I Know We're Getting Sick Of It…But We Have To Know Whats Goin On


The San Jose Sharks are clearing the deck and rugged LWinger Scott Thornton appears to be the next to go….A bidding war is beginning to escalate around the London, Ontario native who is finishing up his third season in San Jose.

The Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators and New Jersey Devils are said to be in the hunt. However, sources say Thornton could also be the centre piece of a trade to Philadelphia that may include injured forward Justin Williams(but highly unlikely due to their recent acquisition of Lapointe).

Thornton’s is earning $1,425,000 this season

Last year Thornton had 26goals, 16assists for 42points, and 116 penalty minutes….

Experts Note: I’m betting Damphousse(5.7mill) will be the next to be fished out….


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  1. TRADESALO says:

    The leafs are trying to get this guy so they can put together a package to pry Ninnimaa out of Edmonton. Thorton would be the guy to replace Tucker

  2. Leaf_Expert says:

    Definetly one of Thornton, Selanne or damphousse will end up in a Jersey uniform….

  3. mikster says:

    Thornton is a good solid LW’er, i like him…but he is injury prone. I wouldn’t miund him on the Rangers myself since they need a LW’er.

  4. titans says:

    Williams for Thorton?? No way dude! If that were to happen I’d NEVER watch another Flyers game again!

  5. WeStSiDe says:

    Thornton isnt that great, I think maybe Ottawa would want him but otherwise I dont see anyone else giving much for him..

  6. jacosta says:

    I don’t get this one. If you offer Tucker and say Berg to Edmonton for Niinimaa, then what do you offer San Jose for Thornton that can’t be beat by Philly or Jersey?

    It would have to be a solid draft pick or possibly Reichel? but I can’t see San Jose biting for that.

  7. Pock says:

    Thorton is the perfect fit to play w/ Elias and Gomez.

  8. amazing_jesse says:

    no one wants Reichel. He is more valuable to the Leafs that to try to trade him.

  9. needtoknow says:

    what about selanne could he be on the move? Some say detroit is very interested but don’t see why, since they already have more than their fair share a talented forwards, unless maybe they use him in a three way deal to get solid defense, like Poti out of NYR, who could use the scoring touch.

  10. OutsideFriendlyWaters says:

    Should someone land Throton they will definately be the better team for it, he was underatted and used incorrectly when he was in dallas and started to show his talents in SJ. If the right team gets their hands on him it would be a steal (given what Sharks players are going for these days).

    But… I don’t think that he on his way out at the moment, unlike Nolan with his large salary and “lower production” and Marchment’s contract being up Throton isn’t in a possition where Lombardi needs to move him quickly.

    My bet for the next move is Damphousse and to a stlightly lesser extent Selanne. Both of them have their player options this summer and could potentially walk away without netting something in return.

    Along with Thorton, the other vets I see staying in SJ (at least untill the summer) are Graves and Ricci. But I guess we’ll see how that all works out by Tuesday.


  11. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    Edmonton isn’t run by dipshits. They would laugh at that offer.

    Janne Niinimaa is a top-2 defenseman. It would take a couple of high picks, a prospect, and a proven, decent player(not a little pussy like Tucker).

  12. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    I think Detroit is interested in Selanne as a replacement for Robitaille. Considering Robitaille had 30 goals last year and only 8 this year, Selanne would be put in his spot- left wing on the 2nd line, without being expected to play much defense.

  13. needtoknow says:

    I can’t see Ken Holland dealing with Robitaille now, with the wings on the scoring roll they’re on. That deal would be seriously avoiding their major issue and go against everything the team has been publically saying. Besides who would they give up, the great young talent they are all but lucky to have? The wings need a serious addition on defense to repeat, not a big name scorer, that improves Holland’s status in the G.M. world.

  14. Genius says:

    He said in a package deal

  15. Tradedude says:

    I think selanne will waive his no-trade clause for a few reasons:

    1. His team (sharks) are playing like crap this season.

    2.took a massive paycut around 3 million.

    3. Stats aren’t up and wants 2 play for a contender,

  16. habsoverserver says:

    Sharks do not save much by keeping him. The deal would have to be great to pry him loose. I imagine there are better deals available.

  17. jon95616 says:

    Ottawa needs Thornton more than any other team at this point. He can go to war against Toronto and the rest of the East, and chip in some goals as well.

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