There has been lots of great, heated discussions here at HTR over the last month of the regular season, and now its time to make your playoff picks.We do this pretty much every year here at HTR, all we’re gonna do is call who is gonna win each playoff series, then at the end of the first round we check back to this article to see how many everyone got right and we keep it going with our new predictions in the 2nd round.

Here are the matchups:


1. Washington
8. NY Rangers

2. Philadelphia
7. Buffalo

3. Boston
6. Montreal

4. Pittsburgh
5. Tampa Bay


1. Vancouver
8. Chicago

2. San Jose
7. Los Angeles

3. Detroit
6. Phoenix

4. Anaheim
5. Nashville

Make your predictions


  1. Boston_Bruins says:

    Expecting another "U-S-A" chant tonight even though the Bruins roster will have a 14-1 edge of Canadian players to American.

  2. hockey_lover says:

    For sure.

    Before the season, I had the Pens making it to the Finals and possibly losing. Then in December, I thought “man, these guys are playing well. They are gonna take it man. I believe it.” Then all hell broke loose and before you know it, BLAMO .. 11 regulars out of the line up. That dream died pretty quickly haha.

    Now? I dont know. I think, in the playoffs, anything can happen. But there is SUCH a little chance without Sid. With him, I think they CAN make it out of the east.

  3. cam7777 says:

    Man, I think it works for both teams with the cap rising to 62.2 million:

    Parise (7.5) – Crosby (8.7) – Dupuis (1.7)*
    Kunitz (3.725) – Staal (4.0) – Kennedy (1.5)*
    Neal (2.875) – Letestu (0.625) – Asham (0.75)*
    Cooke (1.8) – Talbot (1.2)* – Rupp (0.925)*

    Letang (3.5) – Orpik (3.75)
    Martin (5.0) – Michalek (4.0)
    Niskanen (1.5) – Lovejoy (0.525)
    Engelland (0.5675)

    Fleury (5.0) – Johnson (0.6)

    CAP HIT: 59.7425
    CAP SPACE: 2.4575

    Kovalchuk (6.666) – Malkin (8.7) – Zubrus (3.4)
    Tedenby (0.875) – Zajac (3.888) – Elias (6.0)
    Rolston (5.0625) – Josefson (0.9) –  Clarkson (2.666)
    Steckel (1.1) – Henrique (0.8465) – Palmieri (0.525)
    Pelly (0.55)

    Volchenkov (4.25) – ____________
    White (3.0) – Tallinder (3.375)
    __________ – _________________

    Brodeur (5.2) – ________________

    CAP HIT: 57.004 million
    CAP SPACE: 5.196 million

    A demotion of Zubrus would still allow them to fill out their defense competently.  Lots of space to maneuver with there given they only have 4 blanks.  I don't know how much of a risk trading in the division is when both teams are getting an all-star.

  4. HABSSTAR says:

    Caps in 5 (They're just the better team)

    Buffalo in 6 (I just think Philly hasn't taken a game seriously in far too long and Buffalo takes advantage of that)

    Montreal in 6 (The odds are in my favour on this one)

    TB in 6 (These teams are close but TB gets the edge over a banged up Pitts team)

    Chicago in 7 (Van's curse)

    LA in 7 (I don't think LA is better, I'm just never picking SJ in the playoffs again)

    Detroit in 5 (Then it's off to Winnipeg for the Yotes Jets!)

    Anaheim in 6

  5. HABSSTAR says:

    You're joking right? 

  6. Kramer says:

    I predict half the playoff games will be fixes. This is the time of year the mafia makes the biggest profits through the gambling rackets.

  7. futurebruin says:

    Nothing like playoff predictions to return to from my little hiatus!

    Washington vs NYR

    Capitals in 5
    They're just going to overpower a severely depleted team like the Rangers.

    Philadelphia vs Buffalo

    Flyers in 6
    Flyers are really strong this year.  With guys like Pronger, van Riemsdyk, Carter, Hartnell, and Giroux leading the way with big playoff guys like Versteeg, Leino, and Briere, the Flyers are in good shape.  Buffalo's only chance is to jump on them and do it early on.  if they can shake bobrovsky and Leighton they have a good shot of winning, even with Pronger on the back end.

    Boston vs Montreal

    Bruins in 6
    With Lucic and horton both rolling heading into the playoffs, they're goiing to be really tough to stop.  Factor that with Montreal's lack of an answer for Chara, they've got a tough road ahead.

    Tampa Bay vs Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh in 7
    I honestly can't see Pittsburgh losing here.  They're way too strong of a team.  They have the complete package, offense, defense, and goaltending.  They have leadershipand have had guys step it up at unlikely times (see Jordan Staal)  I think Cindy is back, but correct me if I'm wrong.  Not to mention the fact that Kovalev has decided to play, making him lethal.


    Vancouver vs Chicago

    Vancouver in 7
    This will be probably the second best series, right behind Bruins and Scabs.  Vancouver, well, that requires no explanation.  They're one of the best in the freakin league!  But, you can't count out Chicago.  just 'cause they are fairly depleted from last year, they're still an extremely strong team.  When you got the best young playmaker on your team (Toews), the best young sniper on your team (Kane), and one of the top 5 two-way forwards in the game on your team (Hossa), not to mention keith, Seabrook, Campbell, etc.  And Crawford has stood on his head this season.  Should be a good one.

    San Jose vs Los Angeles

    San Jose in 4
    The Sharks are just way too good to lose here.  Easy pick.

    Detroit vs Phoenix

    Detroit in 6
    Detroit is pretty depleted thanks to injuries, and man can those kill you (can you say 2009 Bruins???), but they're still probably the best team in the league, even with an aging Datsyuk and Lidstrom.  Noprth to south is how to play the game, and that's all Detroit does.  Phoenix is a very good team, and Bryzgalov and Doan will help keep games close, but they're just no match for a team like the Wings.

    Anaheim vs Nashville

    Anaheim in 5
    Perry is freakin' hot!  When you get him, Getzlaf, and Ryan all rolling at the same time, your offense is gonna be plain lethal.  But, their defense shoudln't be forgotten.  Visnovsky and co. have really stepped it up this year, and with a solid goalie behind them, they're going to go far.

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