We need a way to End this lockout because both sides are getting farther apart. Basically the bottom line question to all the fans on HTR is.

What’s best for the NHL?

1. Hard Salary Cap? 30-35 million a team

2. Soft Cap? 50-60 Million a team

3. No Cap but hard Taxing if over a certain number?

Pick one, it’s time for the fans to fix this problem.All right well Let’s look at what we have here.

A hard salary cap would help big time, But remember some teams are already over and that is just to crazy to put these teams in a spin to get under 30-35 million a year before they get high taxing.

A soft cap might work but to many ways around it. Team’s with deep pockets could break 50 million and pay the taxes to crush other teams. Plus some teams can’t even break 30 million on there own caps due to finical trouble.

Hard Taxing, Ideas of taking a teams 1st round pick has been discussed but this would be absolutely crazy I think. Then they’d get taxed on top of that? no team would do it and that would set basically a cap for all teams.

Here is an idea that can really shake things up.

What about a soft Cap with some middle rang taxing if gone over. I say set a cap at about 50 million a team (let’s face it, setting it at 30 million will not only NOT happen but is kind of crazy) We could even take the cap down to 45-48 million… The NHL needs to get the players union at least into discussing what they would want as a salary cap.

Then you tax if gone over. Tax from teams 2-3 rounds in the draft (not the First) and a significant amount of money if gone over.

This is the best way I can think of a system to take place. A soft Cap would be the only thing to work, a hard cap at 30 million is not going to happen we all know this. so let’s make a realistic idea up. 50 million with ability’s to go over if needed but also hard enough to stop teams from doing so.

Let’s face it they aren’t coming up with any great ideas. So let’s be heard a little here. What do we do? Because the bottom line is. They have no clue.