How much to lock up Higgins, Plekanec and komisarek???

This article is to clarified the position of Gainey heading trough to the trade deadline.

By that i mean what kind of cap space will be available in the next two years so we can trade, prior to this year’s trade deadline, for a no.1 center with a long term contract. And the short term cap space will be directly affect by those 3 players new contract.

Since GM’a tend to sign long terms contract with there key players, how many years contract should Gainey offers to them???

If i was Gainey, i’d offer our ”big three” the same kind of contract.

How about:

32M$/7 years for Komi
and 32M$/8 years for both Higgy and Pleks.

Those contracts keep them with Montreal until they reach 32-33 years old, at a reasonnable price.

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  1. micky says:

    Not nearly enough money to keep these guys in MTL.  Komi has now developed into one of the leagues best all around dman….if Dion Phanuef can command $6m, so can Komi, who in my opinion is better.

  2. RicHalifaxHabsNut says:

    Your a nut if you think Komi can demand Phanuf money

  3. Benstheman says:

    Komisarek is really good. But he is only on the defensive side. I think he may be as good as Phaneuf defensively, maybe a bit better, but offensively, Phaneuf is way ahead of Komi.

    All around, i'll actually put Phaneuf ahead of Komi. That's why Komi deserved 4,5-5M$ per years if Phaneuf commands 6M$.

    but i'm positive that Komisarek will developped his offensive skills in the next 2-3 years, which will make him one of the most complete dman of the league.

    I think 4,5 M$ for Komisarek is actually good money for him. But maybe he will not accept taht long of a contract cause he knows that he will improve in the next 3-4 years, so he can command more money before turning 30.

    I think maybe 5 years/22,5 M$ will be more realistic. If they want to sign him for 7-8 years, they'll have to put a little more  money on the table such as 5 or 5,5 M$ a year.

    what about the two others??

  4. Benstheman says:

    I agree, Phaneuf is better all around. But Komi is not far behind.

  5. lafleur10 says:

    plekanec 2.5 million a season over 4years  komisarek 4.5-5.5 million a season over 5 years higgins 2.9-3,2 million a season over 4years!!!i think these are doable contracts andthey make sense and are afforable for us!!

  6. RicHalifaxHabsNut says:

    Yeah too affordable…………………both higgins and plecky have another year on there contracts(hopefully good ones) they will be signing contracts of 4.5mil +/- each, with a small hometown discount. If they decide to play fair……………and they will probably be short term contracts 2-3years 4 at absoulute most. They will want their big money sooner than later.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    gainey prefers shorter term contracts.  he has only two players signed beyond 08-09. that is the fewest of any team in the NHL.  i don't know if he will change his style and offer 7-8 year deals. 

    komisarek will be a ufa in 2 years.  higgins and plekanec will be rfa's in 2 years.  komisarek will be in better position to sign a 5 year+ $4mil+/year deal.  higgins and plec will get 3 year deals averaging $3.5-$4mil per season.  but nothing will get done for at least a year. 

    gainey's priorities are to sort out who will play in nets next season and to resign Kostitsyn. 

  8. Plekanec says:

    Player that would hurt the habs the most ,If not in the Line-up right NOW.

    1.Komisarek  Thank god we have him
    2.Kovalev      NHL top PP player.

  9. Plekanec says:

      What will happen to Koivu, Kovalev, Dandenault,Bouillon all UFAs after next season.

       Komisarek will be sign long term and for top dollars! I say 5.750 000 for 6 years, #rd in hits, 1st in block shot and these days "I" don't know if there is a better defensive defenseman in the league and with the taxes in Montreal that would be a DEAL! Plekanec 3.6 and Higgins mil/year

  10. adam_uppal says:

    Obviously Komisarek is the man that will command the most cash, probably 5 years at 5M/year, which is reasonable for his age and experience.  Between Higgins and Pleks, Higgins should command a little more.  Despite offensive lapses, he is the best 2 way forward on the team and future captain material.  Give him 4M over 4 and Pleks 3.5 over 3.  This gives each time to prove themselves with a chance to command more pay in the near future.  Combined that makes 12.5M/year for the 3, leaving some room to provide the same kind of contracts for the other up and comers in the next few years.  Sounds like something Gainey would do anyways.

  11. bignuts says:

    what is with u people wanting to resign higgins HE STINKS AND HE IS MAKING KOIVU LOOK BAD so much to the point where all u so called habs fans out there want koivu to be traded but higgins sto stay WOW im shocked

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