How far are they from the playoffs??????

The Atlanta Thrashers are abetter than their record, that is for sure but just how much better?

Here are the top five reasons the Thrashers could be in the playoffs this spring.

1.Byron Dafoe.Byron gives this team more stabillity than most realize. They play hard in front of him and i dont care what anyone says, he is ten million times better than Pasi Nurminnen.

2.The King. (lila Kovalchuck) His defence is improving and i think he has the best wrist shot in the world.

3.Wonderboy(Dany Heatley) Leader, Future captian, leading scorer, savior of atlanta hockey.

4.McEachran, KOzlov, Savard,Stefan. With stefans emergance, Kozlovs jump, McEachrans leadership, and sarards boost to the offence. this team will score more and more as the season goes on.

5. Waddel’s Patince. The thrashers could still be trying to win their first game had it not been for the patince of DW. He stuck with Fraser, who is a very good coach, it is all about patince.

It is times like this when I wish I was in the land of cotton.