HTR Survey

Dear HTR members,

The HTR staff would like every HTR member to complete this survey. Be specific and honest since this survery is for the good of this site. They are just simple questions for us to know what kind of changes need to be done. Please, try to avoid commenting each others’ answers, we want to keep the number of comments (answers in this case) at a reasonable number. Basically, we don’t want to see 600 comments to this post.

Thank you very much,

HTR Staff1) How many hours a day do you spend on HTR?

2) Do you agree with HTR’s rules of verbal usage and the rules to submitt news? (To check rules, click on submitt news on the left column of the home page)

3) What do you think an article should contain in order to be posted? (Breaking news not included since permanent rule is to show sources)

4) What is/are your favorite NHL team(s)?

5) a-What is your second favorite sport? b-On the scale of 1-10, rate your knowledge of your 2nd favorite sport.

6) What is/are your favorite team(s) of your second favorite sport?

7) What do you have in mind to market this site?

Thank you very much for your time,

HTR Staff