HTR's One Year Anniversary

According to the articles archive, will be one year old this Friday. The first ever article was simply titled “Hockey Trade Rumours” and dealt with a number of key issues, like Alexei Yashin, and created a plethora of speculation on where he and other big names might end up.Today, four days to the anniversary, I am asking you, the HTR community, to send me your greatest HTR moments. You can send me a private message, E-Mail (, with the subject “HTR Memories” (I don’t mean to be mean, but if that isn’t the subject (or close to it), I won’t include it for organizational purposes: this way, I know which are the HTR memories and which are my personal E-Mails)) or post a comment here. You can include anything you want, from the good times to the bad times (though if you do the bad times please try to be nice about it: this is supposed to be a commemorative article), all in tribute to the man who started it all, TradeMan. The compendium of the best (sorry, I can’t include them all) will appear March 15. We’ve grown quite a bit since last year: let’s hope it keeps growing for several more years and yes even decades to come.

As TradeMan himself would say,
“Happy Trading”


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    I’m was definetly the MVP for this site.

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