We need a way to End this lockout because both sides are getting farther apart. Basically the bottom line question to all the fans on HTR is.

What’s best for the NHL?

1. Hard Salary Cap? 30-35 million a team

2. Soft Cap? 50-60 Million a team

3. No Cap but hard Taxing if over a certain number?

Pick one, it’s time for the fans to fix this problem.All right well Let’s look at what we have here.

A hard salary cap would help big time, But remember some teams are already over and that is just to crazy to put these teams in a spin to get under 30-35 million a year before they get high taxing.

A soft cap might work but to many ways around it. Team’s with deep pockets could break 50 million and pay the taxes to crush other teams. Plus some teams can’t even break 30 million on there own caps due to finical trouble.

Hard Taxing, Ideas of taking a teams 1st round pick has been discussed but this would be absolutely crazy I think. Then they’d get taxed on top of that? no team would do it and that would set basically a cap for all teams.

Here is an idea that can really shake things up.

What about a soft Cap with some middle rang taxing if gone over. I say set a cap at about 50 million a team (let’s face it, setting it at 30 million will not only NOT happen but is kind of crazy) We could even take the cap down to 45-48 million… The NHL needs to get the players union at least into discussing what they would want as a salary cap.

Then you tax if gone over. Tax from teams 2-3 rounds in the draft (not the First) and a significant amount of money if gone over.

This is the best way I can think of a system to take place. A soft Cap would be the only thing to work, a hard cap at 30 million is not going to happen we all know this. so let’s make a realistic idea up. 50 million with ability’s to go over if needed but also hard enough to stop teams from doing so.

Let’s face it they aren’t coming up with any great ideas. So let’s be heard a little here. What do we do? Because the bottom line is. They have no clue.

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  1. Rancid says:

    There should be a 50 million hard cap and a 40 million soft cap, which means from 40-50 million LUXURY TAX….

  2. TheCoach says:

    I think that there should be a salary cap around 45 million, which will increase or decrease depending on the marketplace. For example, in the NBA, a cap could be at 43 million one year, and then jump to 45 million the next.

    I also think that, like the NBA, the NHL should adopt the Larry Bird rule. This would allow a team to exceed the cap to retain a player already on the roster. For example, if the Senators’ payroll was at 42 million, and Marian Hossa’s contract came up, they would be able to pay him his 5 million dollars without being penalized. This would eliminate the need for teams to dump star players that they had on the roster in fear of going over the cap, but it would prevent owners from going wild in free-agency.

  3. Minky says:

    I had a few ideas of my own.

    1. Reduce ALL player salaries by a certain percentage, say 20%. This way, the all star players are still getting the most money.

    2. Have REALISTIC arbitrators for ALL player salaries. Having players go to arbitration and the players getting handed 7 million is no way to solve the problem.

    3. Have a system where every player has a base salary of lets say 1mil. They earn more and more for points they earn, etc. I could work sort of like in a hocky pool where a certain amount of points(in this case money) for goals, assists, hat tricks, shutouts etc. There are problems with this though. Players on the same team would be fighting with eachother. Like in GunBound (OMG KILL STEALER)

    but this way, players would have to work for their money.

    (OK, number 3 is a little far fetched)

  4. Flyaz says:

    Your #3 has to be a joke…rewarding based strictly on points is ridiculous. What about the fourth line checking forward who wins a boatload of faceoffs for his team, or someone who is a huge team leader in the dressing room but only gets 9 goals a year…they should be paid less then some of the prima donnas getting 12 goals? Not to mention that nobody would want to pass the puck because everyone would want to score themselves for the bonuses….AND your base salary gives you a base payroll of about 24 million, which if a cap goes through would leave anywhere from 6-16 million left for the star or better than average players…..Try telling someone like Brad Richards that he will make only 3x what a guy that only plays half there games and watches the rest from the stands is making and you’d never see NHL hockey again.

  5. Rancid says:

    The other thing would be that signing players would be based strictly on choice. There would be no more salaries…

    Or what happens if a team like Pittsburgh has a VERY good team and end up each player scoring 10+ goals….It could actually cause them to LOSE money.

  6. ranger_fan says:

    I like the base of it. Like Ill do the Rangers because I am most familiar with him.

    You are with Jagr, and he is known for goals. So give him a small base salary, and incentives for certain goals, like Jagrs purpose is points.

    Then you have Sandy McCarthy. For every hit you record, or the plus minus plateau, or even 1-3 goals, 4-7, 8+….

    Holik being a checking center would be based on plus minus too. Its complex, but so is the modern day economy, and having a business. That is what college, and higher levels of education prepare us for.

  7. Rico420 says:

    Bettman is an NBA guy and I think that the Luxury Tax is going to be the way that the NHL runs things.

    But that’s not going to hurt teams like the Red Wings who still uncover amazing gems late in the draft and haven’t had first rounders in the past couple of seasons anyway.

    I think that a Soft Cap with a luxury Tax is going to be the result..with the Larry Bird Rule..

  8. Rico420 says:

    Bettman is an NBA guy and I think that the Luxury Tax is going to be the way that the NHL runs things.

    But that’s not going to hurt teams like the Red Wings who still uncover amazing gems late in the draft and haven’t had first rounders in the past couple of seasons anyway.

    I think that a Soft Cap with a luxury Tax is going to be the result..with the Larry Bird Rule..

  9. rojoke says:

    The hard cap is probably the best way to go, for now anyway. Perhaps if they brought it in as a hard cap, and then softened it down the road, once the market place had corrected itself and the league had gotten a more lucrative and reliable TV contract, that might be more palatable to some players, especially the younger guys. The veterans have already earned their money.

    I think the more realistic way to go would be a luxury tax, but one with teeth in it. Tax kicks in at $40 – $45 million or so. Tax rate is 40% – 50%. That way, it affects the large market teams as much as it does the small market teams. Or, even make it sliding scale. Start the rate at 20% – 25%, and increase it by 5% every $10 million over a team goes.

    Just as an example, the Red Wings started 2003-04 with a payroll of $77.8 million. That would but them $32 million over the limit of $45 million. At 40%, they’d dole out $12.8 million to the league. As big as Detroit’s fan base is, that’s still a tough amount of cabbage to swallow. Even with a Cup final run, they’d still be hard pressed to cover that cheque.

  10. FlamesRock says:

    Here’s an idea, why don’t Goodenow and Bettman get an arbitrator to force both the union and the owners to meet in the middle….both sides aren’t willing to budge and both sides want hockey to happen next year, I think binding arbitration is reasonable alternative to what has been going in the current neogotiations.

  11. Bishop7979 says:

    New CBA

    1. Create a multi leveled cap system. Have the lowest level be something like 35 mil. teams that fall below this not only are not taxed, but get a larger percentage of the lux tax money. The next level could be say 40 or so mil, these teams get a smaller portion of the lux tax, but they also are not taxed. between say 40 and 50 mil teams are taxed, and taxed at a high rate, say 2 to 3 bucks for every dollar over 40 mil spent. and 50 mil is the hard cap. any team that breaks 50 mil has to start cutting players.

    this brings me to point 2.

    nfl style contract setup. no more guareented contracts. Players can be cut at any time. But depending on when they are cut they are owed different amounts of their total contract value. A player is cut before training camp and he is owed less than if he was cut during the regular season.

    Also whatever money the player is owed counts towards the cap.

    3. cut out the joe thornton clause from rookie contracts.

    4. Allow teams to place one players contract outside of the salary cap.

    5. lower the age of unrestricted free agency, but allow teams to designate one player per season as a franchise player thus keeping their exclusive rights one year past UFA.

  12. Flyaz says:

    Fair enough but what about a power forward…does he get double for hits and goals? I get what he’s trying to say I just don’t agree with him. Also to respond to your other comment, professional sports of any kind have very little in common with the real world and how 99% of us deal with or live day to day.

  13. SUMMITS says:

    The League is in a very tough place.

    The NHLPA is saying they will never take a cap, while the NHL is saying that they have to have a cap

    So one of these sides is going to give in soon or later and so far it looks like both are pretty stubborn.

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  14. rc21pa says:

    35 to 40 million cap. No luxury tax. Enforced with no exceptions.

    If this new hockey league can have a 15 million cap and the NHL average star salary 10 years ago was 5-6 million, I see no reason why they can’t cut it off now. Players are getting too greedy and teams are getting to despirate to buy a championship.

    Baseball is out of hand and Football is ran perfectly. Make the NHL like the NFL now before we have another Yankee team in hockey and no one want’s to watch.

    Hockey would be much more exciting if any team can win a stanley cup instead of expecting the Red Wings, Avalance, Flyers, Blues, and Stars in the playoffs every year. I’m sick of teams like the Rangers and Maple Leafs diging into their pockets to out do everyone.

    Right now I would love to see a semi-hard cap enforced just to see what some teams would do.

    End it now enforce a cap and make Hockey a sport to watch instead of striking and running a risk of lossing any fan base that is left. If the strike ends without cap in effect they might as well quit playing hockey all together because no one wants to watch another Baseball season in effect.

    By the way, A Luxury Tax didn’t work for baseball why the hell would it work for Hockey. The same damn teams are in the playoffs every damn year.

  15. Darkhorse says:

    This is a good model. I agree with you very much!

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