I just have to get this off my chest!

Ok, so they haven’t played up to there potential for much of this season. Actually, it was about a 20 game stretch that has been the downfall. The other 22 they’ve actually played really good hockey, but there still 2 games under .500. At the same time, there 4 points(ONLY 4 points)out of 8th. Why is everyone in this city(at least on the call in shows)and on this website(non Oiler fans), so sure there done??? I would really like to know why fans are POSITIVE that the Kings are going to be fine without there 3 star players, but the Oilers who still can get 76 points this season(obviously won’t, but they’re there)are done, and will unload everyone every other team wants.They’ve won 2 out of there last 3. They SHOULD win there next 6, lose 1, then win the next 4 before the All star break. Now I know with the way this team has gone this season, you’ll say that it won’t happen, but for everyone that has watched this team since New Year’s, they’ll tell you if they keep it up, they’ll do it. So if it happens, even if they drop 3, that’ll at worst be a record of 11-3-0-0(of course there’ll be a couple of ties in there, hopefully off of the loss column). You think that MIGHT be good enough to get them back into it??? Also, if things keep up, my theory is that St.Louis may hit a slide here. You Blues fans will have to let me know what your opinion is, but I’m just thinking that your blueline will be weak without a trade, and Ozzy maybe comes back to earth. I’m thinking the Blues start slipping a little, Phoenix is off there hot streak a little now, and I’m thinking Nashville may cool down a bit(not anytime soon though!).

Your probably thinking that it’s a lot of if’s. It is. But the reality is that Edmonton over the past 3 years have gone into a huge slump at some point in the season. It’s done with now, so the wins are going to start comming, and if you look at there schedule from now until the middle of Febuary, it’s pretty easy! They only have one set of back to back’s, and 9 games at home. The powerplay started to look better tonight, the PK has got A LOT better, and the top 2 lines a starting to score, and Ulanov, yes Ulanov, has made a top 6 d-men(when chopper gets back)look pretty solid.

On to Tommy Salo. Tonight wasn’t too good, but before tonight he’s only allowed 3 goals in 3 games. He’s back to playing solid, confident hockey. He’s still not what he was 2 or 3 years ago, but he’s not losing us games like he was. Ty Conklin I’m still high on, but he has a bad tendency to let in one BAD goal a game. That’s just focus, and he’ll work on that. Once he does, and if Tommy gets it back, we’ll be able to shed some salary, AND get something good in return.

So I don’t know, but I’m THINKING that this is the Oilers big chance. Everyone in this city is wanting them to write off the season. Your 8 points out of 6th, if they can’t get 6th by the deadline, then I would THINK about dumping some more salary, but that’s only THINK. 6th has to be the spot the lower teams want in the West. You can’t tell me that the Oilers(playing near the top of there game)would get beat by the Sharks. I know that San Jose is playing good this year, but they have no big threats up front, and I believe that there d is big, but slow(Rathje, Davisson, McLaren). Nabakov doesn’t scare me too much either. I would also like to take this oppurtunity to let….you know who you are, know that Eric Brewer DOES NOT want “out of Edmonton”. For the those of you who read my articles, I think I’ve proved in the past that I do have reliable sources around this city, and plugs to the team, and I did check on that. I got laughed at. I would also like to know that why when guys make up stuff like that without any source at all, get there articles posted? While I’m at it, there is only one Oiler on the block right now, and it’s not a Smith/Smyth. You can guess who. I’m out until next week, PEACE!!!