how to make the leafs better

its become apparent that the toronto maple leafs have went off course which some expected to take place threw the first quarter of the season, and given many online publications already posted the blame game comes out .

Personally patience and drafting has been a proven method that would work in this day and age, some angry collumists and bloggers are already after coach ron wilsons job.
tsn wrote the following :

Personally i think all the members of the club are responsible, and regardless of what burke traded to aquire kessel its still not proven which side of teh trade benefited more. Until he has a C to compliment his game to the fullest in toronto we will never know,
what trades would help the team? would aquireing a first round draft pick help us?
I think we have more assests at defence then forward so the following could work i feel
nyr dubinsky
leafs kaberle
or oilers give us
cogliano ( speedy young center)
linus omark ( exceptional prospect who had 5 goals last night
we give luke shenn( young d man )
nazem kadri ( a big disapointment draft i feel)
they ay even require a 3rd round pick but we would have 2 players to join our top line for what i feel is a top four defensive pairing and a busted prospect.
what would you do if burke keeps his job this year?

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  1. Leafs420 says:

    If you honestly think we should trade schenn your a goof and should never post here again

  2. MystifoLeafs says:

    As someone said before Tilutsy scored 5 goals in 1 AHL game he also had a hat trick in the NHL, Where is he today? You want schenn I want the likes of Eberle as for Kadri being a wash up I don't see Hall leading the current rookies in scoring last time I checked it was a man named Skinner?

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