HTR Users Now Have To Register To Comment

This is just a note that all Users now have to register to comment.

11 Responses to HTR Users Now Have To Register To Comment

  1. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Nice fix

  2. ZillyHoo says:

    Hurpdurp no one knows who i am hurpdurp anyway, it’s been said the Kings are gonna start a dynasty and be the best team ever, or in this era.

  3. lafleur10 says:

    this new site is really hard to get used to

  4. WoOt WoOT! Now If only we can select to remember our logins, that would be swell.

  5. JoelLeafs says:

    Cool… though can we get rid of the fruit test? I mean, if we have to go through to trouble of registering, can’t we be trusted to be humans? Isn’t there a Turing test in the initial registration process as it is?

    Also, a preview reply button would be nice if it’s possible at this point.

    Thanks for the changes, TradeMan… that first little bit of troll overload was–though a bit funny–pretty unbearable.

    • JoelLeafs says:

      Also, how does everyone here feel about the comments being reversed? I always preferred the newest at the bottom (especially since never replies are at the bottom; consistency and such), but do other prefer it this way or like it the old way?

  6. JoelLeafs says:

    Also, do your guys’ time signatures match the real time? I just posted at 2.24 and my post claims to be from 6.09. Seems strange, and I can’t find a timezone setting. (though as it’s not off by increments of hours, I doubt it’s a timezone issue.)

  7. JoelLeafs says:

    Also, the HTR icon is still redish-maroon. Obviously not a problem, just pointing out.

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