The Boston Bruins have traded Joe Thornton to the San Jose Sharks for Marco Sturm, Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau. Details to follow…

That’s from TSN

This is the biggest trade that will happen all year, and I’m shocked!


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  1. wingerxxx says:

    The Rangers didn’t have anyone to trade to Boston for Thornton. Not without sacrificing some good younger players (Prucha, Tyutin, etc) or disrupting the team chemistry. And New York is not desperate for a trade right now like these two teams are. Milbury will have his day in the sun before the season is over.

  2. wingerxxx says:

    Whoa…as for the Rangers thing, that is exactly the kind of thing that got New York into all the trouble they were in, over the last 7 or 8 years. The last thing we need to be doing is trading away all of our younger players for one superstar center, when we already have good center ice depth. Especially Tyutin and Pock. The only thing the Rangers need is a big shot from the point on the power play.

  3. Mullet says:

    Terrible trade for Boston! should have tries to pick up Cheechoo in the deal too! That would have evened it out more. Also TSN said Toronto was also in the running for Thornton, but the asking price was too high.

  4. mcpickl says:


    zero chance he was going to Toronto, O’Connell said flat out he would not trade him in the division.

  5. monley89 says:

    as they chanted in the 1994 stanley cup LETS GO RANGERS *clap clap clap*

    bruins fans should say FIRE O’CONNEL *clap clap clap*

  6. wingerxxx says:

    Not only that, but the Leafs already have Sundin, Lindros and Allison at center, and you know that Allison isn’t going back to the Bruins. Toronto has more pressing concerns than another scoring center. Whoever thought that the Leafs might land Thornton needs to re-adjust their thinking cap.

  7. FLAMESOWNU says:

    Your a moron if you think Boston won this trade.

  8. Adam_0486 says:

    I guess it was a fair gamble for both teams on the one hand you have Heatley a player who was obviously suffering some mental trauma from the crash that killed Dan schenidier and on the other hand you have Hossa a player whose not known to bring it in the playoffs when it counts.

    But what about the Thornton deal, im calling it now, another big trade is going to happen a team that is destined for a golf course this playoff season.

    my bet to go:

    1) Doug Weight

    2) Olaf Kolzig

    3) Roberto Luongo

    4) Mark Parrish

    5) Sandis Ozolinsh

  9. nyrules11 says:

    well the rangers only have Jagr, a goalie, and some offense. Not too good of D, and theyre winning.

  10. nyrules11 says:

    I know Boston just lost the franchice player, but i think both teams are going to improve.

    Boston Just picked up Sturm who is a solid 1st line center, and Stuart who is becoming a great defenseman in the league. They just upgraded their defense incredibly.

    I actually think Boston will end up doing better of the two. Sharks have very Weak D now, and only have Cheechoo on the wing.

    Bruins are not in a bad position at all…

    Sturm, Murray, Bergeron, Zhamnov, Samsonov up front. Leetch, Gil, Stuart on D

  11. FoppaFlyers21 says:

    What an embarressing trade for the NHL. Next up, Sakic gets traded to Detroit for Yzerman, Shneider, and Draper. I mean wtf was Boston thinking.

    Although I’m going to enjoy watching San Jose games a lot more now.

  12. Neely4Life says:

    lol, u know, that wouldnt be a bad trade, but those two teams will never trade. Nice thought my man! lol

  13. Air33 says:

    “Toronto was also in the running for Thornton”

    haha maybe you should use your judgment before even posting something stupid like that.

  14. Air33 says:

    Haha Bruins beat Sens 3-0… maybe everyone misjudged the trade . Only time will tell.

  15. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah they just saved money over the terms of the contract not just this year. But why save that money? Who else is out there for you to sign? I thought most of the NHL was a free agent when the lockout ended…

  16. bruinfan_2 says:

    its not all about points dick wadd

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