Hossa re-signs in NY

According to outsidethegarden.com, “

It appears that Marcel Hossa has been signed to a contract for $600,000. NHLPA.com shows him as being under contract, so expect an announcement soon.”

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  1. Doctor says:

    that’s balla balla . makes my dookie twinkle. balla

  2. jody200411 says:

    hahahah Marcel Hossa… What a laff!

  3. robinson19 says:

    The habs get alot more out of hard-nosed sparkplug Garth Murray… I must admit I was one who didn’t get this trade originally but hats off to Bob…

    Well I guess if your the Rangers who are going to kick ass this year, you can afford to have one lazy jerk who floats around.

  4. nyrhockey094 says:

    Hossa isnt THAT BAD. He put up more points, goals, and assists then Garth Murray, 10 goals in 64 games is not bad for a player making 600k. Hes come around alot since the beg. of last year. I think he will have a chance to really prove himself this year as a Ranger regular, most likely on the third line with some combination of Betts, Cullen, Prucha, Hall.

  5. jody200411 says:

    true Hossa had more points… but Murray’s role isn’t to score goals… he is a role player and the type of player that Montreal lacks in their lineup. Hossa really isn’t very good.

  6. PensinWpg says:

    For $600k it is an ok acquisitiion for a 4th potentially 3rd line player.

    Would and has done well in the AHL, has potential for the NHL. He did improve his play in the 2nd half of last season but still doesn’t show up every time he is on the ice.

    Even for the salary there are players available that produce similar results are a bit younger and actually have a work ethic.

  7. wheresthesoda says:

    yea, but the rangers have hollweg

  8. wingerxxx says:

    Comparing Hollweg and Hossa is like comparing apples and oranges. They are completely different players. Murray wouldn’t have gotten any ice time last year in New York. The Rangers had Jagr, Prucha, Ortmeyer and Ward at right wing last year. Hollweg and Ortmeyer are both pretty good energy players in themselves, Ward and Betts as well. That’s not to say that Hossa had a great year, but he chipped in enough to warrant his ice time.

  9. Potvinstillsucks says:

    hes not comparing hossa and hollweg hes comparing hollweg to murray

  10. wingerxxx says:

    I made a typo anyway…I was actually referring to Hossa and Murray originally.

  11. DoubleDown says:

    didnt half his goals come in the first 6 games or something though?

    whatever for 600K you cant go too wrong i guess. he’ll always be slagged because he’ll never measure up to big brother marian.

  12. opiatedsherpa says:

    Don’t be fooled by the NHLPA website… it isn’t quite up-to-date. It shows a lot of free-agents signed, when they clearly aren’t.

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