I Smell A Big Fat Payday

Associated Press reports:

Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis grabbed a fan by the neck and threw him to the ground after being taunted throughout the game during the team’s home loss to Philadelphia on Sunday.
Jason Hammer (great name!) is a 20-year-old Washington resident and season ticket holder. He sits directly across from Leonsis’ luxury box. He led a derisive chant (content was unspecified) towards the owner, and held up a sign that read: “Caps Hockey; AOL Stock – See A Pattern?”. Leonsis is the Vice-Chairman of America Online.

After the game, Hammer states he was walking past Leonsis with the sign held above his head when the owner approached him and attempted to strangle him. Allegedly, security guards were needed to restrain Leonsis.

Team sources allege that Hammer thrust the sign into Leonsis’ face and taunted him, and the owner merely shoved him aside.

An independent witness relates that Leonsis grabbed Hammer by the collar, drove him backwards, and pushed him down.

Hammer states that Leonsis called him to apologize, and says he does not intend to press charges.

Yeah, right. “Personal injury” lawyers everywhere are creaming in their shorts just thinking about this one.

Now that we know how easy it is to rattle this guy’s cage, I suggest a road trip to a Caps home game. I propose we form “Team Insult”, comprised of the most erudite and sarcastic SOB’s here on HTR.

We get Teddy Ruxpin to snap and just so much as touch one of us. Then, we re-create the scene in “Detroit Rock City”, and all beat the crap out of each other outside. Then we hit the publicity trail, displaying our injuries.

Who’s up for it?


Btw, off-topic but thoroughly disgusting and disheartening: The original drummer for Judas Priest (Dave Holland) has been arrested and jailed in England for having sexual relations with a teenage boy he was giving “drum lessons” to. Guess he “snared” him and showed him what a “paradiddle” was all about. (Rimshot)!

“Dave’s a killer!” “Dave’s a mess!”