How Good Can the Leafs Be?

If you have kept track of the Leafs off-season you will know that they are vastly improved from last year. They improved goaltending and scoring and kept a good blue-line intact. Many would say the Leafs overacheived last year for such a average team when teams with star power and depth like Carolina finished lower. I think that 6th place is a good prediction for the Leafs because injuries will likely show their ugly face once again.

What the Leafs picked up this year was a 40 goal man in Blake, an excellent goaltender in Toskala, and a enforcer power forward in Bell who could end up on the 1st line.

Now what they lost is a 20 goal man in O’neil a faceoff ace who did nothing with them in Perrault and a useless centre in Travis Green. They lost there back up goalie but now with Raycroft as a back-up we are one of the most solid teams in that position.

What could happen to the Leafs is that Blake gets injured, Toskala cant handle all the games, and Sundin gets injured. Now if this happens then the Leafs might finish as low as tenth.

If this happens then the Leafss could finish higher then 6th. Sundin gets 85+ points, Blake scores 40 goals again, Bell gets 50 points and Toskala gets 30+ wins. I doubt this will happen because this would require everyone staying healthy.

A 6th place finish makes the most sense because Sundin will miss around 5 games. Wellwood and Tucker might miss time again and Blake will likely not get 40 goals again. For your fantasy teams here is what I think the top 5 scorers will be.

Sundin- 84
Wellwood- 73
Kaberle- 71
Blake- 67
Tucker- 61

I know that none Leafs fans hate these articles so kindly next time you see one just dont open it.