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Dear HTR members,

The HTR staff would like every HTR member to complete this survey. Be specific and honest since this survery is for the good of this site. They are just simple questions for us to know what kind of changes need to be done. Please, try to avoid commenting each others’ answers, we want to keep the number of comments (answers in this case) at a reasonable number. Basically, we don’t want to see 600 comments to this post.

Thank you very much,

HTR Staff1) How many hours a day do you spend on HTR?

2) Do you agree with HTR’s rules of verbal usage and the rules to submitt news? (To check rules, click on submitt news on the left column of the home page)

3) What do you think an article should contain in order to be posted? (Breaking news not included since permanent rule is to show sources)

4) What is/are your favorite NHL team(s)?

5) a-What is your second favorite sport? b-On the scale of 1-10, rate your knowledge of your 2nd favorite sport.

6) What is/are your favorite team(s) of your second favorite sport?

7) What do you have in mind to market this site?

Thank you very much for your time,

HTR Staff

98 Responses to HTR Survey

  1. mikster says:

    You can look at as an expansion pack….and don’t worry, we’re working on it.

    Now, on the scale of 1-10, rate you hockey knowledge on the Eastern Conference only.

    Thanks Glen, we’re doing this because we’re just trying to get info for HTR and us. You’ll see why in a few days.

  2. NewYorkRangers says:

    I have a 10 rating for knowlede of the rules and onfield play, as for the knowledge of players and leagues it is more like a 7 or 8. I follow the Enlish Premier League, International, and MLS although I am beginning to lose interest in it.

  3. sexwax says:

    1. half an hour-no more than an hour

    2.dont care

    3.since this is…. rumors!!!



    6.peter line, jamie lynn, and my buddy jesse kumlea


  4. big_booty says:

    1) One or two. Depends on what subject matter is up for discussion and how much I wish to discuss it (or bust someone’s balls!)

    2) Yes, although the thing with the Flyers’s head coach is becoming really old.

    3) Subject matter should be to the point. Longer articles are hell to write and even tougher to read sometimes. We should really adhere to a five-paragraph maximum. Some of us can get really carried away sometimes, myself included.

    4) Philadelphia Flyers

    5) a. American football (see that? I pay attention!) b. about a 7.

    6) Philadelphia Eagles

    7) Titans said it best. The best way to market your product is to make it the best out there. One of the things that I feel really takes away from this site is all the pop-up adds. I realize that TradeMan has to pay the bills, but if I want to read and/or comment on an article, I don’t want to sit there and close out a bunch of useless windows before I get started. Additionally, reaching out to other hockey-related websites and offering a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” kind of arrangement wouldn’t be a bad idea. You’ve only scratched the surface here.

  5. nskerr says:

    1. No more than an hour unless there is a lot of news or rumors.

    2. 5 paragraphs might be a little much. Spell checking is nice, but not necessary. I agree about repetitive stories should not being posted.

    3. I think the source should be cited. If it is a web link, the link must be included.

    4. NY Islanders

    5. Baseball (8)

    6. NY Mets

    7. Should have cross-links with other hockey sites like so that people who like hockey will click over. I also think you might want to consider having dedicated people cover specific teams and submit news, rumors etc that will bring something to the table instead of having anyone throw out false rumors or news that wastes time. Then any user can comment on it. I am a season ticket holder for the Islanders so I would have a lot of interest in Isles news and would want to share with other users what I have found.

  6. MossRocks says:

    1. 1 hour

    2. Yes, but fix the stupid Hitch***** thing and suggest spell-checks for comments also.

    3. Unique perspective and fresh, well-thought out ideas. Nobody should complain about people making up rumours unless they have real sources and I don’t believe anyone on this site does have real sources. I have had one real source in the one calendar year I have been on this site. I imagine that is representative of the rest of the population. (I am referring to sources for “breaking news” or “inside info” not other websites) Speculation and analysis is fun, don’t get rid of it.

    4. The five-time Stanley Cup Champion Edmonton Oilers

    5. a) Soccer b) About an 8

    6. Glasgow Rangers, Leeds United

    7. Better visual layout would help. Emails would be OK. Maybe you could get the regular users to submit the email addresses of five friends who they think would like the site. I would do that. Trading links is another good idea.

  7. lovas84 says:

    1. 1-2 hours

    2. yes, except how hitchcocks names always bleeped

    3. ummm…i dunno


    5. FOOTBALL 8

    6. SAN FRAN 49ers!

    7. i dunno

  8. MantaRay says:

    1) Depends on workload 1-2 hours.

    2) From what I have seen: Yes.

    3) Creative, Thought provoking, well-researched (sources cited) and informative and obvioulsy debatable.

    4) I like every team (even the lowly Rangers-) Ulitimate favorite- DEVILS.

    5) a-FOOTBALL b-9 (assuming high degree).

    6) No favorites…follow the Steelers, Jets, VIkings mainly due to road/business trips with friends (only as a double dip with Hockey weekend).

    7) Simple: Exposure, particularly PR planning–which is relevativly inexpensive and targeted if you know how to play the field also experiment with online advertising also relativly inexpensive.

    Shameless plug:

  9. Nothingman says:

    1. Probably about one

    2. Good language restriction with of course the Hitchcokk exception, we’re all sick of it.

    3. Information / Speculation and Opinion are all good forms of submission, sources should be compulsory when you are breaking news, but I like hearing opinions and hypotheticals as long as they aren’t repetitive.

    4. Colorado Avalanche and whoever Amonte plays for next (well maybe not if its NYR).

    5. a. Rugby League (from Australia) b. 10

    6. I don’t think you people care, but I like England and France and Germany in Soccer.

    7. You must increase your affiliation with other sites, I’ve seen Micki guest write for Spectors, so you should be making cross-referencing and linking to other sites much easier (, Spectors, 4thperiod, TSN) and for within the site, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Regulars on the site should have their own button, like Titan’s pink stunner, there is no doubt Titans is the celebrity on the site, but the button could be something members could earn and could encourage rivalries and good submissions.

    Ross Byrnes

  10. NYR88Express says:

    1) 15-20 minutes

    2) I have no problem with them. But then again, who is the English Professor behind HTR that is to correct us??

    3) Anything interesting…duuh

    4) NEW YORK RANGERS!!! also Detroit Red Wings & St. Louis Blues

    5) A- SOCCER (the real “foot”ball)

    b- 10+…i play for a soccer team

    6) Panathinaikos FC (Athens, Greece) my #1 team..from my home…

    Ajax (Amsterdam, Netherlands)…

    Bayern Munich (Munich, Germany)…

    Roma FC (Rome, Italy)…

    7) Put a link to HTR on &

  11. habs_88_4life says:

    I agree with you, more people would spread the word and be on longer.

  12. trademan says:

    hehe. It ain’t gonna happen.

  13. trademan says:

    I hate to run the pop ups. The sad facts are that HTR is basically a break even operation. Bandwidth and Server fees are expensive especially with the depressed ad market on the internet these days.

  14. mikster says:

    eeeeek…..Roma FC sucks 🙂

  15. titans says:

    A “celebrity” on this site? Well it’s better than the names I’m usually called on HTR!

  16. mikster says:

    Mantaray, there is something pretty important for us (staff) and you to talk about. Just e-mail me first….


  17. Glen says:

    I’d say 7.5, only because I’m so focused on the Flyers. I have a good general knowledge of everyone else though. What do you do for

  18. NYR88Express says:

    hahahaha, why? what team do you like from the Campionato?

    oh i also like Internazionale (Inter)…there are 2 Greek players there…Grigoris Georgatos and Zisis Brizas

  19. MantaRay says:

    Alright, I won’t use the word “lowly” when refering to the Rangers. Is that better?

  20. biron43 says:

    1. 1hr

    2. yes

    3. creativity, something new… ie. different team for once (Blackhawks, where are the Hawk fans?), opinions, predictions…these are the things I like to read.

    4. SABRES

    5. Football – 7/10

    6. Bills

    7. Take that goalie off the top of the screen and put Marty Biron there!!!

  21. NYR88Express says:

    Football (futbol) is the game where guys kick a ball into the net…11 players per team

    ur “American version” of it is only a knockoff of Rugby…a bunch of morons jumping on top of each other and hitting each other for an out-of-shape ball

  22. NYR88Express says:

    i know right? that goalie on top is soo dumb…i think its Tom Barasso when he was with carolina

  23. trademan says:

    well then make another logo and I will put it up. It is actually quite hard and time consuming to make logo’s and edit images.

  24. Krockasian says:

    1) 1hr

    2) no, should be read at your oun risk. as for submitting as long as it is good then it ok

    3)a general point, opinion, rummour


    5)baseball 4/10

    6)expos (not for much longer)

    7)affiliate with other hockey sites

  25. titans says:

    Two words Manta “Gay Porn” Don’t do it Manta!! HTR’s only a front for Peroni to suck you in (no pun intended) to his evil evil little world!

  26. betelgeuse says:

    1)0.5 TO 1.0

    2)No. Why five paragraphs? I can put six ideas and dozens of useless facts in ONE paragraph! Two hundred words, max – if you can’t succintly sum up your thoughts in under two hundred words I don’t have time to read your drivel. Less is more.

    3)articulate intelligence – or serious attitude


    5)Basketball – 7

    6)Anyone but Memphis – no hard feelings here.

    7)I realize you guys want to show some income, but as far as I’m concerned the less marketting the better. How about some contests? So you think you know hockey – On Nov.1, 02 who will be the NHL’s 1)leading goal scorer 2)leading point getter 3)top team (east, west and overall) 4)best goalie (gaa) 5)tops in PIM 6)Will any coach have been fired? If so, who? You guys record everyone’s answers and on Nov 2 the winner get’s an HTR t-shirt (if there is such a thing) and bragging rights until the next contest.

  27. NemiNA says:

    1) .20

    2) i think its bull that we cant spell hitch*****, but yeah its allright

    3)source, good language, dont be repetative of other orticles like 6 FA posts per day

    4) Philly

    5)dont know 0

    6) dont know

    7) nothing

  28. NemiNA says:

    1) .20

    2) i think its bull that we cant spell hitch*****, but yeah its allright

    3)source, good language, dont be repetative of other articles like 6 FA posts per day

    4) Philly

    5)dont know 0

    6) dont know

    7) nothing

  29. habs_88_4life says:

    Is that goalie Trevor Kidd?

  30. mikster says:

    Good God… i don’t care about the lowly thing….just check your damn private messages…..

  31. mxianieri says:

    1) About an hour.

    2) Yes.

    3) Well written and interesting.

    4) Flyers, Leafs, Sharks.

    5) NFL, 8

    6) Eagles

    7) Depends on who you want to market to. Things I have seen on other sports sites are a regular general column, columns for divisions/teams and the generation of niche content that is then used by larger generalized sites (ESPN, Sporting News, etc.,).

  32. NYRfan78 says:

    MY turn every1 else is doing it my turn

    1 Anywhere from a half hour to a hour, depends on whats going on and responding to comments.

    2 The rules are fine if people do not like it to bad for them.

    3 For somthing to be posted it must have somthing about the team like breaking news or like grades it should be written out kind of like the post of the Canucks was well done and to the point do not need to ramble on and on and checked out. (no more born and bread post please)

    4 The Rangers all the way.

    5 Baseball and Football I know enough in both sports follow them well enough 9 on both.

    6 The Yankees and Denver Broncos here are my squads loyal to the end.

    7 HTR is fine how it is, however I been to wowfootball, baseball, and hockey and do not get me wrong they are ok, but they lack somthing its kind of flat, and is there really a need for another hockey site?? This one is a good one allready, maybe insted of wowhockey there should have been wow basketball.For those sites there should be some marketing,with other sites like here you got spectors rumors,and others+word of mouth does not hurt .But then again HTR did not get like this overnight, you need to find the passionate fans for those sports.Like on here say what you want about the people here like them or not but they all love/like hockey with a passion.Got to get those type of people for those sites as well.

  33. NewYorkRangers says:

    I think one way to improve this site, is you could add a statistics category. Such as standings, player stats, player info., and so on. Doing so would make this one of the best hockey sites on the web. Not only will it tell you the latest news, rumors, and let the fans speak their minds, but it will also let you find out how your team is doing in the standings and how your favorite players are doing on the score sheet.

  34. NYR88Express says:

    i have a logo idea…do u have an email adress?

  35. canadian_hockey_rules says:

    1) 30 minutes unless some good posts are going on

    2) Yeah sure why not.

    3) Trades, big rumors, signings…. no more rating of conferences a week into free agency… we don’t know who will be on the teams in september yet

    4) Leafs and a distant second the Habitant de Montreal

    5) Football European style


    6) Inter

    7) improved speed may have more people on but otherwise the site is pretty good

  36. trademan says:

    just click on my user name for my e-mail address. Any logo ideas will be considered.

  37. Bluesrock7 says:

    1. More than 1, generally depending on the number of new articles.

    2. Yes

    3. Information that readers wouldn’t know already, and something more than just statistics.

    4. St. Louis Blues

    (It’s really sad, I’m one of the few Blues fans on this site)

    5. A. Baseball, I guess. B. About a 2

    6. Cardinals – gotta support the home team.

    7. A couple of good ideas I have seen so far are the fantasy leagues and giveaways, whether do-able or not. However, name-recognition is the key to marketing. I stumbled upon this site over 6 months ago through a search engine, and haven’t left since. Yes, it’s just that good. Keep it up!

  38. amok says:

    1. Depends. Sometimes nothing over a couple weeks, other times a couple hours a day.

    2. Sure, although to be honest I haven’t given them much thought. But I guess if they didn’t work I’d probably notice.

    3. Intelligence and some relevance. I never read very recent draft reviews because I won’t know the answer for a long, long time. But reviews of drafts from a few years ago are interesting.

    4. The Canucks. I like the Oilers, too, and teams that play to score, not to defend.

    5. World Cup football (even though it’s only a couple months every four years) (8)

    6. Don’t have one. I liked Ireland until they were eliminated, then England. Depended on the match.

    7. No idea.

  39. sabotage says:

    1) spend about 30 mins to 1 hour

    2)Well first off, how bout a spell checker? submit is only spelled with 1 “t”…heh…Rules are good, and I like the response time to submitted articles..

    3) Articles shouldn’t need sources quoted. After all, this is a rumour mill website. I think there should be a certain specified length of submitted articles. I don’t want to read 3 sentences of someone saying they like a certain move by a certain team.

    4) Edmonton Oilers.

    5) Football, knowledge is at a 10 easily for the CFL, for the NFL about a 4.

    6) Hmm lemme see, Edmonton Eskimos

    7) Take off the friggin poster advertisements…I don’t think you even make sales off of those do you? Maybe expand the affiliates a bit more than other rumour sites owned by moderators here..

  40. PanMan says:

    1) 1 hour

    2) Yes

    3) Facts, opinion, related to hockey.

    4) New York Rangers

    5) Basball – 8

    6) Toronto Blue Jays

    7) Make it reliable and don’t post any bull.

  41. NYR88Express says:

    sorry…i spent 15-20 minutes on HTR per time….maybe 1-2 hours per day…i keep it on all the time and i reload it for new news or whatever…its my Internet explorer homepage

  42. habs_88_4life says:

    Check submitted news

  43. Project_Infinity says:

    1. Depends. Maybe 5-10 minutes, maybe an hour. Depends if I”m not lazy enough to submit something or post a comment if something’s of interest. If I’ve got something posted, I’ll check on it to read the comments.

    2. I’m not much of a swearing person, so the verbal rules fit (besides, what if a little kid visits the site?). The news submission section is quite fair and flexible.

    3. Essentially, if the article is well written, it should get posted. Perhaps, though more consideration should be given to articles (if there are any) that concern NHL teams other than Toronto, Philadelphia, Colorado and Detroit. But that’s only if the article(s) are good and if those articles exist.

    4. I’m a stickler for losing outfits (I feel sorry for them okay?) so I like the Calgary Flames, Tampa Bay Lightning and Atlanta Thrashers in that order. I used to be a Winnipeg Jets fan, but I stopped after they moved. (I’m still bitter, by the way).

    5a) For the moment, it’s basketball.

    b) Probably seven: I know a lot about the old players and teams and about the new teams, but there’s still a lot in terms of players and history that I’m not familiar with.

    6. I like the Sacramento Kings (Stuck with ’em since ’93! This year, we win!!!!) and the Los Angeles Clippers (since three years ago.)

    7. Try to get to link to your site as well as other popular hockey sites. Getting mentioned by TSN (and and ESPN (and wouldn’t hurt either.

    – Project Infinity.

  44. Redwing302 says:

    1. 30 Minutes, give or take.

    2. No problems, just as long as language is respectful and not abused, I’m fine.

    3. Articles should be classified as ‘Rumors’, ‘Facts’, or ‘Fantasy’ (for trades/signings that wouldn’t really happen, but are fun to fantasize about) Reason for this is too much info that may not be true.

    4. Redwings.

    5. Football. 6.5

    6. University of Michigan Wolverines and the Detroit Lions

    7. Contact team sites. Several have ‘Hockey Links’ that might be useful in making this site more popular.

  45. regdunlop says:

    I was a little down with your response to my cat piss coment. glad you are back to form.

  46. regdunlop says:

    At least take of the mother ***** ***** sucking filters so we can converse like men!

  47. FerenceFan1 says:

    1) 10-15 mins max, depends on what new articles are up

    2) no, freedom of speech

    3) something thats not being repeated and if its newsworthy.

    4) Pittsburgh Penguins, Edmonton Oilers and LA Kings

    5) a-American Football b-9.5

    6) Pittsburgh Steelers

    7) contests?

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