HTR Trade Deadline

Here it is folks. The trade deadline is 14 hours away (has come and gone) . Please read this to see how HTR will handle the trade news throughout today and tomorrow.

*** Update – Wow what a day here at HTR See below to view many of the trades that happened on this deadline day ****
Hopefully my good fellow staff member Lint07 will help me out posting news on the scene.

Pretty much like seasons before, HTR staff will do most of the postings, so save yourself time and not submit any posts. We do not want to see, in less than a minute, about 15 submitted entries on one player that has been traded. We will also make some minor changes on the front page, taking out some parts, to give a better flow and faster navigation for the links.

That’s pretty much it. Those of you that are new this year to, just sit back and hit the refresh button on the home page. We will be doing all the work. I’ll pretty much have my battle station with all kinds of channels handing out news. This is what we do for you the hockey fans.

And that’s that. Hopefully we will run it all smoothly and the web site won’t crash with heavy traffic. Again, we will change the layout of the front page that gives more “breathing” room, per se, so that we can post news faster.

Please remember to not submit any news tomorrow. Today is an exception, but do not expect HTR to post a lot of articles, so I suggest to not write anything for today and wait for Wednesday.

mikster’s reaview:

So far a lot of interesting things have been going on. Biggest story thus far is Mats Sundin not waiving his NTC. I got a couple of things to say about that.

1) Hearing Don Cherry say that if the Leafs don’t want him anymore, why would he stay. True, good point Don and I agree. But…. 2)….. it’s a two way street. Why would any team want a guy who does not want to play elsewhere?

Let the guy remain a Leaf. He is on the verge of retirement soon, he is old, he is a UFA after season’s end…. not like the Leafs would have gotten a big return on the guy.

I say look for the Florida Panthers to be in a grey area of buying and selling. Well, selling is almost a theory for this team. I largely disagree with media reports saying that Olli Jokinen will be dealt. No way. My contact has told me that the Panthers will NOT trade Jokinen. I will try to get in touch with that person again tomorrow to see if anything has changed, but I truthfully believe that Jokinen will not be dealt. Why? Right now the Panthers have already handed out season ticket renewal packages. If they trade Jokinen, there will be a huge financial loss in season ticker holders for this organization. I’ve talked to Eklund a couple of times and we touched on the Jokinen ordeal as well. He mentioned recently that the Panthers would be looking to add just prospects in return for Jokinen. I also say no way to that. Jacques Martin would be interested in players already playing in the NHL or about to play in the NHL. That is why he did not agree on draft pick deals for Gary Roberts last season and instead opted for young defenseman Noah Welch, NHL ready. For Todd Bertuzzi, last season, he did get a youngster in Shawn Matthias, but the guy already played in the NHL and will definitely play next season on the team.

The Panthers have been rebuilding for years, and they want to be in the playoffs as soon as they can get in the playoffs. That’s what ownership wants, that’s what fans want, and that’s what Martin wants. Acquiring young prospects in return for Jokinen will not make that happen.

Some reports came out saying that Florida will sell. When reading that, my mind went “ummmmm……..sell what?” There are three main players that the Panthers could sell. Jokinen, Ruslan Salei, and Cory Murphy. Panthers are plagued with injuries. They lead the lague in games lost to man power, over 300 games already. They have most of the line-up consisting of young minor leaguers. They got nothing to sell to playoff contenders, and very little if anything.

Rangers: The Rangers will not trade Jaromir Jagr despite what sources have told Eklund. Sather came out and said he’s never even thought about trading the team’s best player. It would also not make any sense to trade away the guy when the team’s best line has been Avery-Dubinsky-Jagr. Larry Brooks reported that the Rangers are not interested in Bryan McCabe, as reported elsewhere. Expect the Rangers to try and land a winger, but definitely go strong on landing a defenseman or two.

Tampa Bay: It’s about time that Brad Richards waives his NTC, or at least would soon. I never understood the concept of “Tampa can’t trade Richards because of his NTC”. So? The guy has been a total disappointment ever since his contract renewal. He proved himself in Tampa, and it’s time to move on. Even for his own good, the guy must go. He is no longer needed there when Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis are the top duo on the team for offense. I don’t think Vancouver is a likely destination since they cannot pony up a proven goaltender. It may end up being a three-way deal, but I’d be surprised if the Bolts don’t trade Richards for a goalie. They need one badly. Columbus may actually steal Richards if they end up trading Pascal LeClaire for him. Obviously not straight up, but say it’s LeClaire, a 1st, and Klesla/Russel, that’s a great trade for Columbus. Why? LeClaire’s had a fine season for the first time ever, and credit is due to the guy that developed Roberto Luongo in South Florida, Clint Malarchuk. This is one of the league’s best goalie coaches, and the guy that Mike Keenan fired in Florida. I think that LeClaire is a good goalie, but not that great either and I think it would only be a matter of time that we will see, if the trade happens, John Tortarella rip him up and bench him. Richards with Rick Nash? A no-brainer.

Oilers: I actually expect this team to make some intriguing moves. I have no idea why reports say that Joni Pitkanen may be dealth, but it could happen. GM Kevin Lowe may be gambling here in hopes that Panthers defenseman Jay Bouwmeester will not be signed by July, and he’ll hit him with an offer sheet. Stoll is definitely going, and he’d be an excellent acquisition for any team in need of face-offs and point shots on the PP.

Anaheim: They won’t be in play tooooo much, me thinks. Sure, Jokinen may interest Burke and so on, but Anaheim best move last year at the deadline was not making any big move. It won them the Cup, so don’t expect Burke to do something different.

Sharks: HUGE players for the trade market. They need defense and a better 2nd line. I definitely think that Patrick Marleau could be traded for Marian Hossa as long as Hossa agrees to an extension with the Sharks. That means, though, that the Sharks would then need a 2nd line center and will be in the market for that. Then the need better defense. They need a back-up, which could be Hedberg. They are definitely the big players. Actually, they should be big players. This is it for the Sharks. They need to set up a winning team that will reach the Finals in the next three years, this one included. Just go for it.

Montreal: Why do these guys need to land such a big player? They score and play solid defensively. They have a good core of young players. They should solidify the 2nd line, but I wouldn’t trade so much for a rental either. Montreal should make some slight changes to strengthen the team, and then try to sign some key players in the free agency market.

Flyers: Could be huge players in the dealings as well. They are slipping fast, losing 10 straight. They just lost Mike Richards after losing Gagne. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Some deals will shock you on this team.

The rest is pretty much a guessing game, but that’s
the fun of it. Have fun, remember what I mentioned earlier about how we will run the Web site. Take care, and hope your teams do well!

Thanks for reading,
Micki Peroni
Vice Administrator