Huet to Caps for a 2nd

As per TSN, details to follow

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  1. CofRED says:

    I think that Price will be great, but not for another year or two.  That said, the Canadians had better hope for a poor showing from Washington next year, and that the '09 draft is as great as they say it is, because as far as this year is concerned, IMO they would have been better off riding Huet through the playoffs, seeing what he could do, letting Price get accustomed to the playoff atmosphere in Montreal, and letting Huet go for nothing.  I'm simply concerned that the playoff pressure in Montreal could be a little much for Price in his first season.  But who knows??

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    This is a move of pure brilliance for Gainey.

    The habs werent going to win the cup if they got lecavalier at the deadline, and huet was going to walk regardless.

  3. jpmac says:

    The Goaltender market has been/is dry.  Just because Toronto overpaid for two goalies, doesn't mean other teams are going to.  Show me some other trades with other goalies where the return for a goalie is fair.

  4. jpmac says:

    You have a serious hard on for only discussing the Habs in a negative manner…jealous are we?

  5. Ibeleaf says:

    Surprised at the folks who think this was a good trade and that Price is      " the Man ". He's only played a handful of NHL games and was less than stellar.
     To me, looks like the Habs have left themselves rather vulnerable for the playoff stretch drive. Hopefully Price will prove me wrong and be the next coming of Patrick Roy and lead them deep into the playoffs. Wishful thinking ?

  6. morrissey says:

    The Habs would not have won the cup with Huet in goal. The experience of playing in the stretch drive and a playoff round or 2 will be invaluable for Price. Price will be a better goalie for this next year, where would the team be if he spent the next 2 months just watching Huet play? Price can take pressure, he's proven that throughout his entire career, no reason to stop now, the kid is the real deal and Gainey is building the entire team of the future around him.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    If Huet was expendible, why wasn't Ryder?

    Price could be a top goalie, but even the best goalie has a reliable backup.  Dryden had Vachon.

    The payoff to this deal comes in 2011-12, but it could backfire in a week.

  8. habsoverserver says:

    gainey was critical of koivu for saying that montreal wouldn't win a cup.  either he believes it or he doesn't.

  9. iamnewfie1 says:

    keep on dreaming…

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