I Wish I Didn't Watch That Train Wreck

This afternoon the Rangers and Flyers game was an absolute train wreck in more ways than one.

I came home at 5PM today, after spending the day studying for an upcoming test, to watch the Rangers, which I had recorded, continue their drive for the playoffs. Well, today there was no drive. The Rangers were more or less just going through the motions, they were back on “track” so to speak, playing like they did for most of the season.
Let’s go through the game…

Starts with a decent flow and then comes a penalty on the Flyers, Rangers power play. Alright, this power play is 11 for their last 30, sensational. I figured it would at least give the Rangers some momentum, but it did not really. This power play was followed up with another power play, this one a double-minor. Surely the Rangers could pull something off now, right? Wrong! They didn’t muster up much of anything. After this power play the Rangers got another one. By this point I already knew that they were going to lose the game. Why did I keep watching? I was hoping I was wrong, unfortunately this was not the case. In retrospect I really wish I wasn’t watching because the rest was utter disaster.

Now a moment on the Flyers: Ben Eager and Todd Fedoryuk have no class. They are pieces of sh*t. Their behavior was reminiscent of the Bertuzzi incident, it was obvious they were attempting to injure someone. The refs should have thrown them out of the game. I hope the league reviews this game and suspends these two players. These two players put on the most classless display I have seen in a while.

Aside from that the Flyers played a fairly good game, but it was more of the Rangers helping them out. Here’s a description: it wasn’t “my fist in your face” on the Flyers part, it was “your fist in my face” on the Rangers part, if you get my drift. And credit Nittymaki with a good performance.

So it was the Rangers with 13 shots on goal and and the Flyers with 2, and the score was 1-0, Flyers. Well the Rangers tied it up later in the first and that was the last point that I entertained the thought that I was wrong in my prediction.

Fast forward second period, Lundqvist injured on a shot by Sanderson to the shoulder. He finished the second and was out for the third. Enter Valiquette, who hasn’t played a game in the NHL in a long time, this was for sure game over. Next it was Jagr, hit hard by the piece of trash Eager. Jagr was shaken up but appeared alright. Then it was Jagr being hit again this time Hatcher. Jagr shook up even more this time. Luckily, however, Jagr was uninjured. Then it was Marek Malik, taken out with an upper body injury, he would leave the game for good. Next was perhaps the most horrific thing I have seen since the Carlos Beltran, Mike Cameron collision of a few summers ago. Here was the real train wreck.

Brendan Shanahan and Mike Knuble collided just inside of the Rangers zone. Knuble was up a few seconds after the collision, but Shanahan remained motionless. I actually thought for a second that Shanahan might be dead. But then the camera zoomed in on his face revealing sign of life. Still, however, there was no motion. Now I believed Shanahan was paralyzed–he had not moved at all for a good amount of time. Of course over this period the training staff and doctors were on the ice attending him. After the emergence of EMT, a neck brace, and a stretcher Shanahan was removed from the ice.

As far as I am concerned this was the end of the game. End of the season for the Rangers? Maybe. End of Shanahan’s career? I have seen that he is moving and conscious, according to reports, however, I fear that there may be long term effects.

The game was a train wreck and there was a train wreck on the ice. I really wish I didn’t watch this. Best wishes to Brendan Shanahan.

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  1. FlyerzFan12 says:

    Haha.  I do agree that we still have no idea how to build our team in the new NHL and this offseasons acquisitions and trades will definitely have to make a statement but with Holmgren at the helm, god help us.  Yes, we have definitely been throwing our weight around, but no it hasn't really been cheap.  Hatcher's hip check on Jagr definitely looked like interference, no intent to injure, but probably should have been called for interference.  But what I take from this game and the Red Wings game on Monday, is that the Flyers know they have nothing to lose so they are going to try their real style of hockey in the new NHL and not worry about it, thus the 6 power plays for the Rangers in the 1st period.  They are trying to make the other team's stars like Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Jagr, think twice when they have the puck in their skates and looking down, because they know if they don't, they'll continue to do what they do for the other 99% of the game which is skate around guys like Hatcher in circles for fun and laugh at them pretty much.  I have no problem with my team being aggressive and trying to make players think twice when they have their head down, as long as it's league, but the moment they become dirty, which I haven't seen yet, I will not be defending them.

  2. ST3V3ISG0D says:

    Right.  Nothing 'wrong' with how the Flyers are playing, they do have nothing to lose, I hope Detroit decides to toughen up a bit, not for these games, but to adapt to postseason play, b/c they will see more of that style b/c a team has to find a way to stop Wings skill.  All it will take is one guy to make the other teams think about running a guy, vice versa of what your point is, our guys thinking twice about skating through the middle.  It's all relative.  As much as i like the 5+ goals per game the Wings score, and can't be totally dissapointed with this new league since my team seems to still find multiple ways of producing goals, if a Probert or Kocur was also on that roster, no one would think of touching Zetts as he weaves he way past them….i do miss those days too.

  3. wheresthesoda says:

    i think colton orr would have been useless, yea he wouldve gotton in a fight, but also only play 4 minutes, who would u sit out?…prucha….why him he's good, he scored yesterday, and taking out hollweg wouldve been a joke. thats why colton doesnt play bc there isnt a roster spot for him

  4. ranger_fan says:

    How about instead of Betts. There is useless. With Dupuis on PK, Betts should be moved. If NY had some toughness on the team idiots like Fedoruk wouldnt try that shit he pulled.

  5. wheresthesoda says:

    Avery was throwing his weight around????…..and fedoruk and eager were just looking for avery, yea so since u look for someone u just hit everybody on the ice, and those dumbasses elbow jagr in the face extremely late, skate down the ice knock over prucha and then throw another check to roszival…..the flyers dont even deserve to play any games for the rest of the season, they should just have to forfeit all there games

  6. wheresthesoda says:

    whats ur MMA record

  7. nonhl2005 says:

    Neither saw it coming, if anything Shanny saw Mike at the last second just before they met, head to head. It was very nasty but not the worst to happen.

    Although this thread is making me happy to see the rivalry between the NY and Philly fans is not dead. Look at all the comment about a game between 2 teams not going to the playoffs.

    Some fun eh'

  8. FlyerzFan12 says:

    Me too.  I love the physical play of the NHL more than anything in it.  There's nothing i love more than a defensive struggle with teams throwing their weight around.  I know the NHL wanted to attract more fans by upping the goal scoring, but there is nothing like the physical play of guys like Probert like you said.

  9. nyrhockey094 says:

    To call shannahan a ***** after that hit just shows the classlesness of flyer fans. Its one game, we raped you guys the other what 4 wins we have? Enjoy winning one game against us because its the last one you are going to get.

  10. Mephist0 says:

    Are you sure you watched the same game? Ward fought Picard not pitkanen.  Ward got in the scrum to pull picard off of Avery and then they went at it.  He did not try to fight pitkanen.

  11. Mephist0 says:

    I grew up watching the Ragners and except for 2 years they have done nothing but disapointment.  I am not signing their praises in anyway, just pointing out facts.

  12. beckfan05 says:

    That Jagr penalty shouldnt have been called. He touched the guy with his stick. No hooking motion. Bad call by the officials but thats no surprise

  13. beckfan05 says:

    Hollweg and Avery arent goons like Fedoruk and Eager. There is a big difference there.

  14. Mephist0 says:

    While I admire that youwould shy away from a beating that is not my point.  My point is if someone hit you on the ice, you get their number and take them out.  The Fylers have tons of big fast guys that could have leveled Avery like Picard tried to do. 

    Why should he fight someone for throwing hits?  There are tons of great hiiters in hockey that do not fight.  WHen I play if some one gets me, I ill wait all game if I have to to get them back. 1 beause a nasty hit looks great to people watching and 2 if you fight in my league you get a 1 game suspension.

    My point was also that fighting on the ice should not be a bully beating the sh!t out of someone.  It should be 2 guys around the same size doing their job.

  15. Mephist0 says:

    THough I play hockey and training MMA, you don't need to; to understand the concept of weight classes.  No one can be expected to fight someone outhside their weight class just because they are a fighter.

    THat is my point.  If you did play hockey the way you said you would, you would last 3 ames as every big guy would destroy you everytime you did somethign they do not like.

  16. Mephist0 says:

    Though I play hockey and training MMA, you don't need to; to understand the concept of weight classes.  No one can be expected to fight someone outside their weight class just because they are a fighter.

    That is my point.  If you did play hockey the way you said you would, you would last 3 games as every big guy would destroy you every time you did something they do not like.

  17. Mephist0 says:

    You have got to be kidding me.  First, that would never happen because the Rangers never go after top players (when sometimes they should), second, when Orr hit AO and was suspended the whole team and this board called him an a$$hole for doing it.

    How many people rode the short bus to this message board?  Did you guys run out of paste to eat so they gave you this url and a keyboard to pound on?

  18. Mephist0 says:

    Do I need to put this on You Tube to refresh your memory.  Ward kicked his ass and was not bloody. 

    If anyone is a ***** it is Picard for fighting with a giant visor on and turtling his head behind it and throwing blindly because he was scared to get hit.

  19. Mephist0 says:

    What the NHL need to realize is highlights are fights and goals.  This is not soccer and it is turning into it with all the diving and whining. Though I know it will not go back to the way it was, I wish more people would grow a pair.

    I think The Ducks do this best, they have speed and grit this year.

  20. nj814 says:

    Yeah but they are both very dirty players. face is Renney was embarassed that he got beat by the worst team in hockey so he sent out some guys to do a little dirty work.

  21. flyer_fly says:

    your comment included alot of "he could" or "he would win the fight" yet last night i didnt see many of the Rangers goons stepping up to drop the mits??? confusing
    alsoo what I gather from your comment is…losing went exactly to the Rangers plan????? confusing
    you must not know much about hockey if you think that the 1st overall pick will be like a 20th, have you seen Karl Alzner at all???? confusing

  22. flyer_fly says:

    Avery seems to be able to talk the talk but not walk the walk, size dosnt matter when you've got a mouth that runs all day…..

    and the only was your MMA comment makes sence is if I called you on and asked you to fight

  23. flyer_fly says:

    Avery seems to be able to talk the talk but not walk the walk, size dosnt matter when you've got a mouth that runs all day…..

    and the only was your MMA comment makes sence is if I called you on and asked you to fight

  24. flyer_fly says:

    All you Ranger fans need to SHUT THE HELL UP

    face it, The Flyers Out Hit you, Out Skated you and Out Played you.

    Three things happend in this game for the Rangers

    Your Goons didnt show up to fight, Your Stars didnt show up to Score and Your Speedsters didnt shw up to Skate

    Avery is Fedoruks B*tch

  25. knucklehead says:

    Basically this is how Avery ruins chemistry on a hockey club.  The comparison with Barnaby are true except for the fact that Barnaby would fight anyone, anysize.  That was the rift with Lappy in LA.  Avery runs his mouth and the "Goon" would have stick up for him.  Fedoruk and Avery have history with situations like this, ask Jeff Cowan.

  26. Archion113 says:

    You must be a moron.

    Pitkanen was being attacked by the guy.  Holweeg or whatever.  Pitkanen was trying to get away, and they guy kept punching him.

    Its not 3rd man in if the 2nd guy isn't even fighting.  Takes a lot of balls to punch someone who is trying not to fight.

    Way to defend your lame ass team.

  27. Archion113 says:

    Ok lets settle this.

    Shut the ***** up.

    You all ***** about how Bettman is changing the game and you want fighting in the game and this and that.  How you want hitting to be kept part of the game.  Flyers did nothing wrong, nor did the rangers.  Its hockey, so shut the ***** up already.

    New York fans always ***** about something.  Go watch the Islanders or something and get out of our faces.

    I hate to resort to such immaturity, but i was left with little choice.

    Fedoruk is not goon,  he's been putting up some points for us.  He's had 1 fight since returning to the flyers.  Hardly something i'd say was goonlike.

    Eager is what he is.  An energy player.  Like Avery, we use him to get under the under teams skin and to protect our star players.  Lets not mince words here, Avery is not a classy player.  He never was, and never will be.  Why this is even a discussion just shows how stupid you *****ing people are.

    Almost just as lame, is the people saying the flyers don't know how to build a team in the New NHL.  Are you serious?  They had 101 points in the first year of the lockout.  Not bad for a team that doesn't know what they're doing.

    God damn morons.

  28. Archion113 says:

    I love Flyer Ranger games.

    I've been to over a dozen of them in my life, and every one has been pretty decent.

    I can't wait for the next game in philly.

  29. wingerxxx says:

    As a Rangers fan, I'll be up front and admit that we just flat out lost that game.  Hopefully Shanahan will recover well.  He's pretty much off the deadline trade market as well, so that is one source of rumors out the window.  I think that the Rangers might want to look at Rucinsky, if the playoff push is still ongoing.  There's still a lot of hockey left to be played.  And we all know that much crazier things have happened at the end of hockey seasons, especially in recent years. 

    As such, yes, we got beat pretty thoroughly.  But all of the rejoicing and lessons being taught and all that crap really needs to stop.  Come on, it's not like the Flyers' season has been all wine and roses.  They're about to start a firesale. 

    There's nothing quite like giving a lecture and crowing about beating up chicken forwards (I think that's what that Philly defenseman said) when you're looking up from the bottom of the standings and about to see your team deal off your high priced talent.

  30. wingerxxx says:

    How about offering one of your lessons to the Philly front office?  They need one a lot more than Rangers fans right about now.

  31. wheresthesoda says:

    u cant really say that about avery, the guy can play. hes the rangers 2nd line winger he was going out for a regular shift

  32. FlyerzFan12 says:

    Point made sir.  Just wanted to say that you shouldn't talk shit to a guy bigger than you if you arent ready drop the gloves and most likely get your ass beat.  Let Avery go after a smaller guy his size, example – Barnaby, but make sure hes a fighter and not just drop the gloves because its someone his size.

  33. FlyerzFan12 says:

    Agreed there.  The Ducks are a very talent offensive team and at the same time, if I recall correctly, lead the league in PIM, in large part because of fighting from guys like Parros.  Very exciting team to watch.

  34. Mephist0 says:

    That is called being an agitator.  Getting guys to blow their top and take penalties.  If you can't take someone calling you names you should take your toys and go home, it is nap time.

  35. Mephist0 says:

    If the Rangers get Rucinsky I will be so pissed.  They passed on him now they will give up talent for him?  The Rangers need more prospects in the system and to let them play to get better.  Not burn through them to get wiped out in the first round.

  36. bernie1parent says:

    see, you dont even know how many times you guys have beat us.  You guys have won four of six, but in no way have you guys kicked our asses.  The best you guys beat us was 3-1.  All the other games were 1 goal games, the one win we gave you anyways.  The first loss we handed it to you on a silver platter, and it still took you guys to shoot out before you beat us. 
    Yes, i have no class when it comes to playing division rivals.  I don't respect anybody in our division.  I hope that what happened to shanny, happens to everyone in that uniform.

  37. flyer_fly says:

    Yeah I bet…

    id like to see what kind of martial arts they teach to counter a bar stool to the back of the head

  38. Archion113 says:

    If i'm not mistaken the defenceman said it over 20 years ago.  And he's long since retired.

    I'll accept the comments about being in last place, since this is the first time in i think our team history that we've been in last place. 

    And to be fair, everyone looks down the the Rangers.  So its only fair that even the flyers, who've been doing it for decades, would do it too.

    Firesale?  Calder isn't worth 3 mil. York isn't worth 1.5 mil.  That gives us almost 10 million to work with this off season for free agents.  Not to mention losing other Free Agents and the cap going up.

    Make your comments about the Flyers now, it won't last long.  Not to mention the Rangers are almost just as bad as the flyers on home ice.  Kind of embarassing if you ask me, for both teams.

  39. nonhl2005 says:

    If the article was about how lousy the Rangers were playing then why mention Fedoruk and Eager at all? Was it their fault the Rangers were playing badly. You opened yourself up for the backlash by CLAIMING they were playing dirty, when in fact they were playing the game hard, something the Rangers didn't expect and they got beat. If you had just said the Rangers took the lowly Flyers for granted I don't think any Flyer fan would have taken umbrage to that. But you claimed some of the players were cheating, yes I said cheating, playing dirty is cheating in my book. That's what most, including me, didn't like.

  40. Archion113 says:

    I don't have an MMA, but i was state champion 3 years in a row, each in different belt levels in Tang So Do.

    Won first in Orange, Red, and Black.  Lost only once, due to a disqualification.  In this karate you weren't allowed to make contact with the opponents face, and i kicked him in the face and his glasses broke, cutting his face.  I'm still sour about this, but whatever.  Shouldn't wear glasses while fighting IMO.

  41. flyer_fly says:

    Didn't answer my question. What would you do if you took a bar stool to the back of the head?

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