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The NHL free-agent signing frenzy has mostly abated. With training camps just around the corner, ERIC DUHATSCHEK of the

Globe & Mail offers his take on who won and who lost in the most interesting player sweepstakes in NHL history. I will show the top 3 from his article, to see the rest, follow this link: GOOD

1. Calgary Flames: Getting Jarome Iginla, their cornerstone player, under contract was a coup for general manager Darryl Sutter, who faced the prospect of losing him to free agency next summer. Sutter’s first two big buys in the free-agent market, Darren McCarty and Tony Amonte, came cheap, minimizing the risk of bringing in a couple of players no longer in their primes. Roman Hamrlik, at $3.5-million (all figures U.S.) a season, was a pricier addition, but he plays more than 25 minutes a game so it should be money well spent. Considering the stubborn streak that runs through every member of the Sutter clan from Viking, Alta., Darryl turned out to be a surprisingly deft deal-maker and will draw on a nice blend of youth and experience in the coming season.

2. Edmonton Oilers: Calgary’s long-time rivals brought in two impact players through the trade market, former most valuable player Chris Pronger and former Selke Trophy winner Michael Peca, both of whom will become strong voices in the Oilers’ dressing room. The Oilers didn’t land a proven scoring centre, and there is some risk to starting the season with the goaltending tandem of Ty Conklin and Jussi Maarkanen, but the team’s tendency to dump established players for up-and-comers in previous years left it with a good base of youngsters it can mould together in the years ahead.

3. Pittsburgh Penguins: It’s better to be lucky than good, and the Penguins were the most fortunate team of the summer when they won the right to select Sidney Crosby in the draft, putting in place a franchise player who may evolve into Mario Lemieux’s heir apparent. Crosby’s presence on the roster enabled the Penguins to attract some important free agents — Sergei Gonchar, Ziggy Palffy and John LeClair — and adding goaltender Jocelyn Thibault from Chicago will permit Marc-AndrĂ© Fleury to continue his development in the minor leagues. In short, Pittsburgh can’t be any worse than it was, but coach Ed Olczyk will need to coax some scoring out of the bottom end of a roster that drops off precipitously once you get past the high-end talent.

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36 Responses to How They Rank

  1. pens_fan says:

    i dont see how edmonton did better then pittsburgh

  2. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    Me neither. I don’t think Mike Peca is very good.

  3. pens_fan says:

    pronger was a steal but peca aint that great and they gave up brewer for him

  4. Shevy says:

    they gave up brewer for pronger….peca only cost them mike york

  5. ranger_fan says:

    Pronger wasn’t a steal because Brewer went to St Louis, not NYI. Mike York went to Long Island.

  6. ranger_fan says:

    damn you shevy. you beat me to it by 12 seconds lol

  7. jrl2282 says:

    Pittsburgh improved their team teh most this offseason hands down say what you want you know its true. I’ll take Palffy, LeClair & Gonchar over Peca anyday. The only player they got was Pronger. Peca will play what 50 games at best this year.

    Get real the Pens did the best at luring players this offseason.

  8. jrl2282 says:

    Plagiarism man all of it. How did Trade Man let this one slip by him?

  9. Habfanforever says:

    I don’t think it’s a good idea for fans in Pittsburgh to start celebrating just yet. They did improve in most departments but what about defence? They need a rugged stay at home defenceman. Gonchar will get the job done offensively no question about that, but on defence he just doesn’t do it. Also some forwards are injury prone, notably Leclair, Lemieux and Palffy. No doubt they’ll need all three to stay healthy in order for Pittsburgh to make a real impact.

    If everything goes right for the Pens, they should finish high in the standings. Higher if they get their hands on a (quality) stay at home d-man.

  10. pens_fan says:

    ya i put the wrong names they should be reversed đŸ™‚

  11. pens_fan says:

    orpik is actually a great stay at home defensemen

  12. trademan says:

    i posted it because it is only the beginning of his artilce. This is like an introduction to his summary of all 30 teams.

  13. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:

    Pittsburgh should make a pitch for Andreas Lilja and Yannick Tremblay both are very solid defencemen that could help them out.

  14. Furlong19 says:

    Funny how a journalist from Alberta ranks both Alberta teams as the top 2.

  15. marcs797 says:

    that site has boston 18th, nashville high up there, that article is just stupid

  16. Hockey_Mon says:

    that list is crap,theres no way Boston should be at 18th,the dude is biased to his alberta teams and seriously what did the oilers do that was so great that got them the second slot,and the rangers 29th i liked the rangers signings this year

  17. pens_fan says:

    that is the stupidest article i ever read new jersey is like 23 and toronto is 24 yet phily loses more players then they did but theyre number 4………….when will people get over the hype of forsberg

    imo should be

    1. pittsburgh

    2. Calgary

    3. anaheim

    4. atlanta

    5. boston

  18. FoppaFlyers21 says:

    i agree the list is completely scrambled…. but don’t go saying Forsberg is just hype lol. I know my username shows that I’m a fan, but i truly think he’ll make quite an impact with a tougher team protecting him.

  19. mikster says:

    Look up the definition of plagiarism. He gave credit to the source, that ain’t plagiarism.

  20. mikster says:

    Ever since he left the Calgary Herald, he’s been so-so.

    Why would he want to have the Rangers at 29th when they are rebuilding? He should know that.

    And seriously, Flames 1st? That’s like having Strachan say that the Leafs were the best team in the off-season.

  21. pens_fan says:

    yes well i agree that they have a good playoff chance but once they got forsberg all of a sudden its “phily will win the cup” which i completely disagree with look when gretzky the great one was traded it was almost the exact same thing but it didnt quite work out he got them in the playoffs but never to the cup. Just shows even the greatest player cant carry a team to the cup. But phily may have good defense i will give you that but i am not impressed at all with there offense 1 bit past forsberg who btw usually only does really well when around all-stars you have gagne who hasnt proven much but could explode into a 80 point season pending on forsbergs help, knuble who did average along side thorton putting up a 50 point season, and handzus who could have another good season or may not, you also have carter/richards but you never really know if hey will be good the AHL and NHL are 2 very different things look at spezza he did amazing in the minors but isnt doing the same in the NHL. you also have very questionable goaltending with esche who has only shown us 1 good season and the rule changes could drastically affect his play. In my eyes flyers are far from a cup team and unless you sign another good offensive player once a team scores 2 goals you will be done since you dont have any high goal scorers on your team to put it in the net and come back in the game.

  22. Coyotes4life says:

    What an idiot the columnist is…coyotes at 27th…you have to be kidding me.

  23. hexy says:

    i think you are leaving one of the major reasons why the flyers have been a contender recently. ken hitch***** is one of the best coaches in hockey right now. i agree that richards and carter have yet to prove themselves in the nhl but this is also a new game with the rule changes. for the first time in years i am not cocernded about goaltending esche and nitty will be as good as any tandem in the league. i am not usually this much of a homer but i strongly feel the flyers have an excellent team.

  24. Tallas34 says:

    What’d The Yotes Do? Mara, Cujo and Steve Passmore? give me a break

  25. Scooty says:

    It’s from the Globe & Mail – maybe if you read the entire article you would see that I never ONCE claimed credit to this – I’m only posting an article I thought would be interesting to the site.

    Know your facts before you try to discredit me.

  26. Scooty says:

    Sorry everyone, this post was meant as a reply to jrl2282, and no one else

    I don’t agree with his rankings either – just posting it for the debate!

  27. masarume says:

    I saw this article a long time ago and read the first 5 choices and stopped.

  28. leetch2009 says:

    I have to agree with scooty.He was only posting an article that he knew would be of some interest to the members of the site.he never claimed to write it.What’s the difference between what he did and reporting a trade rumor you heard on sports talk radio?did the radio station give you permission to post that rumor on other sites?.some of you guys and your moral holier then thou attitude are really something.Sad part is most of the ones who ***** only post to ***** not to talk hockey.sad,Keep up the good work Scooty

  29. Hollywood666 says:

    you’re right, they should be lower.

  30. Scooty says:

    Thanks for backing me up guys. Just posting an article I thought was relevant.

  31. Scooty says:

    Thanks leetch2009 – good to have support.

  32. another_leaf_fan says:

    all said and done i do believe calgary did the best this year keeping iginla and kipper..both great players and i thought they would loose one let alone picking up amonte and mccarthy at basement prices..sure pittsburgh did some big signing..but really they didnt even have a team on paper when the lockout ended..its not like they had to move money around to help keep there team together..if tampa could have kept there goalie they would have been in the number 1 spot..but its a little soon yet to make these posting’s..

  33. another_leaf_fan says:

    i dont agree with edmonton…pronger is going to have a hard time if these new rules are enforced..he is a clutch and grab player..and his size may work against him in a faster league..

  34. another_leaf_fan says:

    the deal is though calgary had a core of good players they had to try to keep together..this is harder than starting out with nothing in a great free agent market and buying players..pittsburgh had nobody on paper and a big new visa making there job so much easier..edmonton doesnt belong at # 2..not sure where but thats giving them way to much credit..

  35. WeedIan says:

    It wasn’t a good article the only reasons the leafs will ranked in the 20s was because they decided to let Newi and Roberts go and sign Domi and Belak when they signed Domi for less money then what he was offered to go to the Penguins and Belak signed for may be 700,000.

    A bad article from what i see. But everyone has their opinions.

  36. flyersfan10897 says:

    Some points are good, but I want to know how Phoenix is bad for not changing, even though they made lots of good moves last offseason, and got a proven goalie this year, but ottawa is ranked higher for keeping the same team (pre hossa/heatley).

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