Hossa's contract with Blackhawks under NHL scrutiny


The NHL is investigating whether Marian Hossa’s new 12-year, $62.8-million (all terms US) contract with the Blackhawks cir*****vents the collective bargaining agreement and the salary cap, Sun Media has learned.The ’Hawks could be facing a maximum fine of $5 million and the loss of draft picks if the league’s investigation uncovers proof of allegations that Chicago discussed the possibility of Hossa retiring before the end of the deal, which would end Hossa’s cap hit.

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly confirmed the investigation in an e-mail yesterday, stating that league officials are concerned with the structure of the contract.

What it boils down to is Hossa’s cap hit over the 12 years is $5.23 million a season, but for the first seven years, he’ll make $7.9 million a season before dropping to $4 million in 2016-17.

It’s the final four years of the deal that have the NHL up in arms as Hossa is scheduled to earn $3.5 million, period.

If Hossa were to retire after the eighth season, the $5.23-million cap hit would disappear, too.

“We’re trying to understand how it was negotiated and whether the intent and effect is to cir*****vent the cap,” wrote Daly. “This was the first of the long-term contracts that took a player out past the age 40 and the value of the contract in its ‘out years’ was dramatically lower than its early years.

“We want to know if the possibility of player retirement was ever discussed or even contemplated.”


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  1. HABSSTAR says:

    Well as the contract extends past Hossa's 40th b-day you can bet that retirement was discussed.  Hossa is no Chris Chelios.

    What I don't understand is how they're gonna prove anything.  Sure 12 years is long given Hossa's age but it's not impossible.  He didn't sign a 25 or 50 year contract.

    Speaking of which I wonder who the firt team to pull a 50 or 100 year contract will be.  You could get a guy like Crosby locked up and have his cap hit be league minimum during his entire playing career.  

    I think the only way the league gets around this is if they do a way with the "average" cap hit of a contract.  Legally I see them having a hard time winning with the argument "we allow a bit of trickery in getting under the cap but that's too much right there" 

    Oh well can't wait for the season to start so there's something more interesting to talk about besides Hossa's idiot contract. 

  2. pezzz123 says:

    How about Zetterberg? And Franzen?? And Pronger??? And Briere???? And Richards????? And Lecavalier??????

    If they don't want teams to go around the cap, then remove the cap. Or stop whining.

  3. Kramer says:

    Illegal stuff happens every day.  Secret deals are made behind closed doors and mafia payoffs have always been part of the business world.

    There's no such thing as tampering. The CBA is a ruse. Wake up to reality.

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