I just have to get this off my chest!

Ok, so they haven’t played up to there potential for much of this season. Actually, it was about a 20 game stretch that has been the downfall. The other 22 they’ve actually played really good hockey, but there still 2 games under .500. At the same time, there 4 points(ONLY 4 points)out of 8th. Why is everyone in this city(at least on the call in shows)and on this website(non Oiler fans), so sure there done??? I would really like to know why fans are POSITIVE that the Kings are going to be fine without there 3 star players, but the Oilers who still can get 76 points this season(obviously won’t, but they’re there)are done, and will unload everyone every other team wants.They’ve won 2 out of there last 3. They SHOULD win there next 6, lose 1, then win the next 4 before the All star break. Now I know with the way this team has gone this season, you’ll say that it won’t happen, but for everyone that has watched this team since New Year’s, they’ll tell you if they keep it up, they’ll do it. So if it happens, even if they drop 3, that’ll at worst be a record of 11-3-0-0(of course there’ll be a couple of ties in there, hopefully off of the loss column). You think that MIGHT be good enough to get them back into it??? Also, if things keep up, my theory is that St.Louis may hit a slide here. You Blues fans will have to let me know what your opinion is, but I’m just thinking that your blueline will be weak without a trade, and Ozzy maybe comes back to earth. I’m thinking the Blues start slipping a little, Phoenix is off there hot streak a little now, and I’m thinking Nashville may cool down a bit(not anytime soon though!).

Your probably thinking that it’s a lot of if’s. It is. But the reality is that Edmonton over the past 3 years have gone into a huge slump at some point in the season. It’s done with now, so the wins are going to start comming, and if you look at there schedule from now until the middle of Febuary, it’s pretty easy! They only have one set of back to back’s, and 9 games at home. The powerplay started to look better tonight, the PK has got A LOT better, and the top 2 lines a starting to score, and Ulanov, yes Ulanov, has made a top 6 d-men(when chopper gets back)look pretty solid.

On to Tommy Salo. Tonight wasn’t too good, but before tonight he’s only allowed 3 goals in 3 games. He’s back to playing solid, confident hockey. He’s still not what he was 2 or 3 years ago, but he’s not losing us games like he was. Ty Conklin I’m still high on, but he has a bad tendency to let in one BAD goal a game. That’s just focus, and he’ll work on that. Once he does, and if Tommy gets it back, we’ll be able to shed some salary, AND get something good in return.

So I don’t know, but I’m THINKING that this is the Oilers big chance. Everyone in this city is wanting them to write off the season. Your 8 points out of 6th, if they can’t get 6th by the deadline, then I would THINK about dumping some more salary, but that’s only THINK. 6th has to be the spot the lower teams want in the West. You can’t tell me that the Oilers(playing near the top of there game)would get beat by the Sharks. I know that San Jose is playing good this year, but they have no big threats up front, and I believe that there d is big, but slow(Rathje, Davisson, McLaren). Nabakov doesn’t scare me too much either. I would also like to take this oppurtunity to let….you know who you are, know that Eric Brewer DOES NOT want “out of Edmonton”. For the those of you who read my articles, I think I’ve proved in the past that I do have reliable sources around this city, and plugs to the team, and I did check on that. I got laughed at. I would also like to know that why when guys make up stuff like that without any source at all, get there articles posted? While I’m at it, there is only one Oiler on the block right now, and it’s not a Smith/Smyth. You can guess who. I’m out until next week, PEACE!!!

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  1. The_Conductor says:

    On Tommy Salo. People have been riding him since he let that bad goal in when he was playing for Sweden. However over the last couple games he has played quite well. Yes they lost 1-0 against Washington but he played well.

    The powerplay other then last night against Flordia was 0-20. They are needing someone to help out. Oates got 2 points last night but really still hasn’t done anything. If the Oilers make the playoffs look to Oates to step up.

  2. CaptainSack35 says:

    Now Edmonton’s D-core is well above average, but c’mon, 11-3-0 in their next fourteen? If you said something like 8-5-1, that’s believable, but you’re logic is skewed… “They SHOULD win there next 6″… weak teams aren’t cakewalks for other weak teams, like the aforementioned Oilers. Edmonton can’t score. Oates has what, three points? York and a few others are doing it, that’s really it. Edmonton needs to just go out and try to reach .500, they don’t need to get to it by the end of the month, but a .500 record (which would be 82 points, but say with OT losses, is 85 points, just hypothetically). And that doesn’t even guarantee a playoff spot in the West. 92 was the eighth seed in last year’s West. So sorry to dash your hopes, but a stronger conference means 22 points in 14 games, like you think should happen, won’t happen. 17 or 18, could, 22 won’t.

    Of course teams want the sixth seed in the West, they’d be facing San Jose or whoever wins the Pacific (all the four other teams have a legitimate shot to do it), and that’s easily the West’s weakest division. Though San Jose is hardly a walk in the park; a healthy Nabokov and a solid Toskala is a quality tandem, they have as good a defense as the Oilers, and are getting timely scoring.

    But as I was saying, Edmonton has two choices now; look for draft positioning or make a tough run to a lower seed. My guess is they do have a winning record over the next fourteen, say 6-5-3 for a possibility, but they will sell off some pieces come the deadline, and a top defenseman (maybe both, though I’d only expect one of Smith or Brewer) and probably Laraque too, will be shopped.

  3. CaptainSack35 says:

    I apologize, Oates is up to five points… big whoop there.

  4. TC_4 says:

    Buddy, there not dumping Brewer, and if you knew anything about hockey you would know that the Oilers have more talent then all but 1 team there fighting it out with for the final 2 playoff spots(Dallas). Would you have said Calgary would have won as much as they have this year? No. So why aren’t the Oilers going to win 11 of 14? You don’t even know who there playing, your just running your mouth because you obviously want your teams to pick up there pieces. Go dream somewhere else, but don’t bring to this website as long as I’m around. Why are they going to rebuild when they’re the second youngest team in the league.

  5. CaptainSack35 says:

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Enough said.

    Calgary has gotten timely scoring and excellent goaltending and is well coached… three things the Oilers aren’t doing. Why do you think MacTavish’s job is on the line? Besides, since when does talent become the main reason you win? God, look at the Rangers. If talent wins, why haven’t they made the playoffs? It’s sticking to a game plan and execution… that’s why San Jose, Calgary, and Los Angeles are in right now, and Edmonton is out. It’s as simple as that.

    By the way, your Oilers are worth the least in the league (86 million according to The Hockey News), and if you think under the current NHL system they can afford Brewer, Smith, York, and Salo in the next few years, you’re in lala land.

    And, no, I never get tired of being right.

  6. GretzNYR99 says:

    Hmm… Lets look at this…

    San Jose… Patrick Marleau, Vinny Damphousse, Marco Sturm, Kyle McLaren, Scott Hannan, Evgeni Nabokov, Vesa Toskala…

    Columbus… league leading goal scorer Rick Nash, Andrew Cassels, Darryl Sydor, Marc Denis, David Vyborny…

    Vancouver… the big line, the Sedins and King line, Cooke, Linden, Jovo, Ohlund, Sopel, Cloutier and Hedberg in net.

    LA may be a vulnerable team due to injuries, but they’re not pushovers, let me tell you that much.

    St. Louis… shit, they’re another injury ravaged team, but they’re ALWAYS that way, and they win year after year. Weight, Demitra, Tkachuk, Pronger, MacInnis and Jackman when healthy, This team is great.

    Calgary has Jerome Iginla, Craig Conroy, Steve Reinprecht, and one of the best YOUNG defensive cores in the league… Rhett Warrener, Robyn Reghyr, Toni Lydman, Denis Gauthier… not to mention that Mikka Kiprusoff and Jamie McLennan have been brick walls in net. Oh yeah, and another thing that wins… Sutter hockey, enough said.

    Nashville may not be that talented, but you’d be surprised at what they could do any given night. David Legwand and Denis Arkhipov are future stars in the making. Not to mention Tomas Vokoun’s great play in net.

    Anaheim… Sergei Fedorov, Steve Rucchin, Sandis Ozolinsh, Keith Carney, Martin Gerber, Stanislav Chistov, Joffrey Lupul, Mike LeClerc (when healthy), there’s talent there, a lot more than Edmonton has.

    Phoenix… my boy Shane Doan, Ladislav Nagy, Daymond Langkow, Ossi Vaananen, Radoslav Suchy, Brian Boucher being BACKED UP by Sean Burke. Oh yeah, they have no talent alright.

    All of these western teams have more talent than Edmonton, and you wanna know anothing thing they have over Edmonton… BETTER GOALTENDING! DING DING! Goaltending wins, and unfortunately Ty Conklin and Tommy “The Headcase” Salo don’t even come close goaltending wise to the other teams’ goaltending tandems. Another thing, if you looked at the New York Rangers, talent doesn’t always win, kid. You’re one of those avid Ranger bashers too, you should stick to your guns, buddy.

    11 of 14 in a conference where the competition is SLIM TO NONE.

    Their next 14 are…











    St. Louis




    This isn’t 3 years ago where Atlanta, Columbus, Nashville and Tampa were cakewalks. Oh… and just beyond that, you wanna know what your next 14 are?








    St. Louis






    Good luck, your schedule isn’t that easy, and doesn’t get any more easy. So much for 11 of 14, with all of that talent right? Heh. I think YOU need to stop dreaming, kid.

  7. The_Conductor says:

    You know what I can agree with you with Vancouver, St. Louis… But give your head a shake.

    Edmonton can go head to head with the rest of those teams mentioned. As well you mention a couple times “when healthy”. Is Edmonton healthy? K well you know the answer so I was just checking.

    Dallas, Colorado and St. Louis… three that will win! But there is potential to be 11 of 14. BUT!!! They also have potential to be 0 of 14. Everyday is a new day, and every game is a new situation… so we can only predict what the future holds.

  8. CaptainSack35 says:

    At least you see it as an if, not a should. It’s not going to be easy.

  9. gr8haluschak says:

    First I must ask what you are smoking if you think the Blues are going to miss the playoffs over the Oilers, but I will reply to that later but you are right we have been lucky for the last month that the Oil have only been at the most 8 points out of 8th, and now only 4 – oh no we are not going to get in lets trade the team and get draftpicks, the problem is that you have FAT REPORTERS like Terry Jones writing BS trying to stir the public opinion pot in order to make himself look big, and not size wise either. THe other problem is you have morons that think scoring goals is the only judge of success “why did we waste money on Oates, Why is Isbister here, What is Ulanov doing here ?” how ’bout this how ’bout watching the game and seeing what guys are doing before you guys call the Team 1260 and voice your opinion as well realize that just because your plays or trades work out when you play NHL 2004 it doesn’t mean they will work in real life.

  10. TC_4 says:

    What’s the difference??? They SHOULD win those games, enough said, what are you bitching about?

  11. TC_4 says:

    Ha, I NEVER said the Blues are for sure going to miss, but I EXPECT them to take a pretty big slide here unless the trade for a d-man.

  12. gr8haluschak says:

    Hmm i don’t thisnk you are in any position to call or imply that anyone else is dumb. Lets see here we will start with that Cannots, excuse me when did anyone else besides their top line score regularly. I will not deny that their top line is better than the Oilers, actually it should be called the Naslund line because he is the ONLY reason that other two get points, but after that the Oilers 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines are better, the Oilers D as a team is better, and finally I will give the Cannots their due their goalie is better but not as good as the Cannot fans make him out to be. San Jose, the Blue Jacket and Preds have more talent than the Oilers those comments ALONE PROVE you know squat about hockey, remove Rick Nash and Marleau from that list you have three teams of NOBADY’S. Since when do you think Calgary has better D men than Edmonton’s what because Kiprossoff has stood on his head, Smith Staios Ulanov Bergeron Brewer Semenov and Cross vs Warrner Gauthier and Lydman Reghyr and Leopold oh yes MUCH BETTER and fine Calgary my have a Better PLAYER than the Oilers but when does one PLAYER win the cup. When talking about the ducks and ‘yotes how about leaving out all the nobody’s that you think are good Doan Nagy Fedorov Ozolinsh are the only ones that are doing anything, how about this stick to the team you know, which I have a very hard time figuring out before you make a weak attempt to rip into a team like the Oilers.

  13. TC_4 says:

    Holy FUCK, where do I start. First off, Vancouver isn’t a team they’re fighting with, neither is Phoenix. Second, Phoenix, you think Boucher is all of a sudden a superstar??? You think Suchy even belongs in the league??? Ask Philly fans what Boucher does, and you just embarrassed yourself saying that Suchy was talented! I’ll almost give you Anaheim, but they’re also behind Edmonton, and your basing they’re talent on one season. Everyone knows that Edmonton is better on paper then the Flames. St. Louis has 2 of your guys mentioned out for the year. LA is injured like you said, so your saying that this isn’t the time to play them??? Same with St.Louis! And finally, Columbus might as well be a push over, and we’re not fighting it out with them anyways. But getting back to what I meant, is that the Oilers SHOULD beat these teams. I NEVER once said, that’s it they’ll win 11 of 14 that’s it, it will happen, I guarentee it 100%. No. So I don’t know where you stand now, but it’s really a shame when your worried about the Oilers when your team has an 80 million dollar payroll and still can’t make the playoffs. By the way, speaking of talent, how’s Tom Poti and Anson Carter working out for you???

  14. gr8haluschak says:

    I beg to ask why, because they have been playing without Jackman and McInnis for almost the entire season. They are not going into a slide, oh no they have 3 wins in their last ten but they have points in 3 more of those games, who cares it is not the end of the world.

  15. TC_4 says:

    Messed up once there, we are fighting with Phoenix.

  16. TC_4 says:

    That’s why more less, is just because there begining to. I know your a hardcore Blues fan, but they did this last year, and in 01. Maybe they won’t, it’s just something that I think will happen, it might not though.

  17. CaptainSack35 says:

    No, they shouldn’t.

  18. GretzNYR99 says:

    “Vancouver isn’t a team they’re fighting with” – They’re not in the same division?

    “you think Boucher is all of a sudden a superstar???” – No but he’s seeing the puck like a beach ball as of right now, good luck beating them.

    “and you just embarrassed yourself saying that Suchy was talented!” – I never said he was that damn talented, nice assumption there, buddy. But he still is a key player. Oh, since you took note of that, why didn’t you mention Matt Cooke? I mentioned him and Trevor Linden with Vancouver, but, I got no response there. Yep, Suchy is a superstar… of course. If I mentioned Cooke, do you honestly think I was talking all about superstars? Nice job.

    “Everyone knows that Edmonton is better on paper then the Flames.” – Once again, stick to your guns. Since you later go onto bash the Rangers, and they haven’t came together in 6 season, this time being the closest they’ve ever came to making it, enough with the better on paper. Calgary is a far and away better team because their coaching is far and away better, as well as their goaltending.

    “SHOULD” – Exactly, they SHOULD beat those teams, meaning that you EXPECT them to do so. Nice job, way to contradict yourself.

    Still can’t make the playoffs, I didn’t know the season was only 43 games long.

    Poti’s got 7 goals, I’m not a fan of him, and never was. It’s ok, we’ll end up getting Jason Smith, and you’ll feel a big loss on the blueline then. 🙂

  19. TC_4 says:

    Ok, that’s your opinion, that’s fine. Maybe they won’t, hey, they haven’t played well this season. But also, that’s all your basing it on. If an Anaheim fan says that his team is about to go on a roll, then I’m not going to say he’s wrong because I don’t watch them every night. You can be a jackass, or you can just accept the fact that it’s just both our opinions and learn to have an open mind and respect people on this site. You do that, your cool in my books.

  20. GretzNYR99 says:

    I’m not “Ripping into Edmonton,” I happen to like them.

    Since when do better players win the cup? Since when did I say this. I’m gonna say something loud and clear right now. EDMONTON’S GOALTENDING IS HORRIBLE, THEIR COACHING IS AVERAGE. I like them, and they NEED TO UPGRADE, BIG TIME. Calgary is better because they have a better coach in Darryl Sutter (Sutter hockey wins when played right), and a better goaltending tandem in Mikka Kiprusoff and Jamie McLennan.

    Did I necessarily say that they had more? Nope, go back and look at the original post. You and this TC guy make these teams out to be cakewalks, very foolish. Just as foolish as Jim Dolan (the Rangers owner) telling Glen Sather to persue every big name possible thinking that what works for the Yankees will work for the Rangers.

    We’ll see where we stand. Your schedule is very tough in the next 28 games.

  21. GretzNYR99 says:

    You should stick to your guns, and back up your words. You came off bashing him for being realistic and taking your 11 in the next 14 and squashing it. You got proven wrong, face it. I don’t think he, or anyone else on this damn site or earth cares about being “Cool in your books.” YOU were the jackass here, not him.

  22. GretzNYR99 says:

    They do this every year, like I said.

  23. TC_4 says:

    What??? You guys were calling me this and that because I had an opinion. Is “stick to your guns” all you ever say? I’m trying to “backup my words” but when you start being a bastard and not respecting anybody on here, ie you NYR, then I got a problem.

  24. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, you guys hosed us on that York for Poti deal hey!?!? How about the Dvorak and Cross for Carter, how’s that working? Smith won’t go there, and if he does, he won’t work out, just like the rest of your team. Here’s my problem with you, and we’ve usually got along in the past, so I don’t understand why you just don’t say I don’t think it will happen and respect my opinion? I don’t think I’m wrong and neither do you. Your the one who’s gone back on everything he’s said. Will you agree that the Oilers have had there worst stretch of the season and are due for a winning streak? Would you agree that Nashville and Phoenix are maybe due for a cold streak? Vancouver put 4 past Boucher last night, so we don’t need luck to beat him. I in no way have contradicted myself, I have high expectations for this team, and if they don’t go on a big roll within the next 14 games, then they should think about unloading some guys because they will be out of it. Finally, Vancouver is in the same divison, do you know what the score was the last time them two got together? 6-2 Edmonton. But the nucks are too far out in front of us, so we’re not fighting with them. So does that explain everything to you? I’m not trying to fight you or sack, but I’m going to defend my opinions when you guys come on here and try and cut me down, espically when I’ve proved my knowledge on this site time after time. The last time I said something like this I was right. The article was titled “I sense a roll….” and after that they won 5 in a row. I watch this team, I know how this team is, and it’s my OPINION, and that’s the end of it.

  25. TC_4 says:

    Why are you just running your mouth everywhere???

  26. rojoke says:

    It’s one thing to play through the absence of key players during the seaosn, because you expect them to be there again. But there’s been no word on MacInnis, which in this case is not good news. And Jackman is out for the season because of his shoulder. Now’s the time to plug those holes, before the water gets too deep.

  27. AfroCon says:

    This is like the Jerry Springer show… Cat fight!

  28. GretzNYR99 says:

    Suck it up and deal with it, you phallus-licking pansy.

  29. GretzNYR99 says:

    Listen, I was never trying to cut you down until you started your bullshit.

    I was saying that 11 of 14 in a conference where the competition is stiff, and in the next 28, the majority of the teams you’re facing are teams right in the thick of things, who have just as much urgency as the Oilers to reach the playoffs. I’m not against the Oilers, I happen to like them, but I just do not think it’s possible for them to do that. Hell, I’d say the same thing about the Rangers. Maybe I’m too realistic, maybe pessimistic, I don’t know. But I just do not see them making the playoffs. And that’s MY OPINION, and that’s the end of it. You cut me and Sack down for our opinions. Learn to accept other people’s opinions and stick to your guns.

    As for the deals, I don’t give a shit, I can’t make em. If I was the Rangers gm, you wouldn’t have York, Dvorak, or Cross right now. Poti’s been ok, was good last year offensively, and is decent this year offensively, but needs to learn what defense is. Carter I was never a fan of, he could never play in the east.

  30. GretzNYR99 says:

    No, that’s YOU who started with the petty name crap. Not us.

  31. GretzNYR99 says:

    “Buddy, there not dumping Brewer, and if you knew anything about hockey you would know that the Oilers have more talent then all but 1 team there fighting it out with for the final 2 playoff spots(Dallas). ” – The first attack, right there.

    I’ve got no problem with your opinions but… “and if you knew anything about hockey…” You had to put that there, didn’t you? But then, in another reply to the article, you take the defensive and say that it’s us that started? I don’t think so. Not happening.

    I’ve been saying stick to your guns for a reason, and that’s it right there.

  32. TC_4 says:

    It’s cool, whatever, for the record though, you came out and trashed me first. But I don’t have a problem with it, I probably took it the wrong way.

  33. TC_4 says:

    Well, you just lost all of my respect and now you can forget anything good I’ve ever said to you.

  34. TC_4 says:

    What? Stick my cock in your mom’s ass??? Already done buddy. Why don’t you stop talking about sucking of Poti??? Why are you always saying that?

  35. TC_4 says:

    TC_4, quit contradicking my mom, she’s has other clients.

  36. TC_4 says:

    TC_4, stick your dick up my ass please, I’m a homo, I’m a homo, I’m a homo.

  37. CaptainSack35 says:

    You did attack my opinion first, which was how it started. I have nothing wrong with differing opinions, that’s the fun of discussion here, and I enjoy nothing more than successful Canadian franchises… I guess being a Rangers fan keeps me realistic. That’s all it is… and by the way, the cock reference above to Gretz, VERY tasteless. Don’t accuse us of starting when you started these bonehead insults and began to take everything personal above. You trashed me first, accept it, end of story.

  38. CaptainSack35 says:

    I’ll take “Immaturity on the Internet” for 400, Alex.

  39. GretzNYR99 says:

    Is that what you dream of me saying, kid?

    This is what I’m talking about. You go onto say, “WHY ARE YOU JUST RUNNING YOUR MOUTH?” Then when it becomes too overwhelming for you, you’ll jump on the defensive.

    You need to shut the fuck up, resorting to this crap. Let me start up shit with people by running my mouth, then take the defensive, run my mouth again, and then take the defensive again when I’m finally done. People like you need to leave this site.

  40. TC_4 says:

    Yeah that’s right Fagzky, you keep tellin yourself that, it’s all me, you didn’t contribute at all, except kick it all off. And no I will not do you in the ass, you could do a girl if you had a dick, were good looking, had a dick, didn’t have acne all over your face, had a dick, and weren’t fat as hell!

  41. TC_4 says:

    No, it’s not the “end of story”. You guys wanna start personally attacking me, now your both getting it. So what’s your problem??? Fuck I have had it with people doing this shit on this site, so I’m fighting fire with fire. It’s not my fault you guys fuck each other.

  42. TC_4 says:

    Fagzky just said something about you guys slept together for 4 years? Something about the word “sack” in your name…..it all makes sense now!!!

  43. The_Conductor says:

    You see this is why you dont write articles… cause everyone has got to bitch and they all got to whip out there dicks and compare. Well everyone has good points…

    This isn’t who has the better comback, its who is more creative in the insult. You people yes you… and you make me laugh… as for you and the other guy… you make me cry. And finally you and the guy behind you make me wanna puke.

    And thats all from me today… I’m George Layton

  44. Leaf_Expert_hater says:

    Are you related to Leaf Expert?

  45. Leaf_Expert_hater says:

    Well played, Cap’n

  46. Leaf_Expert_hater says:

    Hey gr8, don’t let TC get to you. He is a RENOWNED Blues hater (at least since we stole Douggie Weight) and always has snide remarks about how they will “choke” and they “suck”. The Blues are what they are. They WILL finish in the top 5 in the West, trades or no. Also, they will not make it out of the 2nd round of the playoffs. Being a Blues fan, it hurts a little less every year, but it still hurts. Now, that said, you add a key Dman, another scoring winger with actual talent (not like that waste of space Heerema) then we can talk deeper in the playoffs. Had MacInnis and Jackman remained healthy and you could be saying it right now. Also, the Blues are famous for their midseason swoon. This is comprised of a stretch before the All Star break when they can’t get it rolling for 15 or so games. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Point is, you don’t have to worry, they will get it together soon and finish close to Detroit, and, at least, in the top 5 in the Conference.

    TC, I am not trying to trash you and you opinion. Fact is, you just have it in for Larry Pleau and the Blues because they took the Oilers to the cleaners on the Douggie Weight deal. Actually, now that I think about it, you probably also have it in for them because they have a payroll in the top 5 and don’t win the Cup. Thereby driving salaries up and forcing guys like Weight to jump the Oilers ship. Either way, I know you flat out just don’t like them. It’s fine….. we all have teams we hate. I for one hate the Maple Leafs because they are annual chokers. They have often had the better team and failed to make it to the cup final. Must be all those damned dirty European players…….

    I also hate the Mighty Ducks because their team name is an utter disgrace to the sport of hockey. The Rangers are the biggest joke on ice, and the more money they spend, the more they suck.

    See, it’s okay to hate teams, just admit you have it in for the Blues. You’ll feel better, I promise…..

  47. TC_4 says:

    Ha, Leaf Expert, your right and wrong. I don’t really hate St.Louis. I DO hate Larry Pleau, but that’s because I think he’s a bad GM and has made a ton of dumb moves in his day. The Doug Weight deal wasn’t one of them, but Kevin Lowe is making it work. Reasoner has been polished into an excellent 3rd line guy, Stoll shows a lot of promise and is big, could be a second line centre in a few years. Finally, Deslauriers is a potential franchise goaltender as well. But I really don’t hate the Blues, except for Tkachuck and Danton. I just think they’ll continue the slide there on because I believe the d is now very thin, and Ozzy may come back. Then again, he may not. But I don’t want to be painted with that brush that I HATE this team, because I really don’t. I hate the Ducks as well. Did you see the Oilers play them tonight??? The Ducks play garbage hockey, plain and simple.

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