Huet to have surgery

Heard the news on the French Radio covering the canadiens’ games…

”Huet will be having surgery tomorrow related to his left leg injury.
Will most likely be out for the season.”

Not totally good news like we like it…
Let’s hope he gets better soon…

till then, Go Abie and Halak! (french)

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  1. lynchmob540 says:

    I guess you'll need to trade the Flyers Price for the rights Esche. You might need to include a #1 as well….you desparate bastards!!

  2. tatawaka says:

    Actualy, I think its time we use ''our'' goalies…
    Get Halak some starts, and Danis also…prepare them for next season!
    They are the future…

  3. lynchmob540 says:

    With Halak & Danis, you might make the AHL playoffs…but that should be good enough for a Habs' fan!!

  4. tatawaka says:

    LMAO….it soooo true tho (AHL part)…hehe
    Ha well…lets make some deals and cash in next year I guess…
    cause we're aiming for the #10 spot for this year it seems…hehe

  5. lynchmob540 says:

    Seriously, i think Halak and Danis could easily be in the NHL, if there wasn't a bottleneck in MTL.

    (as a Flyers fan, i'd love to have either PUSHING Nittymaki next season)

  6. habskovalev27 says:

    That's it…season over and playoffs hopes over.

    Until next season, Go sens Go and Go Flames Go

  7. GoalieT says:


    Okay, okay. Now this doesn't help at ALL. Looking at this from a step back I can sort of take comfort in the fact that Huet wasn't exactly stealing games for us at this point. And Abby? Well, as terrified as he makes me when he's sliding back and forth on his knees like a kid in a carnival ride, he seems to be holding his own. Sometimes. What I AM waiting for is Halak. I haven't had the opportunity to see what this kid can do, but Gainey wouldn't have taken him by the jersey collar if he didn't think it was a good idea. What I'm hoping is going to happen is that Halak will come in and not really wrap his skull around the absolute dire straights this team is in and just come in and play friggin' spectacular. This is a reach, I know. But what isn't these days.

    I can hardly wait to see what Halak has in store for us with Columbus.

    Go Habs, Go!!   (I'm begging you guys!!)

  8. Komic-J says:

    Well, I gotta say…I'm kinda happy it happened. Don't get me wrong, it's sad for Huet, but I kinda see this as a good thing for the Montreal Canadiens. I was so affraid that Gainey would try to get his hands on a veteran, letting a couple of prospects and/or pick in go in return. Now with Huet and Kovalev injured, I hope Gainey will do the right thing and "sell" some veterans to acquire some more youth and picks.

    Stick to the original plan; the 08-09 season !

  9. Huge_Polar_Bear says:

    The latest rumor from Eklund has Souray going to San Jose and the Habs would be interested in Toskala.  Now before you all jump all over me and start telling me all about Eklunds track record and how unreliable he is, let's think about this one.  What if it where a blockbuster let's say a Souray, Ryder, Aebisher, Samsonov + 1st rounder for Toskala, Marleau, Bell… or something crazy like that. (the draft choice can be conditional, if SJ looses Souray in the off season then they get a 1st rounder, if he signs with the team they can get a 3rd round pick or something like that). Gainey has surprised us in the past…

    It gives SJ a back up for Nabokov, Souray (who they are really interested in for obvious PP reasons), Ryder a goal scorer and well Samsonov who can only get better…

    As for Montreal, they get a legit #1 Center, a goalie to carry the load until Huet can play again, and a Power forward with some size and makes some room on the first two lines for some youth like Latendresse…

    Oh and yes I know… far fetched (and based on an Eklund rumor), but one can dream…

  10. EasternHockey says:

    I couldn't agree with you more.  It'll be hard for him to play worse than Aebischer has bee playing.  I'm hoping he does very well, and then Carbonneau will play him again on Tuesday.  What I'm afraid is going to happen however, is that Carbonneau is going to be afraid of hurting Aebischer's feelings, and having Halak play backup until the next back-to-back games.

  11. brocarl99 says:

    You just wish Montreal would trade you Carey Price… Then you might have a legetimate chance to win something out there. Are you nuts? Price and a first round pick for Esche, you gotta be f**king kidding me. I wouldnt trade Downey for Esche!!!

  12. prospectiv says:

    So, with Kovy, Rivet and Huet out, we go from 4th spot holders to sellers at the trade deadline.  I will miss the playoffs fever in Mtl this year but I have to say it is a good thing for the Habs…

    Our list of UFA's is pretty big :  Markov, Souray, Rivet, Bonk, Johnson, Aebischer…

    And I guess Ryder, Kovy, Samsonov are expendable players….

    It's about time to get that future consistent scorer we havnt got since Mats Naslund!  I'm thinking of Steve Bernier, Nathan Horton, Bobby Ryan, Benoit Pouliot, Rob Schremp, Alexander Radulov, Matt carle, Luc Bourdon, Andrew Ladd wich are all part of teams assured to make the playoffs and wanting to be cup contenders.

    ***I guess Horton is tradable only because he is said to be unhappy in Florida…

    Anything beyond that will be deceiving….

    In Bob we trust

  13. thegoalie1976 says:

    Cujo anyone??????

    He could be an affordable solution. Good platoon with ABBY.

    The Oilers can give you Markkanen for cheap as well

  14. blarneylad says:

    wtf? do we need another goalie? we aren't winning the cup so why would gainey even dream of moving anybody for another goalie? we have huet signed for next season as well, plus danis and halak, we don't need another goalie man, we need scoring. look at how bad we are at scoring!! we need to score!!

  15. Lint07 says:

    I'd trade Souray to San Jose for Steve Bernier and I'd deal a draft pick to Chicago for Patrick Lalime.


    One thing's for sure, if Gainey sticks with Souray past the deadline he'll lose him for nothing this summer. And if he does that, it'd be a dumb dumb move.

  16. Tim_Silver says:

    totally agree…trade souray to SJ for bernier / vlasic, maybe bigger trade including both young stars…who knows, i think there's no way HABS sign Souray in the off season, plus I wouldnt give him the $5-6M he will be asking…and probably will get

  17. kamullia says:

    Ouch. And they just lost to Carolina last night, as I just saw.

    Did Aebischer look good on net at least (obviously asking people who watched the game)? Or does it look like it is time for them to become sellers?

    I know they are only two points behind Toronto at 8th, but if the team is not looking good at all, they might as well take their losses and try to see what they can get in trades.

  18. bleedingblu says:

    Hey you forgot Go Leafs Go!


  19. Tim_Silver says:

    he didn't look too good at all…his usual "flopping-around-everywhere" style…could say 2 goals atleast were mainly his fault

  20. tatawaka says:

    lets just say that a cardboard cutout would have done as good as he did…

  21. bleedingblu says:

    Fire sale in Montreal!!!

  22. Habroller says:

    I would rather go for Vlasic over Carle…

  23. Habroller says:

    After the Forsberg trade, I'm getting pretty darn sure we can get more than Bernier for Souray. Maybe Bernier (or Michalek or Pavelski) and Vlasic (key player)?

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