I would do the opposite. The sens have proven offensive talents in Daniel Alfredsson and Martin Havlat who can carry the offence. They have a potential young superstar ready to break out and be the offensive leader of the team in Jason Spezza. And the team has always had balanced scoring. No matter what rule changes there are, defence wins championships and there is no team out there with 3 All Star blueliners in their prime.

Here is one possible scenario.

To Ottawa: Handzus, Gagne, Radivojevic, 2nd round pick in 06

To Philly: Hossa, Smolinski

I know that trading within the division and/or conference is improbable. not impossible but improbable. (because I just said this, I would hope opinions on this would be more hockey related). But in terms of a hockey trade, it makes sense. The Flyers need another scorer in case the kids dont perform as well expected and/or if FOrsberg goes down with a long term injury. Hossa would fill that void and give the FLyers a big time 1-2 punch in their lineup. To me Smolinski is useless. He should have been bought out. He is a throw in to make things work contractually.

The Flyers would have a heck of a lineup up front:





For Ottawa, they are deeper than ever. It really helps having a big time offensive star coming through the ranks. Handzus and Radivojevic are exactly what Ottawa needs. More size and grit up front. Handzus especially because they need more depth at centre, more toughness there and a guy who can win faceoffs. and he is good for 20 goals and 50 points too if he gets the ice time. I think Gagne would explode not playing under Hitch*****. i think he could replace many of the goals they would lose from Hossa leaving. Ottawa would be better balanced and still have their big 3 on D.





I am about 95% sure that such a deal wont happen but it makes so much sense hockey wise.

Datsyuk – There was talk of him going for a goalie or more help on defence. But Detroit needs his scoring or someone like him to bring the offence.

To Detroit – Heatley, Stefan

To Atlanta – Datsyuk, Zetterberg

I think Atlanta at some point is going to have to ante up the max contract to both Kovalchuk and Heatley. So why not get two good offensive players and one who could be very dynamic playing with Kovalchuk. Zetterberg would offer better support scoring and really give the Thrashers a balanced attack that coach Hartley was so use to in Colorado.





Detroit would have a young star forward to build around. They havent had a superstar young player that will likely be around for 10 years since Fedorov. Datsyuk is a good player but Heatley is pretty special. This guy could captain the team when the Yzerman era ends.





St Louis – The Rodney Dangerfield of MVPs. no respect. He never has gotten respect throughout his career. Cap space is shrinking in Tampa as they fill up roster spots. St Louis is probably quietly on the trade block but Jay Feaster will deny it. A while back the rumour was St Louis wanting to play in NY but that would be when he is a UFA.

So where could he go?

To Tampa: Mike Johnson, Nagy, Tanabe, Taffe

To Phoenix: St. Louis, Polushin, Draft pick

Superstar player, turned superstar owner, turned superstar GM for Canada, turned coach could use a superstar for his team. I think Gretz from knowing him from the Team Canada work would totally love to have St Louis. The team has plenty of support scorers but no go to guy. Marty would be just that. With Gretzky likely employing a offensive minded skating game, St Louis would be a perfect fit.

St Louis-COmrie-Doan




Tampa would lose their big star, but get 4 players for the price of 1 and still be a strong contender. depth would be even stronger and in reality they simply could not keep all of Richards, Lecavalier and St Louis. I mean it already cost them Khabibulin.





Let me reiterate. The chances of this happening are near slim to none. But all 3 of those teams that are having problems with these players are going to have to look at their options. Especially Ottawa and Tampa who could lose their stars for nothing next summer. But I thought it would be very interesting to discuss what might happen to these stars as it could alter the landscape of the NHL even more than it already has.

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  1. thekeyholespy says:

    I’m sorry did someone say that Hossa would never be a 100 point guy …. Lick me where it smells funny!!!! ….he’s been playing in a defensive system …with equal ice time for all 4 lines…. and still puts up 85 points a season …if he play for a coach that would put him on the ice for 20-25 min a game …i.e. Pat Quinn with Sundin…who still cant hit 80 points in a season ….he’d put up 100 in his sleep. ….mmmmm maybe he is worth 7 m !!!

  2. faninjapan says:

    Heatley makes what Datsyuk and Zetterberg make combined? That’s funny, I wasn’t aware that any of those three are actually signed to a contract. I highly doubt that Heatley will make much more, if more, than Datsyuk, let alone more than both Datsyuk and Zetterberg combined.

  3. goleafsgo1991 says:

    To Philadelphia: Marian Hossa & Brian Smolinski

    To Ottawa: Michal Handzus, Simon Gagne, Branko Radivojevic, and a second round draft pick.

    The inclusion of Radivojevic AND a draft pick seems abit too much, but it would work out. Forsberg gets a first class estblished scorer (i.e. Hossa) who would act as Hejduk did and thrive next to Foppa. They however would remain overloaded at centre. Ottawa would get a first-liner at Left Wing, which they desperarely need, and would maintain some depth at centre. It would work better if Patrick Sharp replaced Radivojevic and the draft pick was say a 4th round pick to Philadelphia.

    To Atlanta: Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg

    To Detroit: Dany Heatley and Patrik Stefan.

    It would make more sense if it was a plain Datsyuk for Heatley. The other two would increase depth problems on both recipient teams. Detroit would lose it’s only offensive centre and gaina THIRD (behind Yzerman and Draper) defensive specialist. Atlanta would get a second first-line young left winger who would be stagnated behind Kovalchuk and would lose it’s Calder Trophy winner. Atlanta would however get a top set-up man for Kovalchuk and whoever would wing that line (Marc Savard?) and Detroit would fill a whole at Right Wing and get its next franchise player. Get rid of Zetterberg and Stefan, and add 1st and 2nd round picks along witha decent prospect (say Kronwall or Hudler?) and it might happen.

    To Phoenix: Martin St. Louis, Alexander Polushin, and draft picks

    To Tampa Bay: Mike Johnson, Ladislav Nagy, David Tanabe, Jeff Taffe

    This works on paper but it would NEVER happen. Tampa would want ATLEAST Shane Doan, and probably a pair of 1st over-all picks before it traded the MVP and League Scoring Title Winner away. This would leave Tampa GAPING and right wing, with Nagy, Prospal, Andreychuk, and Fedotenko all on the left side, and only Johnson and DiMaio on the right. This would also cause Phoenix problems fitting St. Louis in around Hull and Doan. Phoenix also wouldn’t give up a decent defenseman with noone in return, along with their best youngster at centre. A more probable trade? Doan, 1st round pick, 1st round pick and Blake Wheeler for Martin St. Louis and a 3rd round pick.

  4. goleafsgo1991 says:

    See more of it at freeagent05.blogspot.com

  5. nordiques100 says:

    this was stolen from me!!!! i shoulda had this patented!!! LOL

  6. nordiques100 says:

    if you dont like it then contribute somehting on your own instead of complaining about it

  7. goleafsgo1991 says:

    what was stolen..the opinion or website address

  8. dcz28 says:

    being from ottawa i agree with you about him being a great player but 7 million bucks is way too much in the new NHL you have to remember he plays with good players too…look at what Milan Hejduk got (3.6 or 3.8) and their stats are very close…i think his agent (which is the same as Hejduk) knows he didnt get the best deal for Hedjuk and now is trying to make up what he could have made by getting Hossa more then he deserve.

    I love Hossa but if he cared as much about the team as he does about his paycheck he would sign for less then 7 and stay in Ottawa to win a cup…He wants to be the highest paid player for the sens (Alfredson is the highest) and i think he is better then Alfredson and should be paid more then him but i wouldnt go more then 10 million for 2 years and to me that would be fair…I would rather they trade Alfredson then Hossa.

    If the revenues go down next year and the cap does the same then not many teams will have cap space, will want to pay that much for any player or will not be able to ask for that much since no player can make more then 20% of the team cap.

  9. nordiques100 says:

    the opinion.

  10. Resmo112 says:

    i hate this trade idea as a wing fan simply because i really hate heatly which really is only cause he is one ugly man, but he’s a great hockey player i just like my players to have all their teeth.

  11. cementhead says:

    I also think this will be a great year for Tanabe. Have you seen the wheels on this cat? With a little more room on the ice now I think he is poised to begin making a name for himself.

  12. nordiques100 says:

    haha you are so right. atlanta could have the two ugliest players in the league on one line. heatley and holik haha

  13. Resmo112 says:

    I like it when people agree with my very shallow remarks.

  14. NemiNA says:

    NO! Those 3 nashvillians are crazy good. Never.

  15. NemiNA says:

    I would take the St. Louis move in a second. Tampa needs more depth after alot of their role players signed with other teams. Why is everyone trying to make Smolinski look like he’s better than he is? Smolinski and Hossa are not worth the Flyers whole youth movement.

  16. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    All wrong!

    Berg and Belak for Hossa and Spezza! YEEAA!

    Just about as likely as the trades you mention… sorry.

  17. splendidchink says:

    Thanks to Detroit, NYR, Filthydelphia and Toronto for overspending and giving us a piece of that revenue sharing pie!

  18. infoengine says:

    none of these trades would ever happen

  19. jc92 says:

    I could see St. Louis at New Jersey,

    Hossa definatly at Philly,

    Im not sure about Datsyuk probably Boston

  20. TheHead says:


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