HTR Survey: NHL Awards

Ok folks, here’s how it works:

I am doing a survey to determine, according to HTR members, who should win some of this year’s NHL trophies.

Click “read more” for details…How to participate? Very easy, simply send me a Private Message on the site with your choices for each of the following categories in it:

    HART TROPHY (MVP to his team)

    NORRIS TROPHY (Best defensemen)

    VEZINA TROPHY (Best goaltender)

    CALDER TROPHY (Rookie of the year)

    JACK ADAMS TROPHY (Coach of the year)

You have up until MARCH 31 to cast your votes I will then compile and post the results on the site. DO NOT just post a reply under this article as only PM Messages received will be compiled.

Thank you!

Marco Normandin (Lint07)

HTR Vice-Admin