HTR's First Annual (and probably last) All-Star Geriatric Team

In my response to one of the last Flyers posts I jokingly said that the Flyers do in fact have one of the greatest teams ever assembled……if the year was 1992/1993….Ba Dump Bump. Then I started thinking about that (there I go thinking again) and decided to look into it a little deeper…(not Jenna Jamison or Marianis Trench Deep….but deeper nonetheless)…..hmmmmm

Exactly who’s roster ranks #1 if you look at the points totals of the current players from the 92/93 season. I am going to take the Flyers. I know there are some teams out there who can definitely top them…..The Leafs being the #1 Contender purely on the number of players that were active then. But just for fun I will leave that up to a Leafs fan to do…..even though I already did it.

The Flyers, howver, are no slouches. Here are their totals. The format is 93/94 scoring and then the current points in Parentheses. I know this is not an exact science because of the variability of games played, injuries….etc…but it is just a fun exercise.

Player — 92/93 — (Current)


Amonte — 76pts — (51)

Roenick — 107pts — (45)

Primeau — 32pts — (21)

Recchi — 123pts — (74)

Zhamnov — 72pts — (35)

Desjardins – 45pts — (12)

Malakhov — 52pts — (19)

LaPointe — 36pts — (8)


Totals —– 543pts — (265)

DIFFERENCE = 278 points!!!! If only those guys were still putting up those kind of points!!

So here is the challenge….take any 8 active players from your teams current roster and pick a year prior to 93/94 season. We will keep it at a minimum of 10 years. Make sure you use the same year for all of the players…..don’t take stats from 89/90 for some and stats from 91/92 from others….be consistent. Biggest points differential wins. For those of you wondering about LeClair on my list…..he actually improved on his point total from 92/93. Don’t be dumb and include players who have actually improved!!!!

Leafs fans — you know your team is coming out on top of this unless there is a cinderella out there that can upset you… are my favorites to win this. Don’t let me down. You have Sunidin, Francis, Leetch, Nolan, Nieuwendyk, Roberts…and the list goes on and on……Where’s Phil Housley when you need him?

Who will win the first annual HTR title of All-Star Geriatric Team???

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  1. leafs_man says:

    i agree with you fully


  2. Petr89 says:

    What you should really do to see who’s got the all-star geriatric team is sum up career totals for each player. I imagine the leafs would be up there, but I think the Wings may take the cake (even after losing Robitaille and Fedorov from last year).

  3. cgolding says:

    You realize your comparision is almost useless since Desjardins, Lapointe, Roenick, Primeau, and Zhamnov have ALL missed CONSIDERABLE time this year.

    If you remove that they are still behind, but they are still behind on a level much more relative to the league now as opposed to then.

    The argument is a difficult one to make on a per player level on points…


  4. garyroberts7 says:

    Are you saying those players didn’t miss CONSIDERABLE time in 92/93?

  5. garyroberts7 says:

    Great Article!!! Really interesting!

    You can just wonder where all the scoring went.


  6. Wills says:

    Detroit for 92-93 season:

    Yzerman –137–(50)










    Difference 310 points.

  7. Hahliday says:

    I tried to do this for the Avalanche and it’s basically impossible. The only major difference I found was Selanne’s 92/93 season compared to this one (132 points/29 points). Everyone else that’s been playing for that long has either improved or the difference is negligible.


  8. matteo says:

    “I know this is not an exact science because of the variability of games played, injuries….etc…but it is just a fun exercise.”

  9. HockeyMessiah says:

    Here’s the old geriatric Leafs:


    Gary Roberts—–79——–45

    Ron Francis——-100——-34

    Owen Nolan——-77——–48

    Mats Sundin——114——-72

    Robert Reichel—-88——–28

    Joe Nieuwendyk–75——–46

    Alex Mogilny——127——-26

    Calle Johansson–45———2


    Difference = 404. TOP THAT!

  10. nYrONLYcCASH says:

    1993-94 JAGR– 99 pts –

    1993-94 MESSIER- 84 pts-

    1993-94 Total Wpg/Edm Mironov 31 pts-

    1993-94 Lindros 97 pts


    Jagr 72 pts

    Messier 42 pts

    Lindros 32 pts

    Mironov 16 pts

    differential=311 to 162 = a -149

  11. NemiNA says:

    dont worry man, your team will be ousted in the first round anyway.

  12. NemiNA says:

    YEAH its intersesting how our veterans just stopped scoring and how their numbers went down too! OH BUT WAIT toronto’s gonna be ousted in the first round.

  13. NemiNA says:

    hell yeah buddy, leafs fans need to sit on something and rotate.

  14. beefer says:

    If you want to get technical…..

    1993-94 Bure–107pts

    now Bure–0pts

  15. Furlong19 says:

    No offence but this article is really lame!

  16. garyroberts7 says:

    You’re lame. You’re article was about why people hate the Leafs. Dumb Comment!

  17. Beckfan5 says:

    This article is stupid and pointless. What was the reason behind this to post it? Do you not realize that the game has changed? It has nothing to do w/ players being old. Scott Stevens had 78 points that season. 60 of those points were assists. Scott Stevens hasnt even totaled 60 assists in the last three seasons combined. Is it because hes old? I dont think so. Its just the evolution of the game. Look at todays scorers compared to yesterdays scorers. Martin St. Louis leads the league w/ 89 points. In 92-93 Lemieux lead with 160. Adam Oates lead the league w/ 97 assists. Thats going to be more than anyone will have in points this season. Kovalchuk has 39 goals to lead the league. He wouldnt even come close to being a leader if it was 92-93. Dave Andreychuck was NINTH with 54 that season. But I guess everyone is geriatric this season right?

    Get my point? Pay attention to the game idiot.

  18. mattf says:

    YEAH its interesting how you’re an IDIOT, OH BUT WAIT, you ARE AN IDIOT

  19. hockeyhead6868 says:

    Look this article may not have been as informative as all the information on all the players who were going to become Leafs this year. But it does show something anyway. Of course the game has slowed down scoring wise but mostt of the players mentioned above aren’t just scoring so much less becaause of the clogged neutral zone. They are scoring less because they are so old and their skills are deteriorating. It’s time for some fresh blood in the NHL. There are a few but it is unfortuantely rare.

  20. matteo says:

    The game has changed…..when??? What did I miss??

    Did I or did I not say that this was purely a fun exercise. You need to stop taking things so seriously my man. I noted that there were a million factors and reasons why this has taken place.

    Maybe you need to work on your reading comprehension.

  21. GretzNYR99 says:


    Lindros – 75

    Messier – 91

    Leetch – 36 (injured – 36 gp)

    Jagr – 94

    Malakhov – 52

    Kovalev – 38

    Holik – 39

    Nedved – 71

    Kasparaitis – 21

    Rucinsky – 48


    Lindros – 32 (injured – 39 gp)

    Messier – 42

    Leetch – 36 (traded – 57 gp w/NYR)

    Jagr – 29 (acquired in trade – 29 gp w/NYR)

    Malakhov – 18 (traded – 57 gp w/NYR)

    Kovalev – 42 (traded – 66 gp w/NYR)

    Holik – 54

    Nedved – 31 (traded – 65 gp w/NYR)

    Kasparaitis – 10 (injured – 44 gp)

    Rucinsky – 42 (traded 69 gp w/NYR)

    You don’t even have to add it up to know that there’s a huge differential in the points from the 2 teams.

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