To everyone who posted to join: CHECK YOUR PM’s
Welcome to the 2007-08 edition of the HTR Hockey Pool!

go inside to read the rules and know how to join

First of all, this is not the Ultimate Pool Preview and it has nothing to do with it. The UPP can be found HERE:

Now that you know that I’m talking about the HTR HOCKEY POOL, here are the rules.

The pool is pretty simple: You have 30 rounds, and you have to choose 1 player per round.

This year I’m trying a new way for people to join. Here’s what you have to do if you want to join the pool:
Simply write a comment under this post saying you want to join. Once this is done, I will send you a PM (Private Message) including your personnal link to make your draft picks and your Trash Talk password.


The pool work as follow:

Players (forwards/defensemen)
Goal = 1pt
Assist = 1pt
Shootout Goal = 1pt

Win = 2pts
OTLoss = 1pt
Shutout = 2 pts (added to the win)
Goal = 10pts
Assist = 1pt

You will be able to trade 2 players before the AllStar break.

To see the pool online go to:
login: htr2008 (no caps!)

As usual, many prizes will be given to winners thanks to our great sponsor
Go check out their awesome buttery soft shirts!

So, who wants to join?

Marco Normandin
HTR Vice-Admin

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  2. kingkobi says:

    can i still join???????????

  3. squareheadho says:

    can u give me the pool login, I completly forgot it and I can see my team at all. my team is squareheadho

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