HTR's First Annual (and probably last) All-Star Geriatric Team

In my response to one of the last Flyers posts I jokingly said that the Flyers do in fact have one of the greatest teams ever assembled……if the year was 1992/1993….Ba Dump Bump. Then I started thinking about that (there I go thinking again) and decided to look into it a little deeper…(not Jenna Jamison or Marianis Trench Deep….but deeper nonetheless)…..hmmmmm

Exactly who’s roster ranks #1 if you look at the points totals of the current players from the 92/93 season. I am going to take the Flyers. I know there are some teams out there who can definitely top them…..The Leafs being the #1 Contender purely on the number of players that were active then. But just for fun I will leave that up to a Leafs fan to do…..even though I already did it.

The Flyers, howver, are no slouches. Here are their totals. The format is 93/94 scoring and then the current points in Parentheses. I know this is not an exact science because of the variability of games played, injuries….etc…but it is just a fun exercise.

Player — 92/93 — (Current)


Amonte — 76pts — (51)

Roenick — 107pts — (45)

Primeau — 32pts — (21)

Recchi — 123pts — (74)

Zhamnov — 72pts — (35)

Desjardins – 45pts — (12)

Malakhov — 52pts — (19)

LaPointe — 36pts — (8)


Totals —– 543pts — (265)

DIFFERENCE = 278 points!!!! If only those guys were still putting up those kind of points!!

So here is the challenge….take any 8 active players from your teams current roster and pick a year prior to 93/94 season. We will keep it at a minimum of 10 years. Make sure you use the same year for all of the players…..don’t take stats from 89/90 for some and stats from 91/92 from others….be consistent. Biggest points differential wins. For those of you wondering about LeClair on my list…..he actually improved on his point total from 92/93. Don’t be dumb and include players who have actually improved!!!!

Leafs fans — you know your team is coming out on top of this unless there is a cinderella out there that can upset you… are my favorites to win this. Don’t let me down. You have Sunidin, Francis, Leetch, Nolan, Nieuwendyk, Roberts…and the list goes on and on……Where’s Phil Housley when you need him?

Who will win the first annual HTR title of All-Star Geriatric Team???