How Much Would You Pay To Get Bertuzzi?

Ok, this idea isn’t mine but yesterday I was listening ”Les Amateurs De Sports” on the radio and they came up with something surprisingly interesting… Let’s say that your favorite team make up a fund that you or your business can donate the amount of money you want.

This fund would also be well-managed and would only serve to add (or retain in some cases) a big player to your favorite team.

Example: Todd Bertuzzi is available on the UFA market, my team (Montreal Canadiens) received a total of ??M$ from the fans to sign a big player, so they use it to sign Big Bert and only have to pay the remaining part of the salary to sign him.

Example #2: The Montreal Expos can’t keep their superstar Vladimir Guerrero because he will get too much money being a UFA. BUT, let’s say the fans gave a certain amount of $$$ that would let the Expos keep him with the team for the years to come and thus bringing the fans to the games.

Sure, some will say that it’s crazy and that teams & players make enough money already, that we already pay too much to go to the games, but passionate fans WOULD be willing to spend some money of their own to keep or get a big player.

Don’t believe me? In 45 minutes, the show host calculated all the $$$ people who called were willing to give and it ended up being around 1000$… in 45 minutes!

Sure this is not scientific but would be worth discussing though.

So, let’s say that bringing a big player would bring more wins, or a playoff participation, or 1 more round in the playoffs, so logically, it would bring more fans to the games and give more money to the team to sign more good players… What if fans in Pittsburgh could’ve contributed to keep (for example) Alexei Kovalev to the team?

How much would you pay to see your favorite team get the player you want?

I’d personally give my 20$ every year.



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  1. shady_records says:

    Well it would be kind of hard to raise 28 Million, but after the CBA and if there’s a salary cap, player’s would be paid much less and then it could be easier to contribute to the player’s salary. But in today’s league, try paying 9.5 Million to Bobby Holik!

  2. avsfan19-33 says:

    Personally, i would pay the Avs a couple hundred to see Peter Forsberg stay in Denver and not return to Sweden after this year.

  3. cementhead says:

    Sounds great in theory, but it would NEVER work. I won’t waste anyone’s time with a 20 point list as to why – hopefully that is apparent to anyone with a brain.

    And for those who still can’t figure it out – here’s a challenge…

    You say would donate, put your money with your mouth is. If you offered a team some money I’m sure they would accept it. SO DO IT, PROVE ME WRONG. After your donation post a receipt for us to see. If more then a hundred dollars are raised, I’ll reconsider my arguement. Until then I’ll NEVER beleive it.

    (so do you have an excuse to not donate? I’m sure that excuse would be one of the 20 points I could have come up with)

  4. spazmainia13 says:

    I think that the idea of this is very interesting, as it would be fun to see a big name player on a small market team for an extended period of time, but…..

    I would also find it quite sad if people were willing to shell out a combined amount of 2-3 million dollars to a hockey team when there are more serious things in the world that the money could be used for, such as hunger, the homeless, etc, etc…

    To let everyone know, i’m not a tree hugger or anything like that and it would be cool for a team(i’m an Oil fan) to sign some or be able to retain talent, but with all the crap that is happening in the world i find it kind of unethical(the most used word in Edmonton right now, unethical).

    Again cool idea.

  5. bender says:

    I’d give him 3 meat balls per session….uhh….I mean game.

    CRAP. I don’t know what I mean, The Wedding Singer has been on constant rotation on MuchMoreMusic (Canada’s version of VH1)…..

    Now stop reading my post before you jinx the band, and they break up!!!

  6. Tradedude says:

    MAN, are you kidding me? Bert wud have to pay me! Holik’s salary this year for 1 game!

    Uzzi is the cheapest cheapshot artist in the NHL.

  7. Donovan says:

    Lets raise some money to bring Foresberg to Toronto. We’d only need like ten million dollers. Man…..

    On another note, could you imagine if the Nords didn;t make that trade for Clarke in 1994? Jesus! They would be unstopable with Sundin.

  8. Lint07 says:


    I think you missed the point. Todd Bertuzzi was just an example.

  9. GeniushockeyKID says:

    Wow! with a few G’s you couldnt even sign Billy Tibbets.

  10. Lint07 says:

    …But throw in couple of hot young ladies and it’s a done deal.

  11. Donovan says:

    emphasis on young

  12. GeniushockeyKID says:

    sir you’ve got urself a deal!

  13. cwthrash says:

    If the band is on MuchMusic or its bastard derivations, it’s already too late!

    MTV and those who have followed its horrific mindset deserve the fate that befalls them. Abysmal programming decisions.

    There are so many deserving bands that have been largely ignored in this pop/rap BS nightmare. Finger Eleven is most definitely one of those bands. I’m sorry, but I believe them to be one of the better rock groups out right now.

  14. Tradedude says:

    ha ha, wut a dum trade that was. and the sad part of that, leafs later on got clarke back lol. ah im loving that deal, sundin rules

  15. Donovan says:

    You guys do know the Billy Tibbetts situation right?

  16. The_Conductor says:

    Being one of the best players in the league… i would give him 2 million dollars.

    No player I dont care who you are should make more then 2 million.

    2 million for the best

    1.5 for pretty good players

    1 Million for ok players

    500 for bad players

    250 for rookies…

    There now we have this crap all settled

  17. TheLazyGent says:

    We need about a 40 million dollar cap

    Anyone under contract for next year, Gm’s get to renegiotiate(sp) the plays contract

    5 Mill is the max for money for a player

    Less money for the players, more profit for teams.

    Less money to pay the players, less money for tickets.

    Less money for tickets, more attendance.

  18. bender says:

    DUDE, then your not watching Muchmusic, Finger Eleven gets tons of exposure on Much, One Thing was number 1 recently.

    Much kicks the livin Bejebus out of MTV and VH1.

    And I agree, Finger Eleven is kicking some serious ass now. They’ve rocked for awhile and with this new album are soaring.

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