Hull Furious about Wilson's Decisions

Brett Hull is extremely upset with Ron Wilson’s decisions about lineups, as learned from, Hull stormed out of the teams practice….Today, Brett Hull stormed out of Team USA’s practice 10 minutes earlier and left the arena in a hurry. Hull is very furious about beging scratched and the possibility of him being scratched next game. On the way out he was quoted saying “I don’t give a f*** about the fans anymore” and was in a bad mood while being asked about his situation by the media. In what seems to be Brett Hulls last international tournament, he has sat out a game and it seems like he will sit out some more. This is pretty upsetting as he is one of the greatest players to have played this game and a player with such a reputation i believe shouldnt be sitting out any games in which he represents his country. But on the other hand, too bad Brett didn’t play for the country that he was born in (he was born in Belleville, Ont., Canada), I’m sure he would have had a lot more fun with CANADA.

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