How Good Can the Leafs Be?

If you have kept track of the Leafs off-season you will know that they are vastly improved from last year. They improved goaltending and scoring and kept a good blue-line intact. Many would say the Leafs overacheived last year for such a average team when teams with star power and depth like Carolina finished lower. I think that 6th place is a good prediction for the Leafs because injuries will likely show their ugly face once again.

What the Leafs picked up this year was a 40 goal man in Blake, an excellent goaltender in Toskala, and a enforcer power forward in Bell who could end up on the 1st line.

Now what they lost is a 20 goal man in O’neil a faceoff ace who did nothing with them in Perrault and a useless centre in Travis Green. They lost there back up goalie but now with Raycroft as a back-up we are one of the most solid teams in that position.

What could happen to the Leafs is that Blake gets injured, Toskala cant handle all the games, and Sundin gets injured. Now if this happens then the Leafs might finish as low as tenth.

If this happens then the Leafss could finish higher then 6th. Sundin gets 85+ points, Blake scores 40 goals again, Bell gets 50 points and Toskala gets 30+ wins. I doubt this will happen because this would require everyone staying healthy.

A 6th place finish makes the most sense because Sundin will miss around 5 games. Wellwood and Tucker might miss time again and Blake will likely not get 40 goals again. For your fantasy teams here is what I think the top 5 scorers will be.

Sundin- 84
Wellwood- 73
Kaberle- 71
Blake- 67
Tucker- 61

I know that none Leafs fans hate these articles so kindly next time you see one just dont open it.

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  1. WDF says:

    Rather down to earth comment which I like.
    Some of my predictions are:
    -McCabe has a big year and scores 15+ goals
    -Sundin gets 75-80 points again.
    -Blake and Tucker both get 25+ goals.
    -Wellwood finally breaks out and ends up with over 70 points.
    -Toskala plays well for majority of the season until a small injury gives Raycroft the reigns and he will never get them back until the post season.
    Just what I see happening next season.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Remember some old suggested trades:

    Wellwood, and the 13th for a top 5 pick(to draft Turris)
    of course we dealt that pick for Toskala and Bell(much better trade IMO)

    Kaberle and Stajan for Pronger
    that would have been bad

    Rask for Raycroft
    Oh wait, we actually did that one

    Kubina, Stajan for Zherdev
    what a bad deal that would have been

  3. aneesh2K7 says:

    i would never trade wellwood
    hes has the potential to be a 100 point scorer in the next 2-3 years

  4. m4gician says:


    Seriously, you make real leafs fans look bad.        

  5. Beleafer9 says:

    Finally someone else who thinks that the Rayzor-Toskala combination will be a great thing! Everyone I talk to would trade buttons for Rayzor to get him out of town. Like come on…… he was healthy, played lots (to much), and showed LOTS of potential at times. Wellwood, if healthy I think could have a HUGE season. And if Sundin and Blake work well together, they should be able to push 90/75 respectivly.

    But everyone STAY HEALTHY!!!!

  6. 143rs says:

    Sundin is old, he will get injured, Raycroft sucks and Clemmenson is worse.Toskala will play 60 games and lose 15-35 games + with the pressure it will drain him big.

  7. Shorts_Pimp says:

    I think obtaining a 6th or 7th seed is a very realistic outlook for the Toronto Maple Leafs this season. As I have stated several times, Toskala is a very underrated goaltender, who will likely steal those games Raycroft so commonly lost for us last year. Meanwhile, Toronto had one of the best offenses in the entire NHL, as well as a very capable defensive core. Look for younger players such as Stajan, Steen, Wellwood, Colaiacovo, White, Ponikarovski, and even Antropov to step their game up, while Sundin produces his very consistant 70-80 point season. Don't expect Tucker and Blake to throw up 35-40 goals respectively, although they will each likely score over 25 goals.

    Best Case Scenario: 4th or 5th Place (No injuries)
    Worst Case Scenario: 10th or 11th Place (Lot's of injuries)
    Likely Scenario: 6th or 7th Place (Some injuries, but not overbearing)

  8. MR40 says:

    No one said Wellwood, and the 13th pick for Turris. It was Something like Steen + 13th pick for a top 3 pick, which makes no sense for either Chigaco, Philly, or Phoenix.

    Stajan and Kaberle for Pronger is a steal. Kabbi is a great player, but Pronger one if the best players in the league.

    I take a cheap cancer with BIG potential over an overpaid defender, and a 4th liner.

    If Fergi was smart enough to make moves like that, the Leafs COULD have been a force.

  9. MR40 says:


    Wellwood is a good player, but even expecting him to score 80 points is pushing it.

  10. uniackesquare says:

    Whoever said trading Kaberle and Stajan straight up for Pronger would be bad, needs to get their head checked, if it was Kaberle and Steen, yeah, I guess you would have a little bit of an argument. But Stajan? Thats pretty much just like trading Kaberle straight up for Pronger, as Stajan is a below average player who can easily be replaced. And Chris Pronger is the best defensemen in the NHL. I don't think you know how much having Chris Pronger on your blue line improves your team. Having Chris Pronger alone, would improve our team more than having Blake, Toskala, and Bell added.

  11. hatterson says:

    Even though he was on pace to score over 70 last year before the hernia….

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    we live in a salary cap era, where its all about bang for your buck. And in those terms, its a bad trade. if you look at just the players, theres an argument that it would be better, but Pronger McCabe would be a dreadful blueline combo. and Kaberle is almost as good as Pronger alone.

  13. rydyas30 says:

    The Leafs undoing last season was the fact that they couldn't stop the bad goals from filling their net! Now with the addition of Toskala I believe that problem will be solved. I think if we do  keep Kubina in the fold he will be much improved over last years showing(as long as he stays healthy) but again I have been hearing rumblings that they want to ship him out for some prospects and then sign Markov on a 1 year contract. Again this is just what I have been reading on other sites aswell as in this one. This would be a good thing in my eyes because he is more of what we need in a d-man.. (Tough, blocks shots and clears the front of the net) We have offensive d-men galore,Kaby,Mccabe,Colaiacovo and White. On the other hand we only have Gill as a Defensive d-man maybe Wozniewski but thats it! So I say good job if it gets done.
     Our offence was the 4th best in our conference, so really we didn't need to do much. And that was with Tucker and Wellwood going down for long streches. Now with the addition of Blake and Bell, and full seasons from the afore mentioned Wells and tucks we should probably move up some. I think that one of Tlusty and Williams might actually crack the line up as well.  So I agree that the Leafs have improved and that they will move up to about 5th or 6th in the conference. They just need to stay healthy and not over use Toskala. Raycroft does have upside and will be a good 1b goalie, just not more then 25 games PLEASE!!!!
    Starting Line up for 07-08

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