I feel this must be said.

This is about me posting Lucky13’s article (“U.S. vs. Canada…who cares?”): I feel I need to clear a few things up.

1) I didn’t post the links to the World Issues Page just to get more visitors. I posted it as part of a reminder that war talk is not allowed here, and that if you do want to talk about it, go there. I do not care if people do not visit it: I just want people to know that here you cannot talk about the war. For the record, I wasn’t the first person to do such an act (Mikster did a couple of weeks ago).

2) The article, as I came to understand it, talked mainly about how nationality and hockey should not have anything to do with each other. There was just one war reference (at the beginning) and was not the topic for debate.

3) Having said all this, I realized I might have said a few things in there and/or left things unedited that I should have edited that angered some of you. For that I apologize. I was disrespectful and I was wrong. Please do not hold anything I said against me as I am taking it all back.

So, in closing, I propose a new rule: that, until the war is over, concepts of nationality are not raised, because they are sticking points for quite a lot of you. These are highly emotional times for quite a few of you and we all have to be mindful of that. If you want to discuss about how Europeans are affecting the game or how Canadian fans show the most sympathy, for instance, please leave it until after the war is done. I want to ensure that we keep the discussions here at HockeyTradeRumors.com strictly about the game on the ice, the one we all love, hockey. We’ve become too fractured and I realized I contributed to that, but I still feel the kinks can be mended. We were united before…please, let’s do it again.


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  1. Freeze says:

    I think most folks at this site do focus on hockey. If people want to make political or ethnic slurs or just bash the hell out of France, I have no problem with that. I am not a believer in political correctness because it’s a form of censorship that is oppressive. Too many people have fought and lost their lives for freedom. To sit back and let you dictate what people can or can’t say is wrong.

    You should be thankful for the hits you get at your website. It pays your bills. Let’s not put a muzzle on our participants. As long as your membership and hits are up, why the hell should you care?

    Who’s complaining? The French?

  2. Lucky13 says:

    You guys don’t realize how refreshing it is to see 2 people that can take a comment with a grain of salt and somehow spin it off into a discussion of seafood, Rocky Horror and Full Metal Jacket quotes.

    I think I love you guys. (sniff)

  3. Lucky13 says:

    Somehow I knew you’d find a way to get your love for Hatcher in there. Keep up the sense of humor, brother. It is appreciated.

  4. defenestrate says:

    It’s those danged Ivory Coast people again…

  5. defenestrate says:

    No, Lucky – you’re not getting my Bud Light. (arcane commercial reference). You should have been around for the private discussion about starting a cannibal hockey league on the Ivory Coast.

    Hopefully everyone has caught on now, and we all have that out of our systems (until next time)..

  6. jesussdanner says:

    making fun of the french is the one thing the world has in common. world peace will start from making fun of the french.

  7. anionnat says:

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