How far are they from the playoffs??????

The Atlanta Thrashers are abetter than their record, that is for sure but just how much better?

Here are the top five reasons the Thrashers could be in the playoffs this spring.

1.Byron Dafoe.Byron gives this team more stabillity than most realize. They play hard in front of him and i dont care what anyone says, he is ten million times better than Pasi Nurminnen.

2.The King. (lila Kovalchuck) His defence is improving and i think he has the best wrist shot in the world.

3.Wonderboy(Dany Heatley) Leader, Future captian, leading scorer, savior of atlanta hockey.

4.McEachran, KOzlov, Savard,Stefan. With stefans emergance, Kozlovs jump, McEachrans leadership, and sarards boost to the offence. this team will score more and more as the season goes on.

5. Waddel’s Patince. The thrashers could still be trying to win their first game had it not been for the patince of DW. He stuck with Fraser, who is a very good coach, it is all about patince.

It is times like this when I wish I was in the land of cotton.

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  1. titans says:

    I got one reason they won’t…DEFENSE!

  2. Tradedude says:

    continuation from what titans said.


  3. tsaler says:

    You’re not seriously suggesting that Atlanta doesn’t have any centers, are you?

    They have Hartigan, Hrkac, Kozlov, Rheaume, Savard, Stefan, Svartvadet, Heatley, and Herperger all on the active roster and able to play center if necessary.

    I don’t know how you can suggest they don’t have any talent or depth at the center position.

    Defense really is where they have a problem, but I think if they were healthier (Krupp and Smehlik instead of Lessard and Weaver), they might not be so bad. I think, that being said, maybe they could try to deal some of their excess players (Odgers, Weaver, and Hartigan perhaps) for a big defenseman. Maybe they could get Boris Mironov from the Blackhawks and stick him out there. He has a blistering shot and he’s willing to fight it out to keep the offense at bay. He’s a workhorse and a good fit for Atlanta, since they need defensemen with endurance and good stamina. Maybe they could deal for Kubina or McLaren or something if they do a 3-1 or 4-2 deal… I don’t think, outside of maybe Stefan, they have anything that could make any such deal even-up.


  4. cwhockey says:

    Center position is solid. Defense, obviously, needs an upgrade. Playoffs are pretty much out of the question, so the question is who will they deal near or at the deadline?

    Kozlov, McEachern seems to be everyones favorite rumor fodder. Although it wouldn’t highly surprise me if one of them is dealt. Another possible is Tony Hrkac. Sure, he has slowed down and this year or next he’ll probably retire. But he is still a savvy and smart player, and could be very useful to a contender come the trade deadline.

    Waddell has shouted to the world that he’s looking for a defensive dman. Pulling the trigger on such a deal is a difficult thing though. He won’t give up the Thrashers future (at most a tiny part of it) to get one either, because it would most likely only be for this year. Three or four other dmen playing in Chicago in the AHL might get a look this year, and one or two will most likely crack the lineup next year. Add to that, a few European prospects will cross the pond next year. Lehtonen you all know about. Another is Tommy Santala, who has improved continually for the last 2/3 years.

    You’re right. Patience is the key, and more than just keeping the coach (which I actually have mixed feelings on). Atlanta’s players are still in a maturing process. When they get there, it will definitely be exciting.

  5. Tradedude says:

    ya i guess ur right. just heatley is RW i thought. and lessard. is he a regular on the thrashers line-up. he seems to be familiar with me mind.

  6. oil_drop says:

    Kovalchuk does have a good wrist shot but not the best, Sakic’s wrist shot is the best while skating and also a better shot then Kovalchuk. Teemu’s shot is a hair bit better then Sakic’s. So I think Selanne has the best wrister. As for the Thrashers making the post season, not this year maybe next time around.

  7. oil_drop says:

    Thrashers maybe now should of drafted Bouwmeester, the Thrashers could of signed Dafoe up for the long run and not for a wait till Lehtonen is ready. Boumeester would of solved the Thrashers “D” problem down the road. But as of right now they are a young team who won’t make it to the playoffs.

  8. fleury14NYRCHI says:

    lmao..thrashers arent going anywhere, yeah ilya*** not ilia is good…and same with Heatley….rest of the team sucks….dafoe sucks too

  9. oil_drop says:

    Heatley is a great player. This guy can do it all he like Yzerman.

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