How the Leafs can get it done

OK, I know that everyone is throwing their predictions and suggestions into the hat but I’ve really tried to look at things objectively with these ideas. I specifically tried to look at the teams that I am suggesting that the Leafs should be talking too in order to identify who would be likely trading partners.

Let me know what you think

Trade #1

Vesa Toskala & Alexei Ponikorovsky to Nashville for their 1st & 3rd picks in the 2009 draft.

I firmly believe that Nashville has got to start putting enough of a decent product on the ice to make the playoffs. They desperately need the additional revenue and the excitement that would likely be generated. Goaltending seems to be a big challenge for them.

This is the first trade I suggest; however I have to admit that I am grasping at straws a bit. Ultimately, I am suggesting that the Leafs begin by trading Toskala to a team with a need for a goaltender. Ottawa could also be a contender for a trade of this nature as long as the Leafs do what it takes to package a player and get a 1st rounder in return.

Trade #2

Tomas Kaberle to Chicago for Khabibulin, Versteeg, Beach and a 1st rounder.

I know that at frist glance this seems a bit steep but Chicago has really sucked for a long, long time. They are finally seeing some benefits for going to the podium early in the past 10 drafts and the entire city is buzzing with Blackhawk fever. By offering them Kaberle, I beleive that they will feel that having two puck-moving defencemen in the back (Campbell & Kaberle), they will be able to have a long playoff run with offense on all cylinders. Khabibulin is basically a throw-in for cap space so it ends up being two great prospects and a 1st rounder for Kaberle.

Trade #3

Kubina & Antropov to Washington for Alzner, Viktor Kozlov and a 2nd rounder.

Again Washington must realize that they are pretty close to being one of the better teams in the NHL. By adding Kubina and Antropov, I beleive that they will add depth & size while keeping the European chemistry that is all over their team. The Leafs take Kozlov for cap reasons and, with Alzer, solidify a nice 1 2 punch on defence for years to come (with Schenn).

Trade #4

Jason Blake to NY Islanders for Mike Comrie

The Islanders want to get rid of Comrie as he is not working out but his salary is making things difficult. Blake has recently shown some of his 40-goal prowess and he was a bit of fan-favourite on Long Island – something they desperately need to put some buts in the seats. The Leafs can afford to carrie Comrie’s salary to the end of the season and then let him retire as a UFA.

When all is said and done, we would have the following pool of young talent and draft picks to work with:

Kris Versteeg
Nikolai Kulemin
Mikhail Grabovski
Kyle Beach
Jeremy Williams
Chris DiDomenico
Mikhail Stefanovich
Jiri Tlusty
John Mitchell


Luke Schenn
Karl Alzner
Anton Stralman
Dimitri Vorobiev
Jamie Sifers
Stefan Kronwall

2009 Draft Picks
Leafs #1 (might be in the top five)
Nashville’s #1 (definitely in the top ten)
Chicago’s #1
Washington’s #2
Leafs #3
Nashville’s #3

That’s it for me.

MaddyMann out.

26 Responses to How the Leafs can get it done

  1. broc says:

    Kaberle should be able to net Toronto a top end prospect.

    TRADE #1
    To Philly:

    – Kaberle
    – Tlusty

    to TOR:

    – VanRiemsdyk (longshot) or more likely Giroux (still longshot)
    – 3rd rd pick

    TRADE #2
    To CLB:

    – Kaberle
    – Antropov or Poni

    To TOR:

    – Jakub Voracek
    – 3rd rounder

    TRADE #3

    To WASH:

    – Kaberle
    – Poni/Antropov

    To TOR:

    – Alzner
    – Eric Fehr

    Caps would have to be address accordingly. But with Kabby being one of the top offensive blueliners- let alone one of the best bargains of a contract in the league- there will be no shortage of interest for him from many clubs, and the bidders will drive the price up. If Burke can do better than these, all the power to him.

  2. mitchamac says:

    I can see kaberle wanting to go to the panthers to play along side his buddy mccabe

    with Bouwmeester on his way out, kaberle would fit in nicely

    To toronto: Keaton Ellerby ,Anthony Stewart , Shawn Matthias and a 1st

    To Panthers : Kaberle ,antropov

    Then the panters trade Jay Bouwmeester  hell get a lot in return

    Also horton wants to be traded and wont come cheep

    so this will work out for both teams

  3. cam7777 says:

    meh, if burke's going to move kaberle, one of the best defensemen in the league, he's going to go after someone he actually wants, and not just take whatever someone is willing to give.  he's not obligated to move kaberle, so teams will actually have to pay top dollar to land him.  stewart is a nobody, and matthias and ellerby aren't game breakers, and probably won't be for quite some time.  the leafs don't need more up and comers, they need a superstar, potential face of the franchise….

    they'll get picks and prospects with all the other guys they intend to move (toskala, poni, antropov, stempniak and maybe stajan and white), but if they move toskala, it will be for a face of the franchise type of player. 

  4. the_word says:

    To Washington: Kaberle + Toskala

    To Toronto: Alzner, Theodore, 1st round pick

    Breaks down as Kaberle for Alzner and Toskala for a 1st and bad contract.

    Washington gets a ugrade in goal (at the end of the day Toskala has significantly more potential that Theodore) and they get a perennial allstar defenseman in Kaberle at a good price for two seasons.

    2. a) To Columbus: Antropov, Kubina, Tlusy, Grabovski

    To Toronto: Filatov, 1st round pick + insert salary dump here

    b) Alternative To Vancouver: Antropov + Poni

    To Toronto: Elder or a 1st round pick

    After roster is stripped bare the Leafs tank this season, for either Hedman or Tavares while planting the seed of the longshot possibility of moving Blake by showcasing him with 1st line minutes and PP time.

    Draft day

    Package two 1st round picks aquired at deadline deals (or 1st round + Elder) along with mid round pick to move up for an additional top five pick talent (i.e. B.Schenn).

    Foundation set with young core of Pogge, Alzner, Filatov, L.Schenn along with two top five picks from 09. This team should be expect to be in the lottery next year as well.

    Toronto becomes attractive destination for UFAs along with 20 million in cap space and a change in the team's culture.

    Now tell me how misguided I am to offer up this proposal.

  5. cam7777 says:

    rather, if they move kaberle, it will be for a face of the franchise type of player….not toskala.  typo

  6. blaze says:

    Like all three trades but a big fan of the first, with hopefully Theodore playing even worse in Toronto than Toskala.

    Does anyone think that right now with all the cap space that signing Shanahan to a two year deal, the rest of this season and next, could be a good move. I know it's another veteran that will likely make the Leafs better but this could be great for the young players on the team. Mayers and May were brought in both for that reason and though they can both show players how to play hard Shanahan is a hall of famer who played and plays Burke style of hockey.

    After watching Grabovski temper tantrum on the ice against the Habs it sure seems like another solid, respected voice in the dressing room couldn't hurt.

    As for the Leafs tanking if Burke manages to move Kaberle, Kubina, Van Ryn, or more like White, Finger or Frogren the D core alone would be enough to slide to the bottom. A potential top 6 of

    Schenn     Finger
    Stralman  Frogren
    Kronvall     Sifers

    Without Antropov, Ponikarovsky etc. this team might not win another game after the deadline.

  7. cam7777 says:

    I don't think they will move both Kubina and Kaberle.  I get the feeling Kubina's gonna be around for a while.  He's slowly starting to earn that contract.  He could be a potential captain for next year.  He is young enough to stick with this team for a couple years til they are a playoff team again. 

    I said at the start of the season they should have got Shannahan, and dealt him at the deadline.  He would have been great for the dressing room, and for helping guys like Grabovski and Kulemin.  Grabovski especially might have learned a thing or two from Shanny.  His excellent positioning might have given Grabovski more passing options as well.  Oh well, I think that's a lost cause now.  Though I guess they could still do this and give Shanny an oppurtunity to showcase himself to the best contenders.

    I still don't know if I'm sold on the Alzner trade.  I know a lot of people think that Alzner is so unbelievably valuable the Caps would never trade him for the likes of Kaberle (sarcasm), but the fact of the matter is, he's only a shut down d-man.  At the end of the day, those guys aren't irreplaceable.  Burke tends to look at guys who can do it all on the back-end.  Schenn is an exception, because he is an exceptional shut down d-man and he's so young, but I get the feeling Burke will want to surround him with do it all type D-guys like Bouwmeester, Beauchemin, Kubina, etc…
    I'd rather use Kaberle to try and land a face of the franchise at the forward position. 

  8. nordiques100 says:

    1. no.

    with the financial situation so unsettled in nashville, they cannot afford to do much else but build via the draft. toskala is more expensive than what they have in ellis, and they're signed for the same length of contract and so far, ellis has outplayed his toronto counterpart. it wouldnt do the preds much good. their chance was a couple of years ago when they got forsberg. that time has come and gone and this organization needs to build up their cupboard again to return to be a 100 point team.

    2. no.

    the hawks wont just throw in khabibulin. he's been fantastic this season. its huet they'd give away. they have campbell and keith on the points with barker and seabrook providing good offence. why should they get kaberle? if anything they could use more sandpaper on defence, and maybe a 2nd line centre.

    3. no.

    financially this deal has no chance of happening. the caps are right up to the cap max and adding 7 mil will not help matters. subtracting just kozlov is far from enough. at the end of the day, they'd have kubina for one more year while the leafs would enjoy alzner for the next decade. the team has a big shooter on D in green who shoots right. they'd be more interested in kaberle as a left handed passer to feed green or ovy for one timers at the point. antropov may help, but would he bring significantly more than kozlov? or at the very least bring a significantly different element to the caps?

    4. no.

    deal is pointless. you couldnt give away blake. his contract is still too long depsite him even showing some improvement of late.

  9. TradeMaster66 says:

    Im tellin ya Kaberle for J Staal and Pittsburg 1st (likely 18-22) would work very well

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    "Vesa Toskala & Alexei Ponikorovsky to Nashville for their 1st & 3rd picks in the 2009 draft."

    Cant see the preds doing it. They have a history of laying it out when they're a condender (forsberg) but they're playing too poorly right now.

    "Tomas Kaberle to Chicago for Khabibulin, Versteeg, Beach and a 1st rounder."

    Bulin is they're starter, but switch him with Huet and it might work.

    "Kubina & Antropov to Washington for Alzner, Viktor Kozlov and a 2nd rounder."

    The deadline deals are usually 1 player at a time (Kilger and Belak were traded to florida individually, 20 minutes apart). but the fundamentals arent bad.

    "Jason Blake to NY Islanders for Mike Comrie"

    Might be crazy enough to work. but Blake was a big Nolan lover and he's gone.

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    To all the folks looking to aquire van whats his face and alzner and others, my argument remains the same. teams dont trade the number 1 guy on their prospect list. they just dont. secondary guys like esposito get traded all the time, but not blue chippers.

  12. greatlife15 says:

    We can hope can’t we 🙁

  13. franky93 says:

    The first trade seems viable due to the fact that nashville is probably going to fold when the seasons done.

    Trade #2 all i have to say is if you are chicago what is Mr tallon smoking, and fwhere can i get some

    Trade #3 I think you could get more Antropov by himself, but if thats what's on the table at the deadline i would make the trade.

    Trade #3 makes no sense at all due to the fact that if Comries salary is an issue then what makes you think that Blakes salary wouldnt be an issue. Comrie has had issues everywhere hes played and i dont think he fits the Burke mold, of being beligerent and aggressive.

    Mr. Burke knows what has to be done, this team has got to stop winning, not that they win a lot to begin with, they have to secure a lottery pick, but you also have to produce some sort of a product for the season ticket holders so it puts him in a bind, i think a lot of people wouldnt go watch marlies in a maple leaf jersey at the acc for whatever platinums are going for now. but thats not to say we as leaf fans wont live with the losing. its been 3 years in a row of no playoffs whats another 2 or 3 without them. Please Mr burke do what has to be done and dont listen to Damien Cok, Howard "flip flop""i told you so" Berger or any of the toronto media, Build a winner and go on with the show its been 42 years without stanley make it a nice workable number 45 years.

    And another thing it really burns my ass as a leaf fan when we play the habs and there fans are yelling leafs suck, if i was a pro leaf player it would
     really fire me up.

  14. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    To say that they don't EVER do it would not be true. probably about 90% of the time it will not happen, but every once in a while there is a team that is so close to the stanley cup and needs one more impact player to make the push, and there is a slight possibility that a GM could manage to pull out a top end prospect (depending on the player being sent out.) It's not impossible, just unlikely.

  15. RealisticNick says:

    You are amazzzing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Now if you could only get them to stop posting this stuff in the first place I would vote for you to run the country (like it really matters who the PM is anyway, lie lie lie).

  16. nordiques100 says:

    Toronto has a handful of options with Toskala as really only a handful of teams need goaltending.

    Los Angeles – they're looking for someone more established to bridge the gap until prospects like Bernier or Quick are ready. GM Lombardi is quite familiar with Toskala from their SJ days and probably would show interest. They have cap space and young assets to offer. I dont think right now Toskala could fetch a 1st, but something like a 2nd along with Brian Boyle is reasonable. The kings are loaded with prospects at all positions so giving up one, isnt going to cripple them. Boyle has some Antropov like potential with his tremendous size and skill. LA also have 2 second rounders in the upcoming draft (one from Calgary) so they have that flexibility.

    Edmonton – if the Oil are serious about a playoff berth, they need an upgrade in goal. Toskala has historically played very well in Rexall place and he may feel comfortable going there. I think as well he would be more comfortable playing nets out west. The style i think suits his game better. Something such as JF Jacques, Ryan O'Marra and a 2nd for Toskala and Mayers. This would give the leafs two young forwards with size, grit and a willingness to play physical. These are the players Burke could be looking for.

    Colorado – For the Avs to think about a playoff berth, they need to upgrade in goal and Toskala would be a significant upgrade. They may be the most desperate to get a goalie but its still doubtful Toskala could land the package the leafs gave up to get him: 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks. Something like Ryan Stoa, Cody McLeod and a 2nd is perhaps more suitable. Stoa is a decent forward prospect but not the best prospect the team has. Its unlikely a team will include a top 3 young player for Toskala but decent talent could be offered. McLeod is the kind of banger that would endear himself to burke. 


    Kaberle and Kubina's options are just a handful as well thanks to the NTCs.

    I have mentioned previously some of Kaberle's potential top suitors: Philly, Columbus, Vancouver. Its really the teams in need of a playmaking, strong puck moving defenceman. Kaberle is certainly one of the league's best at that. Teams though in contention perhaps stand a greater chance of acquiring Kaberle.

    Kaberle with Ponikarovsky to Philly for Lupul, Parent and a 1st.

    Kaberle to Columbus for a 1st, Leclaire and Golubef

    Kaberle to Vancouver for Edler, a 1st and Grabner

    The price should be high. As an offensive defenceman, Kaberle is among the elite. The Bouwmeester situation is worth watching as these two may arguably be the best available before the deadline.

    As for Kubina, teams in need of a big bomber from the point, looking for size, experience on the backend and have cap space to spare will seek Kubina. Teams like Colorado, Jersey, the Habs all have that need. So too do the Jackets and a team like Chicago is rumoured to like his championship experience. You have to wonder the urgency to trade Kubina or Kaberle for that matter if one has already moved on. Burke likely could hold on to at least one of these two when its all said and done.

    Kubina with Antropov to Columbus for a 1st and Leclaire


    Speaking of Antropov, he is likely the first to go. His UFA status makes him a prime target to move before the deadline. Numerous teams have interest due to his combination of size and skill. The trade above with Columbus would really reshape the Leafs. But other teams will likely table an offer.

    Antropov and Tlusty to Vancouver for Bernier and a 1st

    Antropov to Pittsburgh for a 1st and 3rd (Tampa's 3rd Pitt acquired)

    Antropov to Chicago for a 1st, Sopel and Aliu


    Other trades to explore:

    Jeff Finger to Atlanta for a 3rd. The Thrash are one of the few teams that would be ok to take that salary. With Havelid and Schnieder UFAs, they need bodies on D, and could use a guy who tries defensively.

    Lee Stempniak, Ryan Hollweg and Anton Stralman to Carolina for Justin Williams, Brett Carson and a 3rd round pick


    Likely not all of this would happen, but its something the Leafs could explore individually.

    Bottom line, a couple extra 1sts, a 2nd to replace the one lost, maybe a 3rd or two more plus at least 3 under 25 players/prospects acquired all by draft day will go a long way. And best case scenario is for the team to be stripped down so bad it falls all the way into the bottom 3. 

  17. cam7777 says:

    your Kaberle to Philly trade is brutal.  Lupul's contract is terrible, and we would be doing them a favor to take it off their hands.  I'm sure that Burke likes Lupul, but at that price, Ponikarovsky alone would land him.  Especially before next season, when the Flyers will be pulling out all the stops to get their cap under control.  That leaves the deal being essentially Parent and a 1st for Kaberle.  That's simply not enough.  That is what Kaberle would land if it was the last year of his contract and was an UFA at the end of the year.  As it stands, he's far more valuable than that.  I'd keep him if that was their offer. 

    I think Philly is the most desperate team moving into the playoffs.  They know what happened to them last year when Timmonen went down.  I also believe Philly's window of oppurtunity is this season and next season.  For the 2010 season, they will have maybe 11 million dollars to spend on 10 players they'll need to round out their roster, and it will be their last year with Jeff Carter, unless he takes a paycut (not going to happen).  If there's one team willing to overpay, it's the Flyers. 

    I like the other two Kaberle trades, but I doubt he'll waive his clause to go to Columbus.  The Vancouver trade is good.

    I still think though, that if Burke is going to move him at all, he's going to ask for a top prospect.  This isn't Bryan McCabe, and he isn't obligated to move Kaberle.  He's the face of our franchise right now, and Burke is going to want a face in return.  Everyone always uses the argument "you have to give up quality to get quality" to debunk Leafs trades, but when the shoe is on the other foot, apparently other teams just have to pile up a bunch of crap they don't really need and the Leafs should take it.  If I'm Burke, I'm asking for a VanRiemsdyk, a Hodgson, etc, and if I don't get it, I'm not trading Kaberle.  Then you just sit back and wait for someone to get desperate enough.  Imagine New York or Montreal lands Bouwmeester…Philly is going to try everything to land Kaberle (who is better than Bouwmeester in my opinion). 

    Finally, Antropov AND Tlusty to VAN for Bernier and a 1st is a tad too much.  More like Antropov and Robbie Earl to VAN for Bernier and a 1st.  Even with Bernier's improved play of late, he's probably still only a 45-50 point guy who's still going to want to be paid like 70 point guy at seasons end.  Love the Pittsburgh trade with Antropov though, makes so much sense.  Pittsburgh won't resign him, so the Leafs will get a shot at keeping him on the roster.  That 1st rounder could be pretty high this year.  Essentially Antropov just gets some playoff experience and rejoins the team.  Except when he comes back, he'll hopefully be a more qualified leader, and be more driven to return to the post season….

    Good point about Finger.  I like the guy, but he's a tad over priced moving forward.  Atlanta seems like a good place for him….

  18. mitchamac says:

    What about kaberle for bouwmeester
    it looks like the panthers arnt going to sign him

    kaberle is locked up for the next 2 years  (Cheap)
    florda is not loosing a puck moving d man

    kaberle played well with maccabe on the pp

    Pluss people talk a bout it time for florda to rebuild….. well thats what they been doing since the  jovo trade its time to make a push for it

    my self i would rather kaberle go some where else for prospect and pics in stead of player swop

    but however this will be interesting to watch

    Bouwmeester at 6'4 215 he is a big body on the back end that burke likes

  19. mitchamac says:

    What about kaberle for bouwmeester
    it looks like the panthers arnt going to sign him

    kaberle is locked up for the next 2 years  (Cheap)
    florda is not loosing a puck moving d man

    kaberle played well with maccabe on the pp

    Pluss people talk a bout it time for florda to rebuild….. well thats what they been doing since the  jovo trade its time to make a push for it

    my self i would rather kaberle go some where else for prospect and pics in stead of player swop

    but however this will be interesting to watch

    Bouwmeester at 6'4 215 he is a big body on the back end that burke likes

    there only five years in the differance when it comes to age

    and kaberle has more point in each of his season played

  20. cam7777 says:

    Ohh, also I didn't read the first part of your post.  Colorado does not need an upgrade in goal.  Why does everyone keep saying that?  Raycroft is 8-1-0 this year with a 0.908 sv% and 2.52 GAA (as a side note, I predicted he'd have a rebound year, even in a somewhat limited capacity), while Budaj is 13-18-1 with a 901 sv% and 2.82 GAA.  The only not respectable number in there is Buda's loss column, but he had a terrible start to the year, and is now backing a severely injury depleted team.  I think they're doing okay in net.  What they could use is some scoring touch that doesn't get injured every two weeks.  They're probably 50/50 on taking anything from the Leafs though, since Raycroft has worked out but Tucker is still fading away…

    And do you think Edmonton will trade with Toronto?  Aren't Burke and Lowe still on their high horses about never trading with each other, or dealing with each other, and all that nonsense? 

    LA could be a good team to land a solid defensemen from. They have kind of excess of talent coming up the pipe in that category.  Hickey, Doughty, Teubert, Jackson, and then they still have Preissing, Greene, Harrold and Quincey locked up too.  They could definitely afford to lose one of those top young D-men.  That's something to explore.  Lombardi says he's looking to add offenseto help his team too, but you're right, he would probably take a guy like Toskala over all the Khabbibullin rumors floating around…

  21. cam7777 says:

    Bouwmeester will, in all liklihood, hit the unrestricted free agent market on July 1st (much like Brian Campbell).  If Burke wants him, he should go after him then.  Since Bouwmeester wants to play for a winner, they'll need to get some quality players for Kaberle, in order to convince a guy like JayBo that the Leafs are headed in the right direction.  If we get a nice package for Kaberle, have a solid draft, and then JayBo hits the market, Burke could have turned this team around very quickly. 

  22. LeafsLegacy says:

    Wow, finally someone who actually is realistic here.

  23. KingCanada says:

    Lowe stepped down from the GM role earlier this season.  He is now the President of hockey operations.  Tambellini is now the GM so whether that makes a difference in the Burke – Lowe feud I dont know.

  24. cam7777 says:

    yea, i still get the feeling they'll both exhaust all other options before dealing with each other….

  25. Tavares91 says:

    alot of these are pretty realistic, minus the chicago one, cause that is too much cause khabibulin is playing really well in chicago, but i really like the Van reimsdyk kid, he showed glimpses of brilliance at the world juniors. What does everyone think of this,


    Van Reimsdyk

  26. Einz says:

    That chicago deal is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Chicago would have to be retarded to do that (no offense).

    Trade 3 is okay but I think washington wants Kaberle a lot more than they do kubina.

    Isles do not want Blake.. they are rebuilding and will not take blakes huge contract and give up comrie.

    The nashville one is a possiblity but I would say both of those players for a 1st.

    Your a leaf fan and you sound like one, I am too but cmon, lets be reasonable

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