Hossa, Havlat on Habs radar

The Montreal Canadiens are reportedly on the verge of pulling off a deal for either Martin Havlat of the Chicago Blackhawks or Marian Hossa of the Atlanta Thrashers respectively.

I feel Havlat or Hossa would fit in nicely with Koivo and Higgins line, and truly believe acquiring either player would really benefit this team in the long run for making a deep run at winning the Stanley Cup and bringing it home where it belongs.


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  1. Habs_pm says:

    Its Koivu not Koivo.

    If Gainey doesn't land Hossa I don't know why he would got after Havlat?

    The guy is so brittle he wouldn't last a round in the playoffs.

    Hope Gainey does something to spark the roster and give them that extra push!

  2. morrissey says:

    I hope the Habs follow the number one rule of hockey pools: Never, ever, ever  succumb to the temptation of relying on Martin Havlat!

  3. rob121 says:

    If Gainey can't obtain Hossa, I highly doubt he'd try for Havlat and his 6 million dollar salary for next season. This makes no sense at all but what more would you expect from the Toronto Sun.

  4. mojo19 says:

    Yeah, I read Bruce Garrioch in the Sun yesterday too. If this is true and they were trying to land both of these players as suggested by Garrioch, I doubt Hossa would be playing with Koivu. Since Koivu would most likely no longer be a hab.

    The Thrashers are not looking for *just* picks and prospects for Hossa, they want immediate help too. I know since we live in big hockey markets and cheer for big teams, winning a division title doesn't mean anything, but hanging up that banner in Atlanta would be a very good thing for their market. The Thrashers aren't out of it yet and would love the playoff revenue. Any deal involving Hossa would have to include immediate help back as the Thrashers try to secure the 3rd or 7-8 playoff spot.

    Pretty much same deal for Havlatt. Bottom line if you want these two guys, Higgins and Koivu are being dealt (among others).

  5. habstruefan says:

    I would bet anything that havlat aint comming to montreal.
    Gainey is not that stupid.The havlat rumors only started because hossa played with havlat in ottawa.I hope to hell gainey doesn't settle for the sake of trading.

    Defence is what wins stanley cups and if gainey can't land hossa i say go after kabele from the leafs if he's available.I know montreal needs another sniper up front to help out koivu but settling for a havlat would kill us in the long run(VERRY FRAGIL).Look at anaheim's defence (SCARY).


  6. tatawaka says:

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no way the Leafs are going to trade with the Habs. They're in the same division and that is way too risky with this year standings and last years finish with the habs and Leafs head to head.

    I'd agree on the defence part tho, but I think our defence is real good as it is, we just need another scoring line…

  7. Vinnypleasecomehome says:

    Havlat is a waste. He sucks and is too expensive.

  8. THEGREATHAB says:

    I do not think either of these guys will win a cup for us,  but both will help our second line scoring.  Depending on what the Habs have to give up for either of these guys,  I would take Havlat, just for the fact that Hossa is leaving July 1st. 

    I would not trade any of our current steady roster players,  because we are winning.  The only players I can see us able to move are, Ryder, Halak, Dandeneault, Kostoupolous, or some prospects. I say lets continue to develope, remeber we are ahead of the curve right now.

  9. habstruefan says:

    You have a good point about kabele not coming to montreal.

    I just f**ken hope havlat aint comming to montreal

  10. mojo19 says:

    If those are the guys you would be willing to trade, you wouldn't land either of Havlatt or Hossa.

  11. Garny says:

    i agree…boston, toronto won't deal with montreal…i think last trade between the clubs with a player worth anything was doug gilmour to toronto for a 6th round draft pick…and remember it didn't come back to haunt the habs as DG lasted 4 minutes in a leaf uniform

  12. Garny says:

    If i were to choose between the 2 players i would take Havlat for his scoring because we desperatly need secondary scoring but with the Habs lack of physicality than I am sure with Havlat's lack of health will not last long.  Hossa is more physical but seems to pull a diapearing act when relied upon.  I would hope Gainey doesn't go after any of these palyers with trade bait such as higgins or Koivu….I also believe if we can retain Ryder for the same price or maybe slight bit more he will come out of his slump…90+ goals in first 4 years of his career aint bad.

  13. morrissey says:

    All this talk of scoring… I'm not so sure Gainey will do anything about it: Habs have the 3rd best offense in the league, stand to finish the season with 4 players at 20+ goals, 2 defenceman with 10+ and that's not including Koivu, Ryder & Sergei Kostitsyn who's only played 30 games but has really blossomed lately. Bob won't sell the farm to add to that mix.

  14. cedjones says:

    i dont think havlat would be good cause he always gets injured. i heard that Lecavalier is an option, which would be cool.

  15. habsoverserver says:

    Deadline deals rarely impact the playoffs but generally cost a team's future. I agree with the comment that Montreal could use another defenseman.  It never hurts to have depth and experience on the blueline. 

    Other than possibly Huet, the players who are leading Montreal will all be with the team next season.  There is no need to make a risky deadline trade. 

  16. JM says:

    after reading all the comments I have a few things to make you all realize. One of you said never to trust Havlat…Remember when Ryder took Havlat out during a regular season game in OTT and he was out all season and came back during the playoffs…he totally owned the stats that year in playoffs…plus he came back next season as a Backhawk and was the player with the most points until he got injured again…he came back that year and still ended up posting 57 pts in 56 games. He is good, he's just had bad luck with injuries. But this season when he got injured again at the start of the season he didn't come back too soon like he usually did…he waited until he was completely 100% fine to play hockey and he hasn't been injured since. He is an amazing goal scorer, he is fast and if you look at the big picture, yeah maybe MTL doesn't need him but no matter what he is still a good player to have on your team hands down.

    I know you all have your own opinion of him, but he has been the player on my desktop background 2 years now. I guess he's just one of those players who I love to watch play the game of hockey. Since I am a huge HABS FAN I would love to see him in MTL.

    Wadel wants big names for Hossa…but with Havlat we could probably trade away prospects and ppls we dont want instead of dealing away Higgins(and more) like Wadel wants for hossa.


  17. habsrock99 says:

    I love Martin Havlat and I would love to see what he'd do as a Hab. However, 6 million is a steep price for a guy who traditionally plays 50 games a year. I'd try my luck at getting Hossa first and settle for Havlat if I couldn't get Hossa. Remember, Havlat's been a play-off performer his entire career(11 Pts in 18GP in 2002-03 and 13 Pts in 10GP in 2005-06). Not to mention that when healthy, Havlat can be one of the best players in the NHL.

    But, because he's been injured doesn't mean he's a bad hockey player because by that logic Mario Lemieux would be terrible.

  18. hockey_lover says:

    Since you wanted to pick on spelling, I'll do the same.

    Its "go" not "got" after Havlat   😛

  19. darcysucker says:

    Once again more garbage from Bruce Garrioch, he's probably one of the worst journalists out there, and he's not saying anything new

  20. Plekanec says:

      How about Jarg? He hasen't got a PTS in the last seven games and the Ranger want him out BAD! Jarg would also be cheaper than Hossa, Havlat or Sundin but would bring playoffs experience, lots of offense and finally give Koivu a good winger!

      Hossa might be younger but costly to resign, on the other hand, Jarg would be a rental , I think that Ryder, Streit and Dandenault/2nd rounder would be enough to bring Jarg to Montreal! Unlike players like Sundin, Hossa, Havlat ect…. These guys will cost you at least a 1st rounder and/or Higgins! Which we shouldn't do at Any cost! It might seams like Higgins might be having his worst year yet, but he is in pace for a third and consecutive 20 goals season and also in pace to surpass his highest pts total of 38! No DEADLINE trade is worth players like Price, Higgins, Plek, The Kostitsyns, Latendresse, Komisarek , Markov, Hamrlik,  O'Byrne, Kovalev the rest are all expandable! But if another team's GM want ONE of the previous players above, Bob should just hang-up………………………..


  21. hockey_lover says:

    Uhhhh not quite. His durability might suck but his talent is anything but sucky.

  22. RoenickTheGreat says:

    Yeh what the hell Habs_Pm, you made a big, bad spelling error, I love it when people like you think your sooo smart and then screw up yourself on a simple word of "go" and mispell it to got in your sentence, just love it, lol.

  23. RoenickTheGreat says:

    Better watch out, Habs_Pm will probably reem you out for writing Jagr and Jarg.

  24. Habroller says:

    Very funny, but still, stop writing "Koivo". It's not the 1st time I see you doing that, so I guess you do that voluntarily…

  25. hockey_lover says:

    Id have to agree on Ryder. Everyone is calling for his head but I just dont agree with it.

    He had 3 pretty decent seasons. I think this is just an off year. Many "all purpose players" have them. Besides, he isnt a 1st line all star type winger. He needs help on his line to produce. He isnt the go to guy.

    Having said that, I do think his salary is a bit inflated (he isnt the only one). If they can keep him at the same or less, I say go for it.
    He'll come around.

  26. RoenickTheGreat says:

    Sorry for mis-spelling KOIVU ALRIGHT, WOW GET A LIFE.

  27. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    They're great for teams that want to spend a lot of money, and not win the Stanley Cup!

  28. morrissey says:

    I guess they're both going to the Leafs then.

  29. morrissey says:

    If you've got $6 million in cap space out with a long term injury, you are screwed. It would be impossible to make temporary arrangements to acquire a replacement then trade him off the books when Havlat returns. And in this kind of parity, if you lose a premier player for that length of team you likely won't be in the playoffs when he returns. Havlat is a liability in the cap era not an asset.

  30. leafy says:

    It depends at what cost.  If it's a swap of Koivu + a draft pick for Hossa, then I'd do it.  But not Koivu + Higgins.  That's too much.

    But if Montreal can get Hossa without giving up too much from their roster, they'd be serious contenders for the Stanley Cup, given their goaltending, defense, and Kovalev's surge this year.  A Kovalev + Hossa combo would finally give the Habs a two-pronged attack.

  31. leafy says:

    I find it hard to believe that Fletcher would trade Kaberle to an Eastern Conference opponent, let alone a major traditional rival like the Habs.

    Besides, the Leafs are asking a steep price for Kaberle.  Believe you me, it's not worth it.  The Habs are best advised to keep their young players.  I could see a team like Anaheim making a serious run at Kaberle given that they have Edmonton's 1st pick.  Otherwise, the asking price is too steep for most teams.

  32. Flobomb says:

    You love watching him play hockey eh, well i guess that must be hard on you that you get to do that soo little.  The guy is a complete waste, i am not saying he doesnt have talent but anyone who knows hockey, knows it takes alot more then talent to win.  He has always been hurt, every year, and will be hurt again and again.  Any team that pays a guy that much money a year to average that many games played is stupid.  Since your a habs fan i am gald to hear you would like your team to be that stupid!!!  Dont know if anyone listened to Don's rant on the leafs the other week, but scrap this whole Hossa, Havlat crap, MON already has too many euro's they are counting on to bring this team through, it WON"t happen!  IF we make a deadline deal it has to be for some Canadian players!!  I am assuming these MTl fans that are on all these sites are Canadians themselves, so i ask, what the hell are you guys thinking!!!  PUT everything else aside, Don was right when he said look at the teams that have been winning the cup that last bunch of years, they are led and largely made up of Canadians.  Then look at international play like the World Juniors which we win…..alot!!!!   A few years ago Crosby and the Canadians go up against Russia and the Great Alex and Malkin duo.  Was there ever any doubt??  Those two were hammered til no tomorrow and the Canadians walked right over them.  Wake up and lets hope Gainey brings in a star Canadian player to lead this group!!!!

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