Huge Rumor – Oilers, Flyers and Hurricanes to make a big trade?

Rumors were flying yesterday that the Oilers are looking to make a big move in the near future. Today, one day later, HTR has dug deep through media sources in an effort to uncover possible names that may be on the move.According to the Delco Times (Philadelphia Based), the Oilers, Flyers and Hurricanes are working on a three way deal that would see the Oilers move Raffi Torres to the Flyers, Pitkanen would go to Carolina and Erik Cole to the Oilers. Three ways deals are always very complicated but HTR believes that there is a good chance that this one will go down or something very similar due to the fact that each of these teams want to shake things up.

Expect something to happen within the next week or so.

22 Responses to Huge Rumor – Oilers, Flyers and Hurricanes to make a big trade?

  1. Flyers4Ever says:

    Oh God please make it stop. Raffi Torres is garbage compared to Pitkanen. I don't care if Pitkanen only scored one point last season. Pitkanen has MORE POINTS and LESS GAMES PLAYED than that 3rd liner Torres. Why don't we get Cole? At least he can play and has close to the value that Pitkanen does.

    The Flyers need a #1 Center or at least someone to take Sanderson and Gauiter off their hands, not another Winger for the 3rd or 4th line. This trade is an absolute Joke and the Flyers are getting ripped off.

  2. mikster says:

    I expected the Bruins to go with a three-way deal, as i said yesterday morning, and it still could but obviously this report is also not 100% correct.

    I’d value Bryzgalov more than Fernandez, but if the B’s cannot get him, then i’d go after Garon or Belfour to play with Thomas. Fernandez is just not worth much value. He was never a full time starter, twice lost the job to Roloson and Backstrom. His contract is hefty for what he offers. I’d drop out.

    Besides, Belfour would love to be in Boston as the pubs would be part of the contract!

  3. FlamesBlow says:

    that deal doesnt make any sence to me, why would the flyers want torres when they just got hartnell there pretty much the same player stat for stat they play the same game mind you raffi has shown he can turn it up in the playoffs, plus the Oilers have a crazy amount of forwards they need Defence so i think this "HUGE TRADE" is assbackwards. Raffi to the Canes with Cole to the Flyers and Pitkanen to the Oilers makes a whole lot more sence to me….. BUT hey i been wrong before what do you think ?

  4. FlamesBlow says:

    This trade wont happen

  5. thegoalie1976 says:

    I agree. Manny has a very low value for that contract size. Bryzgalov is equal to, or better than manny, for half the price.
    I would go after Garon to split with thomas, as neither can carry the load alone (neither can manny for hat matter.)
    OR, try to get Halak from mtl. Price looks ready to backup, and they have Denis as well.

    Why is nobody mentioning Abby? He would work out well in a split duty situation, and would be cheap, and boston would not hve to trade any assests to get him.

  6. kicksave856 says:

    I agree that, if this is the deal, it would need to go down your way.  Why would the Flyers even talk about that deal if it was offered as it's been reported?  They would just say 'no thanks' and move on.

  7. Senatorsfan78 says:

    I agree that the trade makes no sesnse I think that the Flyers don't need another player like Raffi Torres na the Flyers don't even need a player like Eric Cole the Flyers already have Scott Hartnell who plays the same type of game as Eric Cole and Raffi Torres I think that the Ottawa Senators should be the third team Ottawa Senators could trade Joe Corvo to the Oliers Eric Cole to the  Senators Raffi Torres to the Carolinia Hurricanes that would be a better trade Oilers would get a puck moving defencemen and the Senators would get a player to get them to the next level to win the Stanley cup and Raffi Torres would just replace Eric Cole that would be a better trade.

  8. sens_matt_83 says:

    I wouldnt mind having Eric Cole on my team

  9. Senatorsfan78 says:

    Do you think that the Senators could try get into that deal and what would the Senators have to give up to get Eric Cole?

  10. caliplayr21 says:

    i don't really like the flyers but there is no way they should let pitkanen go.  he's easily a top 2 defenseman.  raffi torres isnt worth it. 

    and erik cole is overrated.

  11. Pony says:

    Why on earth would Carolina be in that trade? Lose Cole and gain Torres? Cole is ten times the players Torres is.

  12. farmer says:

    exactly what I was thinking. as well, the oil would have to sweeten the pot a little, as torres compared straight up to either player is less valuable. at least a pick, if not a prospect, would have to be thrown in to accompany torres

  13. MR40 says:

    If you replace Torres with Lupul you have a deal.

  14. FlamesBlow says:

    What makes him ten times the player ?

  15. rlhockey46 says:

    you are retarded trademan

  16. ranger_fan says:


    LOL What a tool

  17. MikeyS4 says:

    I am a Canes fan and I would take Pitkanen for Cole but definitely not Torres for Cole

  18. Pony says:

    Cole has first line talent and posted two back to back 60 point season while not playing the whole season.
    Torres on the other hand is a third line agitator who posted a whopping 34 points last season.

    Carolina has no problems with the budding power forward why get rid of him and grab a third liner? Makes zero sense.

  19. Oil-Life says:

    ohhh no not cole!

  20. Damiencore says:

    This could be the dumbest trade in recent years , not just for the flyers, I mean in the whole NHL. Pitkanen is young and can be groomed. Either sign him or get something alot better than a coles or a torres. They are third line players. Who cares, get some picks for next season or something.

  21. Halibut says:

    Word is Pitkanen is trouble in the dressing room.  He's lost focus and his bad year last year isnt going to be a blip but the start of a trend.  There are more than a few teams that wouldnt take him if you were giving him away.  The finnish national team apparently want nothing to do with him.

    A big turn around from the hype that was surrounding him a few years ago.

  22. Pony says:

    You're an idiot if you think Cole is a third line player.

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