Hurricanes looking at Devils captain Zach Parise

For the first time, the Hurricanes have identified a first-line caliber winger to play with Eric Staal as their top priority.One could argue a No. 1 defenseman is a more pressing need, but let’s not quibble. It’s taken them so long to acknowledge that Staal has been held back by sub-par linemates that one should never discount such progress.General manager Jim Rutherford has declared that owner Peter Karmanos is willing to spend the money, and a not-too-subtle whispering campaign has identified New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise as the No. 1 target.
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For good reason: He’ll be 28 at the beginning of next season, in the heart of his career, a no-question-about-it All-Star who will command top value if he hits the free-agent market – and the Devils, with financial and ownership issues, may let that happen.

The Hurricanes won’t be the only team going after Parise. Anyone with the money to spend will make a run, and that includes the Detroit Red Wings. Just because the Hurricanes have money to spend for once doesn’t automatically mean they’ll get the guy they want.

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