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Here it is folks. The trade deadline is 14 hours away (has come and gone) . Please read this to see how HTR will handle the trade news throughout today and tomorrow.

*** Update – Wow what a day here at HTR See below to view many of the trades that happened on this deadline day ****
Hopefully my good fellow staff member Lint07 will help me out posting news on the scene.

Pretty much like seasons before, HTR staff will do most of the postings, so save yourself time and not submit any posts. We do not want to see, in less than a minute, about 15 submitted entries on one player that has been traded. We will also make some minor changes on the front page, taking out some parts, to give a better flow and faster navigation for the links.

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mikster’s reaview:

So far a lot of interesting things have been going on. Biggest story thus far is Mats Sundin not waiving his NTC. I got a couple of things to say about that.

1) Hearing Don Cherry say that if the Leafs don’t want him anymore, why would he stay. True, good point Don and I agree. But…. 2)….. it’s a two way street. Why would any team want a guy who does not want to play elsewhere?

Let the guy remain a Leaf. He is on the verge of retirement soon, he is old, he is a UFA after season’s end…. not like the Leafs would have gotten a big return on the guy.

I say look for the Florida Panthers to be in a grey area of buying and selling. Well, selling is almost a theory for this team. I largely disagree with media reports saying that Olli Jokinen will be dealt. No way. My contact has told me that the Panthers will NOT trade Jokinen. I will try to get in touch with that person again tomorrow to see if anything has changed, but I truthfully believe that Jokinen will not be dealt. Why? Right now the Panthers have already handed out season ticket renewal packages. If they trade Jokinen, there will be a huge financial loss in season ticker holders for this organization. I’ve talked to Eklund a couple of times and we touched on the Jokinen ordeal as well. He mentioned recently that the Panthers would be looking to add just prospects in return for Jokinen. I also say no way to that. Jacques Martin would be interested in players already playing in the NHL or about to play in the NHL. That is why he did not agree on draft pick deals for Gary Roberts last season and instead opted for young defenseman Noah Welch, NHL ready. For Todd Bertuzzi, last season, he did get a youngster in Shawn Matthias, but the guy already played in the NHL and will definitely play next season on the team.

The Panthers have been rebuilding for years, and they want to be in the playoffs as soon as they can get in the playoffs. That’s what ownership wants, that’s what fans want, and that’s what Martin wants. Acquiring young prospects in return for Jokinen will not make that happen.

Some reports came out saying that Florida will sell. When reading that, my mind went “ummmmm……..sell what?” There are three main players that the Panthers could sell. Jokinen, Ruslan Salei, and Cory Murphy. Panthers are plagued with injuries. They lead the lague in games lost to man power, over 300 games already. They have most of the line-up consisting of young minor leaguers. They got nothing to sell to playoff contenders, and very little if anything.

Rangers: The Rangers will not trade Jaromir Jagr despite what sources have told Eklund. Sather came out and said he’s never even thought about trading the team’s best player. It would also not make any sense to trade away the guy when the team’s best line has been Avery-Dubinsky-Jagr. Larry Brooks reported that the Rangers are not interested in Bryan McCabe, as reported elsewhere. Expect the Rangers to try and land a winger, but definitely go strong on landing a defenseman or two.

Tampa Bay: It’s about time that Brad Richards waives his NTC, or at least would soon. I never understood the concept of “Tampa can’t trade Richards because of his NTC”. So? The guy has been a total disappointment ever since his contract renewal. He proved himself in Tampa, and it’s time to move on. Even for his own good, the guy must go. He is no longer needed there when Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis are the top duo on the team for offense. I don’t think Vancouver is a likely destination since they cannot pony up a proven goaltender. It may end up being a three-way deal, but I’d be surprised if the Bolts don’t trade Richards for a goalie. They need one badly. Columbus may actually steal Richards if they end up trading Pascal LeClaire for him. Obviously not straight up, but say it’s LeClaire, a 1st, and Klesla/Russel, that’s a great trade for Columbus. Why? LeClaire’s had a fine season for the first time ever, and credit is due to the guy that developed Roberto Luongo in South Florida, Clint Malarchuk. This is one of the league’s best goalie coaches, and the guy that Mike Keenan fired in Florida. I think that LeClaire is a good goalie, but not that great either and I think it would only be a matter of time that we will see, if the trade happens, John Tortarella rip him up and bench him. Richards with Rick Nash? A no-brainer.

Oilers: I actually expect this team to make some intriguing moves. I have no idea why reports say that Joni Pitkanen may be dealth, but it could happen. GM Kevin Lowe may be gambling here in hopes that Panthers defenseman Jay Bouwmeester will not be signed by July, and he’ll hit him with an offer sheet. Stoll is definitely going, and he’d be an excellent acquisition for any team in need of face-offs and point shots on the PP.

Anaheim: They won’t be in play tooooo much, me thinks. Sure, Jokinen may interest Burke and so on, but Anaheim best move last year at the deadline was not making any big move. It won them the Cup, so don’t expect Burke to do something different.

Sharks: HUGE players for the trade market. They need defense and a better 2nd line. I definitely think that Patrick Marleau could be traded for Marian Hossa as long as Hossa agrees to an extension with the Sharks. That means, though, that the Sharks would then need a 2nd line center and will be in the market for that. Then the need better defense. They need a back-up, which could be Hedberg. They are definitely the big players. Actually, they should be big players. This is it for the Sharks. They need to set up a winning team that will reach the Finals in the next three years, this one included. Just go for it.

Montreal: Why do these guys need to land such a big player? They score and play solid defensively. They have a good core of young players. They should solidify the 2nd line, but I wouldn’t trade so much for a rental either. Montreal should make some slight changes to strengthen the team, and then try to sign some key players in the free agency market.

Flyers: Could be huge players in the dealings as well. They are slipping fast, losing 10 straight. They just lost Mike Richards after losing Gagne. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Some deals will shock you on this team.

The rest is pretty much a guessing game, but that’s
the fun of it. Have fun, remember what I mentioned earlier about how we will run the Web site. Take care, and hope your teams do well!

Thanks for reading,
Micki Peroni
Vice Administrator

40 Responses to HTR Trade Deadline

  1. Hockey_Insider says:

    Just about the Lightning trading Richards for Pascal Leclaire, haven't the Bolts been down that road before? Call it if you will the Marc Denis Project. The Bolts would think twice about trading for another Blue Jackets promising goalie. Instead they would probably go after The Dallas Stars' Mike Smith, Edmonton's Dwayne Roloson, Ottawa's Ray Emery (or possibly Gerber) or maybe even (hold your breath Leafs fans) Andrew Raycroft….although that's a long shot and he would have to be packaged in a great deal, like McCabe, Raycroft and Stajan for Brad Richards.

  2. Habs_pm says:

    Bob Gainey will try to get some scoring to get Koivu going.

    Montreal will probably go for:





    Alot of people say Montreal's team is fine…Especially after that miracle comeback against the Rangers…May I remind everyone this is the same team that lost 6-1 to Ottawa?

    But it seems that the players are hoping Bob Gainey will get something done and they looked very distracted since the Ranger game.

    If Gainey doesn't do nothing its for the simple fact that Gainey didn't want to give up a Higgins,Plekanec or any other young talent on the current roster.

    Another note:

    Don Waddel was scouting the Hamilton Bulldogs yesterday(Montreal's farm club) so it would seem that he has is eyes on a few of the Bulldogs players.

  3. 08-09 says:

    mikster, we may not always agree on stuff but your comments on Sundin are dead on. just like when hab fans ran Roy out of town, it sense a chilling message to other players who may want to play in Toronto: why? why would you want to play for such a dysfunctional organziation, and in front of SOME fans who can turn on you and be so ungrateful in an instant?

    Berger is reporting that the Isles want a 1st rounder in any deal that sends McCabe to toronto (wow, that won't happen and it better not happen).

    Eklund is reporting that the Isles would give Fedotenko and a 1st rounder for McCabe.

    hmmm… who to believe, who to believe… no one? yup, i think that is the answer. honestly, i dont see McCabe leaving Toronto after sundin refused to waive his NTC. if he does, why not tempt the Isles a little more by including Antropov in the deal. then the 1st rounder doesn't seem so crazy.
    some factors to consider:
    – yes we all know about McCabe's wife being from LI but she is also 7 months pregnant so lets cancel that factor out right now

    – Isles do need help on D – in terms of bodies since there are so many injuries, in terms of PP (which McCabe, of course, would help over the long run)

    – with Satan and Fedotenko being free agents (or possibly included in any deal to Toronto), the Isles are freeing up $7.4 million in cap space. Antropov and McCabe's $7.75 million combined would be easy to swallow. indeed, Antropov's salary – considering his production over the past 3 seasons when healthy – is a bargain. As will McCabe's when the UFA D-men of his calibre or less will get more than what he got in free agency.

    again, i dont see McCabe being traded out of toronto or the Isles or Rangers wanting him … but if it did that is how i would see it go down (and if it did, it would be a miracle and trump any kind of disappointment from this Sundin fiasco).

  4. 08-09 says:

    With Mara out and with Malik in the doghouse (not to mention Malik, Rozival, and Mara all UFAs – giving Sather some choices if he accepted McCabe's contract), who knows?

    a longshot to be sure.

    but i can see McCabe being a good fit with the younger NYR D – Tyutin, Girardi, and Staal – all of whom are signed longer term. Sather can then make his decisions on including one of those 3 UFA d-men in a deal to the Leafs, maybe include one of those 3 UFA d-men in another deal at the deadline to another team.

    or simply take his time deciding which of the three to resign and have a bit more leverage now that he already has McCabe in the top-4 (i would think he'd want to resign Rozival but we'll see).

  5. leafsrule12345 says:

    more like 24 hours away

  6. Lint07 says:

    don't worry, Mik.
    I'll be there as usual!

  7. mikster says:

    Well, i counted midnight as the day, but yeah…. in a way 20ish…

  8. greatlife15 says:

    I’ll be looking forward to reading your comment about each trade as it goes down.

    Now is it me, or is it slightly surprising that nothing major has happened yet? With .. not too long to go?

  9. mikster says:

    I think teams will wait for tomorrow and make it a more interesting day for the NHL than it was in the previous two seasons.

    Atlanta and Montreal won’t deal today since they play tomorrow night. Some teams that really want the acquired player(s) to play tomorrow night may get them today.

  10. Duecey says:

    You're nuts bucko. Like Columbus will give away the goalie that has a league leading 9 shutouts not to mention this is his first full season. The Jackets will not be comfortable having Norrena as the #1. Why not add Mason into the deal? He's proven himself on the world stage and has been sent up from juniors a few times. The guy is more NHL ready than most people think. Now speaking of Columbus' FAs, the only one I don't want to see walk is Foote. He is a great defensive defenseman and most importantly is the best captain we've ever had.

  11. UsedandAbused says: is reporting that the Flyers are looking into Brad Richards. I sure hope not! He is way to much money and in my opinion overrated. Please Holmgren don't make any stupid deals!

  12. iamnewfie1 says:

    all these trade rumors involving montreal and hossa and others is kind of funny…it seems all montreal is offering is ryder and some low draft picks and some unknown unproven guys from hamilton…lets get real it will take higgins ,price and 1st rounders to land proven players not garbage,so keep dreaming….

  13. lukeleim says:

    Every player refused to waive their no trade clause on the Leafs. So, now what? Who's left?

    Jason Blake
    Hal Gill
    Kyle Wellwood
    Andrew Raycroft
    Alexei Ponikarovsky
    Ian White

    build the team around Alexander Steen, Matt Stajan, Carlo Colaiacovo, Anton Stralman, Nikolai Kulemin, Justin Pogge, Nik Antropov, Tomas Kaberle and Jiri Tlusty.

    trade Kubina in the offseason for a pick and buyout Mark Bell and Andrew Raycroft if we're unable to rid their contracts by the deadline.

    __________ – Mats Sundin – Nik Antropov
    Nikolai Kulemin – ____________ – Darcy Tucker
    Jiri Tlusty – Matt Stajan – Alexander Steen
    Chad Kilger – ____________ – Boyd Devereaux
    Robbie Earl

    Tomas Kaberle – Bryan McCabe
    ____________ – Carlo Colaiacovo
    ____________ – Anton Stralman

    Vesa Toskala
    Justin Pogge

    is this team different enough from this years horrific team to make some sort of different impact?

  14. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:


  15. Villanova says:

    couldn't agree with you more.  B Richards is overpaid.  Flyers can't afford the contracts of Richards, Briere, Timonen, Gagne, Hartnell, M Richards.   In the salary cap era, its too much to have locked up in those guys.  Except for Mike Richards, none of them will likely live up to their contracts.

    Forsberg to the Avs.  Sucks for the flyers, becuase he was the only hope i had at this point.  Had they not lost the last 10, he probably would have signed to play in Philly.

  16. flyersdan says:

    Wouldn't want him with this team and that contract even if we didn't have to trade for him.  We have too many centers as it is in Carter, Richards, Umberger, and Briere.  You'd have to give up Carter or Umberger plus to get him and I just don't see how that is worth it with the contract and age disparities.  Basically we will have just recreated Tampa Bay, too much invested in our top 3 forwards.

  17. flyersdan says:

    I would however, trade both Hatcher and Rathje and nothing else for Richards but that isn't going to fly unless someone's looking to get fired.

  18. flamingsenator says:

    it really doesnt feel like theres going to be any crazy trades like the ryan smyth variety

    this year there is no….guerin.roberts,tkuck(sp?), bertuzzi……

    with all these long term contracts…it looks this years deadline day is gonna be a look into the future of the "salary cap nhl" deadline days

  19. mojo19 says:

    Yes and no. There will always be players like Mike Comrie signing 1 year deals. And there will be players signign 2 year deals, and every year there will still be guys with expiring contracts. Its just unfortunate teams like Minnesota (Demitra, Rolston), and the Rangers (Jagr, Shanny) aren't sitting near the bottom at deadline here.

  20. leafy says:


    Many buyers and sellers

    I sent this to HTR this afternoon, but it looks like no more rumors are being posted, so I'm posting it here.

    Now that Mats Sundin has decided to stay in Toronto, we can fully expect trade talk involving other players to kick into high gear.  The dominos are expected to start falling at any time.

    Here are the absolute latest rumors, as of Monday afternoon.

    Jeff Marek of CBC Sports reports that we can expect a number of notable players to be on the move Tuesday.

    It has been widely reported that Marian Hossa is highly valued by the Habs.  Even more compelling, Atlanta had scouts at the Bell Centre, undoubtedly taking another look at the Canadiens.

    Michael Ryder is apparently on his way out of Montreal.  Marek says that's a "definite", but it remains to be seen where he'll be traded to.  Some good bets are Atlanta, Dallas or Calgary.

    According to TFP on Monday, Canadiens GM Bob Gainey is pushing heavily to acquire Hossa.

    The Thrashers are asking for an NHL-proven player, a top prospect and a high draft pick, most likely a first-round pick, in exchange for Hossa.

    Rumors state that Montreal is willing to move such players as Chris Higgins, Michael Ryder, Mathieu Dandenault, Mikhail Grabovski, Kyle Chipchura and some of their top prospects.

    Le Journal claims the Thrashers may also be looking at Canadiens prospects Matt D'Agostini, Mathieu Carle and Pavel Valentenko.

    According to Le Journal de Montreal, the Canadiens and Senators are running neck and neck in the Hossa sweepstakes (as well as in the Eastern Conference).

    In addition to Hossa, Montreal is also shooting for Calgary's Alex Tanguay, Tampa Bay's Vaclav Prospal, Chicago's Martin Havlat and Edmonton's Jarret Stoll.

    Bruce Garrioch also reports that the Ottawa Senators are pushing to acquire Hossa, now that SUndin is no longer an option.

    Garrioch states that the asking price for Hossa is probably winger Antoine Vermette, a prospect (possibly Brian Lee, Nick Foligno or Ilja Zubov) and a top draft pick.

    TFP reports that Ottawa is dangling Antoine Vermette, Nick Foglino and Andrej Meszaros.

    Garrioch also reaffirms what others have reported previously — that Detroit, San Jose, Anaheim, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal and the New York Rangers are also chasing Hossa.

    Meanwhile, Ottawa might also be looking at Buffalo's Brian Campbell and have been linked to Chicago's Martin Lapointe and Columbus' Sergei Fedorov, but it's doubtful either player will end up in Ottawa.  According to TFP, Detroit and Dallas are also interested in Lapointe.

    Apart from Hossa, Atlanta might also be shopping Bobby Holik, Mark Recchi, Johan Hedberg and Alexei Zhitnik.

    The Detorit News reports that the Wings might be one of the teams pursuing Hossa, but a more realistic target might be Bobby Holik or Vinny Prospal.

    The Bryan McCabe rumour involving the New York Islanders won't go away.  TFP reported Monday that the Isles are still pursuing McCabe, but no word on what Toronto would be getting in return.

    McCabe has a no-movement clause but told Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher he'd consider waiving it for the right team. TFP reports that McCabe would accept a move to the Islanders.

    Jeff Marek also believes that Alex Tanguay is definitely on his way out of Calgary.  However, TSN reported on Monday that Tanguay is staying put.

    The Florida Panthers might be sending Olli Jokinen to Minnesota, with possibly Pierre-Marc Bouchard going to the Sunshine State.

    Brian Campbell is likely to move to a Western Conference team, like San Jose, although one Eastern team, the New York Rangers, has shown some interest.

    Word is that Columbus would really like to ship out Sergei Fedorov, among some other bodies.

    The Los Angeles Kings possibly might be shopping Mike Cammalleri, as they attempt to continue their rebuilding process.

    Tampa would be elated if they could move out Brad Richards.  Columbus might be interested.  However, here's a sticking point.  Tampa wants a goalie in return, but the Jackets are cold to the idea of trading either Pascal Leclaire or Steve Mason.

    Speaking of Richards, the Vancouver Province reports that the Canucks are also pursuing Richards, with Ryan Kessler possibly going the other way.  The Dallas Stars are also interested and might offer Mike Smith, who is probably ready for prime time.

    TFP reports that the Canucks might also use Matt Cooke to pry Richards from Tampa.

    Bruce Garrioch says that the Canucks' may try to package prospect Luc Bourdon for Richards.  And Chicago may try to land Richards by using Nikolai Khabibulin as bait.

    Garrioch also reports that the New York Islanders may deal Mike Comrie to Philadelphia.  The Isles are also likely shopping Miroslav Satan.

    The Fouth Period confirms that Comrie and Satan are being shopped, as is Ruslan Fedotenko.

    Lastly, Garrioch claims that 8 teams including the Penguins, Sharks, Devils and Wings are targeting Prospal.

    Chicago is entertaining offers for Yanic Perreault and Andrei Zyuzin.

    The Pittsburgh Penguins are interested in acquiring Martin Havlat and/or Tuomo Ruutu.  However, the Blackhawks apparently would want Jordan Staal as part of a trade for Havlat.

  21. jpmac says:

    McCabe will not waive to go to the only team lower then the leafs
    Raycroft…NO ONE WANTS HIM

    Throw in Belak, and you might have a deal…..

  22. jpmac says:

    Higgins, Price and a 1st…what are you on.  You just have a hard on for trash talking the habs…must be a jealous leaf fan

  23. jpmac says:

    You forgot blake…don't tell me you think someone would be stupid enought to pick him up?

    "trade Kubina in the offseason for a pick"  I am pretty sure he envoked his NTC and said he didn't want to go anywhere…what makes you think that will change?

  24. BruMagnus says:

    I never listed Tanguay on my who would ACTUALLY be traded post because I foresaw this. Although, to be honest, I'm quite surprised given how much he seems to want out.

    Now Foppa coming back.. wow

  25. habsoverserver says:

    Montreal needs a blueliner, not a scoring wing. They are top five in offense but below average in defense and after their top three, they have Bouillon and some fourth line forwards.

  26. BruMagnus says:

    Great post Leafy.
    LOL, I finally get a featured article status, and then its promptly removed from the front page! haha. oh well. come ci come ca.

    As for Havlat for Staal.. haha, ya right! Maybe Havlat Ruutu and Seabrook/Barker for Staal.

    Havlat is damaged goods.

  27. habsoverserver says:

    montreal has a top ranked offense but they have no experienced depth on defense. 

  28. cam7777 says:

    his NTC is not valid in the offseason apparently….

  29. leafy says:

    Thanks Bru. It took me 90 minutes to write this, and it was heart-breaking to see it  not get posted.

    I agree on Staal.  There's no way the Pens would trade him for the oft injured Havlat.

  30. habsoverserver says:

    i think he meant players along those lines, not all those players. 

    he's right that montreal isn't getting a top player for ryder+grabovski+late first round pick. if the flyers are offering Carter, then Montreal will have to offer Higgins.   Higgins and Carter have similar statistics.

  31. 08-09 says:


    i guess this is the only time i am getting sick and tired of the typical Ottawa No-Shows.

    I mean, i loved it when they did it all those years in the playoffs against my leafs – but now this is 2 straight losses to the Leafs that should have been won by the Sens. I guess they dont want the leafs announcing Stamkos' name at the draft in Ottawa.

    but still.

    if i am an Ottawa fan – this is the same old story and i would be worried about this team in the playoffs. hopefully they'll turn it around soon.

    as for my leafs … come on guys. we know the Sundin thing gives you guys a boost and you got a solid goalie behind you, but think of the draft! for the love of pete. by all means, dont purposely tank it, but you dont have to beat up on the Sens all the time!

  32. leafy says:

    Boy, Ottawa looks to be in trouble.  Too many weaknesses on that team all of a sudden.

    Foremost, the goaltending is crap.  No team in history has ever won a cup with goaltending like that since 1892.

    Secondly, the defense is softer than a roll of fleece toilet paper.  We talk about Toronto's D being bad.  People might laugh, but Ottawa's D is no better.

    Lastly, the offense looks anemic.  They just can't create and they're too much of a one line team.

    I'm telling you they're in deep trouble and I wouldn't be shocked if the Sens didn't survive the 1st round.  This is coming from a guy who, in November, thought they are the heavy favorites to win the Cup.

  33. leafy says:

    LEAF RUMOR UPDATE — 11:30 pm edition

    Given that Leaf players with NTCs do not agree to waive their clause, GM Fletcher is forced to move on to Plan B.

    Fletcher is likely shopping Blake and Gill, and he might also be forced to move one of his core players, possibly Antropov or even Toskala.  Yikes!

  34. BruMagnus says:
    Campbell is a virtual lock to get traded. He rejected a 3 year $5.75 million offer, his agent saying he deserves at least 6-7 years.

    The New Jersey Devils, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks and San Jose Sharks have all expressed an interest in Campbell.

  35. Radio says:

    Arrrgghh…I want Campbell on the Sens but no way in hell Redden will waive his NTC, thus making any deal for Campbell impossible for Ottawa.

    Oh well. GL to the Sharks getting him.

    If Jersey gets him I will be uber-pissed.

  36. Radio says:

    What would suck is if the Sens had to play the Habs in the first round.

    I'm glad they lost to Toronto tho, because maybe that will be incentive for Murray to make some trades today.

  37. BruMagnus says:

    If Jersey got him I'd be uber-pissed too, and frightened even more so of the best team in the East.

  38. BruMagnus says:

    I know how you feel. It irks me how people like us can put serious thought into writing articles, and then they get replaced by one-sentence crap articles within 24 hours.
    Even my Pens article which got featured status got taken off due to the trade deadline, damnit. Although for its credit it got over 100 posts, many good quality posts too.

    It'll cool down after 48 hours and then we can discuss some non-trade rumor things. Although, to be honest, this IS hockey trade! So it kinda makes sense it is dominated by trade rumors, no matter how moronic they may be.

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