I turn in my Leaf fan club badge!

The Maple Leafs are done, and someone needs to fire JFJ and Pat Quinn, don’t change many of the players, but management needs to clean house.Pat Quinn has never been a good coach, he’s won Jack Adams and yet he’ll never win a cup. He doesn’t play the stars enough, no wonder no Leaf has scored more then 41 goals and 81 points (Sundin 2002) since he took over as head coach, with the ice time the stars get, and the ice time Wade Belak gets, how do you expect that to happen.

Second of all, Gary Roberts and Joe Nieuwendyk packed their bags to Florida… you know… I was pretty pissed about JFJ letting go of Thomas, Martchment, and Gilmour, but when he let go of these guys it really pissed me off. These guys are true natural born winners, and they spend the money they would’ve cost on dressing room cancer Jason Allison. Allison needs to go.

And then the latest rumors have John Ferguson trading Mats Sundin for Pavel Datsyuk. I really don’t care how good Datsyuk is, we’re not going to win the cup any time soon any ways, just let Sundin run out his contract, don’t dump him on a team that would be an arch rival if it weren’t for a bad decision on conferences.

And there is a lack of respect to Nolan, Mogilny, Sundin, Belfour, Roberts, Nieuwendyk, Gilmour, Thomas, and Martchment, but heaven forbid we let go of Antropov, Berg, Khavanov, Czerkawski, or Belak.

Why are the Leafs loyal to losers like those guys who have never done anything with their careers, but get rid of all their best players.

And it’s been going on for years, Clark, Gilmour, Andreychuck, Sittler, McDonald, Vaive, and now Roberts, Mogilny, Nieuwendyk, Nolan, Martchment, Thomas, Gilmour again, and possibley Sundin and Belfour.

There are certain guys who are winners. Roberts, Nieuwendyk, they’re winners…Antropov, Khavanov, will never win anything in their careers.

Other teams make important changes when they suck, but the Leafs have had the same core of losers for years. Trading Sundin is still wrong though. Seeing the Bruins right now is proof.

The Leafs should fire Quinn and Ferguson, hire Brent Sutter in Quinn’s place, and Phil Esposito or Lombardi or someone.

Then get rid of Antropov. Maybe…

To Washington:

-Nik Antropov

-Staffan Kronwall

To Toronto:

-Brendan Witt

The caps are rebuilding, Witt wants out, they could use a kid like Kronwall.

To Nashville:

-8th Round Pick

To Toronto:

-Aki Berg

The rumor actually is a second, but that’s crazy, and unrealistic.

To Calgary:

-Jason Allison

-3rd Round Pick

To Toronto:

-Jordan Leopold

I know Leopold seems like a bit much, but Allison could really help the Flames, all Iginla needs is a centreman, Leopold has alot of potential, but maybe the Leafs can throw something in or something.

To Los Angeles:

-Ed Belfour

-Mariusz Czkerawski

-Ken Klee

To Los Angeles:

-Jeremy Roenick

-Luc Robitaille

I’ve heard crazier rumors to get rid of Belfour, but I like this one, Roenick is a character guy, the Kings are desperate for a goalie, they are losing grasp of playoff hopes, barely ahead of Anaheim, and Edmonton, both with a few games in hand. Roenick has been slow and paid a little more then Belfour. Robitailles old, but can still be valuable on the third or fourth line.

To Buffalo:

-Andy Wozniewsky

-2nd Round Pick

To Toronto

-Miika Noronen

This is not a trade for a starter, this is to get a backup, Telly is ready, he’s played very well this year, and is already better then Belfour. Granted Belfour has been terrible.

To St Louis

-Alex Khavanov

-Colin White

-Brendan Bell

To Toronto:

-Dallas Drake

A good gritty forward for some good prospects who’ll never get a chance in Toronto… Khavanov is thrown in for the sake of getting rid of Khavanov.

And things end up like…











Our kids are better then our regulars, and right now, the deals seem unrealistic, ok, most of these fantasy trades are, but I’d take this team far ahead of our old one.


9 Responses to I turn in my Leaf fan club badge!

  1. lukeleim says:

    Ian White…

    only the first 3 trades i’d consider making… dallas drake isn’t worth two prospects; miika Noronen isn’t even worth a 2nd rounder let alone andy wozniewski and a second round pick.

    why would we want lucky luc. he hasnt been too lucky as of late.

  2. PaulK123 says:

    wat kind of a *****-head would trade for Roenick and Robataille? Man you must’ve been high when

    you wrote this!

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Roencik and Robitaille are two of my favorite players, I figure, if we can’t win, at least get likable players, that was the Blue Jays slogan the last 12 years, now it’s “if we cant win, we’ll look like we’re trying.” Jays suck!

    Go Yankees Go!

    And I made the deals kinda a rip off in the other teams favor cuz every other time I post something like this people say the other teams wouldn’t do those deals.

  4. koolcory77 says:



  5. skidragoon says:

    you arent a real fan i guess, better make a new account

  6. Aetherial says:

    Leafy, you have hit a new all time personal low with this post.

    It is awful, top to bottom.

  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    This team has been through some dark days, but this has got to be the worst it’s been since Harold Ballard.

  8. goose says:

    bad trades from top to bottom let me tell u …

    here are some of my ideas:

    to pittsbvurgh: Klee and Khavanov


    to toronto: jackman and malone

    to chicago: antropov and a draft pick


    to toronto: arnason

    to phoenix: allison and belak


    to toronto: cujo and a draft pick

    to calgary: berg and a draft pick


    to toronto: leopold

    to minnesota: Sundin


    to toronto: gaborik and kuba

    free agent:


    possible lines:





    extra: wilm,battaglia,and pohl






    voila, there now better lines and there way better than yours sucker????????????

  9. 92-93 says:


    just, … no no no.

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