HTR Team Rosters & Stats Collection

HTR is in the process of adding a NHL player index and team roster collection. In order to do this we need your help to do two things.

1. Enter in updated team rosters.

2. Enter in 2003-2004 player stats.

Please includate in this posting if you are interested and which team you would like to claim.

We’re now done the secection of teams. I would like to thank everyone who grabbed a team.

Detailed Instruictions on how to add players to their team

1. I will reply to your massage once you choose a team and will confirm that i have added you as the admin to add players for that team

2. Go to and select the team that you are the admin of.

3. You will see an “Add player Link” on the team page.

4. Type in the players Name, selct their position and The most important part is teh players start date. This is to be set to their first year that they ever played in the NHL.

Ex. Trevor Linden Set date to 1989-10-01

Always set the 10-01 as the month and day no matter which month they started.

5. Make sure that the roster is updated and fresh for the new 2005-2006 season.

6. Write your own bio’s. DO NOT PLAGERIZE FROM OTHER SITES


I will provide information to add player stats when all the teams have been entered in.


Trade Man

– Post a comment if you are struggling with these instructions.

Selected Teams

Philadelphia Flyers – hockeysniper918

Toronto – LeafyMcLeaf

Phoenix Coyotes – shifterdarkwolf

Washington Capitals – PoPSeCKeL

New York Islanders – Scooty

Carolina Hurricanes – Raccer

Buffalo Sabres – Raccer

San Jose Sharks – UsedPuckBag

Anaheim Mighty Ducks- Scruffy05

Boston Bruins -pie_man

Edmonton Oilers – chairguy

Montreal Canadiens – dudemar

Minnesota Wild – dudemar

Detroit – goleafsgo1991

Chicago Black Hawks – goleafsgo1991

Columbus Blue Jackets – goleafsgo1991

St Louis Blues – goleafsgo1991

L.A. Kings – leetch2009

Vancouver Canucks – Trade Man

New York Rangers- Micki

Nashville Predators – distance7

New Jersey Devils – Kamakaze

Florida Panthers – jacksheit

Calgary Flames – Scooty

Tampa Bay Lightning – Deke

Pittsburgh Penguins – Deke

Dallas Stars – brewstar03

Colorado Avalanche – Shevy

Ottawa Senators – zatornator11

Atlanta Thrashers – zatornator11

120 Responses to HTR Team Rosters & Stats Collection

  1. trademan says:

    We have to wait until all the teams are completed before we can add the stats. I hope that this is completed soon,


    Trade Man

  2. goleafsgo1991 says:

    If theres any incomplete rosters I can finish them up. I noticed not all are done.

  3. trademan says:

    All of the teams have been selected however some still need help to get completed.

    What team are you interested in completing?

    Trade Man

  4. trademan says:

    thank you very much

  5. leetch2009 says:

    Couple of questions?i entered in the Kings can i still do the bios?i was going to enter in the bios later but i didn’t know if you had to do them when you entered the players in for the roster.also when i go to the Kings team site it says waiting to validate user.What does that mean?


  6. trademan says:

    Hey there, ets see if i can help

    to add the bios click on the player that you added on the roster and select the modify player link.

    – add the bio – then save

    Don’t worry about the validate user part, as this is for the team captain. Honsetly i dont know what this is yet but it doesnt effect anything nor does it mean that they have any privlidges.

    Trade Man

  7. goleafsgo1991 says:

    I’m interested in completing whichever ones need to be completed, to help speed up the process. As a Leaf’s fan I’d be interested in doing Toronto, but I’ve noticed that WSH, PIT, BUF, CAR, TB, and EDM haven’t even been started..I’d leave it to your discretion.

  8. chairguy says:

    should i include RFAs and prospects?

  9. trademan says:

    which ever ones you think that you could do a good job of is fine. How about wsahington and pitsburgh?

    I will activate this on your account right now.


  10. trademan says:

    I thinmk that currect RFA are great to add if you think that they are going to re-sign. Rookies that are boarderline we dont have to worry about.

    Trade Man

  11. goleafsgo1991 says:

    Ok I’m on it.

  12. trademan says:

    Great thank you

    Trade Man

  13. goleafsgo1991 says:

    If you want I can finish off Carolina and Buffalo too..theyre both unstarted.

  14. trademan says:

    Sure, that would be cool. I will set thast up right now.

    Thanks a ton,

    Trade Man

  15. goleafsgo1991 says:

    I don’t see the add a player sign.

  16. trademan says:

    Hey goleafsgo1991,

    let me have a look into this right now.

    Please let me know when you can see teh add a player link.

    Trade Man

  17. goleafsgo1991 says:

    I can now..thanks

  18. jrl2282 says:

    if you need me to do anythign just let me know cuz i dont have a team so i can help finish some up or soemthign else.

  19. zatornator11 says:

    When are we going to be able to add 2003-2004 stats? I remember reading that we were going to be able to do this soon. Thanks.

  20. Marky2Fresh says:

    Hey we need 1 more person for our Yahoo league.

    League ID number is 8513

    Password htr

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