If Brad Richards doesn't re-sign, he'll become ‘only premium center’ a

USA Today NHL writer Kevin Allen recently presented his preliminary list of unrestricted NHL free agents of interest.

Allen ranked Dallas Stars center Brad Richards as his No. 1 free agent target this off-season.

“If he doesn’t re-sign, he will be the only premium center in the marketplace,” Allen wrote.

Richards was the only Stars player among the 22 players he listed in the roundup.

While cleaning out his locker earlier this week, Richards told media members that there was “lots of time to sit down and ponder what’s going to happen” with his future NHL plans.

“There’s been a little chatter, but it’s always come back to if I am going to sign and there’s no ownership, I am still kind of hesitant,” he said. “And there may not be ownership by the time I have to make a decision.

“Right now, there’s no rush. There’s nothing that’s pressing me. I am going to try to see what happens. If there is no change, it doesn’t mean I am leaving.


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