HTR & WOWhockey Official Playoff Pool + Regular Season Winner!

Here is an update on the Official HTR & WOWhockey Playoff Hockey Pool. Thank you to every members who participated: 52 HTR & WOWhockey Members will be in competition through the entire playoffs, should be fun!


The winner of the HTR Regular Season Pool and the amazing prize he won…First of all, congrats to HTR member PatNorm who won the regular season hockey pool. The prize for the winner was a replica NHL jersey of the winner’s choice and PatNorm choosed this one:

Good choice if you ask me, now feel free to comment on his tastes if you want! 😉

HTR & WOWhockey Playoff Pool

Okay so like I said we are 52 members competing in the Playoff pool and you will be able to see the predictions of everyone competing against you by downloading it at the top of the site (the link should be installed soon) If there is no link yet at the time you are reading it, you can request the file at

NOTE: Because there were so many members participating, transfering all the files into one single file could’ve lead to some mistakes. So Please check your predictions and email me right away for any mistake in your predictions. I will check with the email & the file you sent me as I kept them all.

You have up until The end of the 1st round to let me know if any error occured in your predictions, after what NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE no matter if there really was a mistake.

Standings will be posted on HTR & WOW after each round of the playoffs

I would like to Thank owner of HTR & WOWhockey, Trademan for making this possible and providing prizes to give away to you guys.

So good luck to all of you and enjoy the playoffs!

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