How Kyle Turris Can End Up with the Flames

Pheonix Coyotes center Kyle Turris has expressed his interest in leaving the team and has a deadline to do so.

Turris has to sign a contract with a team by December 1st if he wants to remain in the NHL.

The No. 1 suitor at this point is the Coyotes. But with Turris expressing his interest in leaving the club, there may be other teams that might take a crack at him. One that has been in talks recently are the Calgary Flames.

The Flames are reportedly interested in the 22-year-old that has been going back and forth from the American Hockey League and the NHL.

The only problem is that attaining Turris will require a decently steep return for the Coyotes. While he lacks the stats, he brings a level of offense that could benefit a team like the Flames.

Why do the Flames want him?

Turris can bring a level of youth to a team which has an average age of 29, second highest in the NHL. The Coyotes are asking for a lot, but if they cave there are a few ways that the Flames can steal Turris.

One possible trade scenario could be a first round pick and mid-round selection to Coyotes.

Another could be to trade defenseman T.J. Brodie and either one of wingers Patrick Holland or Greg Nemisz with another mid-to-late round pick.

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