Hurricanes dealt blow

According to Eric Cole was badly injured in a hit by Orpik in last night’s game vs. Pittsburg

Early reports put Cole out for possibly 2 months or more. Early claims are it is a serious neck injury, possibly even a fracture.

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  1. wayne2 says:

    Yep,it would have been nice if they had dealt Havlat for Cole as rumored at the beginning of the season.Hard blow for the canes but they have depth.

  2. The-President says:

    grab a tissue

  3. OldGoalie says:

    Wellllll…I’m guessing that the reporter was actually aiming for “Laviolette called on the NHL to discipline Orpik, whom he characterized as a marginal defender…” etc. But I do agree, it should never have gotten through in that form.

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