How will the Lockout affect the Draft, FA Signings? Trades? Video Games?

I have a few questions that pertain to the potential lockout and how it will affect certain things. I am sure that I am not the only one with these questions.Now to my knowledge the date in which the contract runs out is September 15th. So to me that means that the draft, free agency, and the waiver draft for this offseason will take place, but there will be little activity in all. The draft probably won’t have picks being traded, swapped, etc. And free agent players won’t get a guaranteed contract, if any.

Now lets say that we are at the same time next year and it still seems that both sides aren’t budging from their stances. Will there still be a 2005 NHL entry draft, or will it be combined with the next draft class?

Same for the other offseason activities. Will they still go on, or will the offseason conduct when a contract is finally agreed upon?

Also what about the video games that some of us look for? I was browsing through quickly to see what the video game market was offering myself, among others, andwondered if the NHL and NHLPA, and NHL Coaches Association are going to sell their licenses to these games if the lockout isn’t resolved, or can they for that matter? Will release dates be delayed at all. Games don’t usually come out before September 15th. Does that mean that the companies have to release early? And if there is no season next year, will there be EAs NHL 2005, 2006…, or Segas ESPN NHL Hockey 2005, 2006, Midways NHL Hitz, and/or Microsofts NHL Rivals?

Heck, I don’t even know what game I want! I could go into the benefits of all games, but I won’t. Although I must say for all of you members, or viewers with a system, besides a PC, to read reports, and features. I have always bought EAs series from 1993-2004. But last year the ESPN series was better on some levels. Perhaps you members can tell me which to go with. ESPN is looking promising, but I will probably have to rent, before I buy.

(If the HTR staff thinks I am the only one, and doesn’t want to post this, please PM with the answers to my ?s)

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