HTR Season Preview 2006-2007, Tuzzi Talks to Media, Flyers Woes

Our Season Preview will be released on September 27 (at least, that’s our goal).

Todd Bertuzzi speaks out; correctness?

What will happen to Simon Gagne?

Plus, which teams are most likely to pull a trade after/during training camp and pre-season?I like buying the magazines, but it’s nice to get the most updated season preview of all the teams, plus more hockey talk. The Season Preview will be posted on as a PDF file. You can download Adobe Acrobat for free. Why are we using this method? I liked last year’s set up with the whole front page dedicated to all the team previews, but it took up space and way too many comments got out of hand; too many that I lost well above 50% of my original writers. So, get ready for 9/27 to find out what HTR thinks of your team.

In other HTR news, we are looking to pull a cool deal with well known hockey simulation game Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 (to be released next week for digital download), by You may find involved in the game. Want to find out? Play the demo, go buy it. It’s a fun game anyway. I got bored of the same old video games.

Todd Bertuzzi Speaks Out

Did he do the right thing, or not? Personally I saw nothing wrong with what the guy said. Everything in Vancouver involved Bertuzzi and the Moore incident kept re-occurring. Then he was even pegged as the lockerroom cancer. The moment Marc Crawford was fired, the media pointed microphones at Todd’s face. I think he comes out clean answering the questions on what happened. He addressed rumors circling around the media and hockey fans concerning what went wrong. And it’s not like he blamed anyone in particular. What he said of Marc Crawford seemed fair. Every player has a right to his opinion and now that Bertuzzi is a Panther, Crawford a King, then I see no damage done.

It’s not like this can be such a big deal and hockey fans say “Ha! The Panthers acquired a whiner, acquired a cancer!” Well, let’s not forget what Roberto Luongo did to the Panthers and the fans by saying he was going to re-sign (more than once he said it), he then declines all sorts of contracts and released public statements that victimized him, saying he was hurt that the Panthers don’t want him.

Again, I think this trade benefits both teams. The bad side for the Panthers is that Bertuzzi is an unrestricted free agent by the end of the season. So, the Panthers ought to try and lock him up for a couple of more years if he has a good 1st half. Nonetheless, the Panthers needed a 1st line winger, and a player who is dangerous on the PP unit. They needed more size on defense (Allen). The Canucks get one of the most, if not the most, talented goalie in the league, and they get a good young skating defenseman.

Both teams addressed their needs and both players gave their share of opinions by making public statements to the press. All in all, Todd Bertuzzi’s recent interview with Mr. Gallagher seemed fair enough.

What say you?

What Happens to Simon Gone-gne?

Typical of GM Bobby Clarke to be hard nosed with players making ridiculous request for contract talks. I am 100% behind Clarke on this one. With Eric Lindros, it was a different story as it involved personal issues, but Simon Gagne hasn’t gotten the Flyers anywhere, he is not the best player for the Flyers, he is not a franchise player, yet he wants a ridiculous $6M p/y contract. If I am Clarke, I’d start trade talks. What’s the point of wasting time wih a player who has no respect for the organization that groomed him to become a very good player? The Flyers could use a top goalie and if Gagne can land them one, go for it. He’s not worth the phone bills and neither is his agent.

How is this scenario? Simon Gagne for Nikolai Zherdev. For once, I would like to see a simple trade. Just like that, straight up. Both are having the same difficulties with their teams, so why not make such a trade? Gagne brings NHL-ready talent to the Blue Jackets and he would probably be a great fit with Rick Nash. Zherdev is five years younger, he had a very good sophomore campaign with the underachieving Blue Jackets, pluys he’s got great skills. To me, it makes sense. Will it happen? It’s a long shot….but I would hate to see these two young….greatly skilled forwards hold out.

Expect these teams to make a trade this month:

Hurricanes: Cory Stillman is out with a long-term injury. If no one impresses in camp and pre-season, then the Canes will look to add depth.

Rangers: The Rangers enter training camp and pre-season with a bunch of defensemen. Expect them to trade a defenseman for a forward to replace Jed Ortmeyer, who is out indefinitely.

Devils: Have yet to dump salary.

Flyers: They’ll need a replacement for Gagne if he holds out, unless they trade him.

Thrashers: Lack offense down the middle, in need of an offensive center.

Penguins: In the hunt for a skilled winger.

Islanders: It’s suicide to start the season without improving a poor roster.

Capitals: In need to push salary over the salary cap floor. Most likely a solid defenseman.

Blue Jackets: Same situation as Flyers with Gagne.

Kings: Hunting for players to soon be dumped.

Canucks: Need to find a forward to replace Anson Carter.

If you think another team will most likely make a trade before the start of the regular season, post your comment and let us know why!

Thanks for reading,

Micki Peroni

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  1. leafsmarlies says:

    Doestn’t matter, Vancouver is a much weaker team then Florida. If he couldn’t take Florida to the playoffs he is not going to do much better in Vancouver.

  2. NjDEVSFN says:

    my post was OOOOOOOOOZZZZZZZZZZZZING with sarcasm

    i am well aware of the salary cap situation

  3. FlamingHomer says:

    EVERY goalie in the league has had a few games like that.

  4. FlamingHomer says:

    ….or get promoted to General Manager.

  5. Aetherial says:

    My mother doesn’t play hockey, how would she know?

    Nice original comeback by the way

  6. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Why can’t anyone post on the 9-11 article?

    I know Mikki and others supported our hapless president and with elections coming in mere months a primaries in 9 US states there are some interesting questions to consider today no matter which way you normally vote.

    Last night while trying NOT to watch much 9-11 reinactments I couldn’t help but wonder:

    – Why a 6 foot 5 Islamic Fundamantalist on Kidney dialisis is still living in a hole in the ground near the Pakastan-Afganastan border when he is the figure head of an attack that killed 3,000 Americans.

    – How this same waste of humanity that we armed to right Russia in the 1980’s could have walked out of Tora Bora without a few dozen 2000 pound J-dam bombs going off. Litterally we sent in former Taliban guys with sharpen sticks to kill the most wanted man in the world. Despite Clinton

    s shortcomings and differences on what happened in the 1990’s in the Clinton White House – at least Bill lobbed a missle or two at this MF and we weren’t even at war.

    – How can gas prices have doubled when a barrel of oil has only increased from $47 to $67.

    – How 6 of the 6 highest corporate gains of all time have happened recently with 5 of them belonging to Exxon Mobil and 1 belonging to BP.

    – How could we be in Iraq when the terroists are in Pakastan and Afganistan? I guess now that we have taken over a country on the verge of civil war with Iran ready to pour over the border to take over the 2nd largest supply of oil.

    – How can we have taken over Iraq and not be getting the Lion’s share of thier oil to the point where the strategic reserves are filled AND we get cheaper prices at the pump.

    – How can any Jesus loving president could NOT sign the Kiyoto accords to agree to create less polution.

    – Why California has to make our own envirnmental laws that are more like the rest of the worlds?


    Mikki will likely pull this post because it dosen’t agree with his point of view but there are a LOT of topics at hand that need consideration. For me I don’t care if you are a albino-lesbian-midget working on the Hillary 2008 campaign or some Jesus-loving, war-hawk who thinks staying the course in Iraq is how we will fight Al Queda who is in many other countries – the issue is VOTE VOTE VOTE. It is PATHETIC that Americans don’t vote. We deserve our bad reputation in the world with Bush’s actions and our lack of actions. Read a little. Argue with people (in good spirit) and learn what is going on. This is end of the world stuff people. To me its time for some action. You should be part of it.

  7. gg_idiot says:

    I personally don’t see this trade happening at all, not only to both sides get bloated contracts, but not everyone wants to play in Toronto like you Leaf fans think. Plus Toronto is loaded down the center and dont need anymore centerman!

  8. neilios says:

    Iam hearing to possible trades from the Canucks and Flyers.

    To Canucks-Gagne and Meyer

    To Flyers-Naslund,Bieska,and a 1st rounder

    the other possible trade is

    To Canucks-Forsberg,Carter,and Meyer

    To Flyers-Morrison,Cooke,Bieska, 1st rounder,and 2nd rounder

    Dont shoot the messanger Iam just hearing from Pratt and Taylor show they had a Flyers reporter on and said that Clarke and Nonis where in some discussions.I also heard it on TheScore too from Pierre Lebrun.

  9. FlamingHomer says:

    Let me guess, Philly wants the first scenario and the Canucks want the second one. If that’s the case, they seem miles apart.

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