If He can play like he did as a Flyer…. what Can Eric Lindros do?

Eric Lindros’s season will be an interesting one to follow, without a doubt, he’s saying he can play without getting hurt, he’s finally playing for the hometown Leafs, and he’s had a great training camp/preseason so far. What really is his potential, 100 pts? 40 goals? 50 goals? MVP? Olympic team? An all star appearance? A Stanley Cup? Well… aside from the cup, and fifty goals, he’s done it all. The cup he’s lost by flukes a time or two, and the fifty goals… well… he once scored 47 in 65 games, is it really his fault?Lets look at the facts, Eric is playing on a tough, competitive team, that CAN protect him. He’s not incredibley aged, and he’s entering the “new NHL” where scoring and free flowing hockey will be consistant.

The problems with his chances. His protection will be weak scorers Nik Antropov, and Alexei Ponikarovski. One must wonder, will he make them better, or will they make him worse?

Another issue is him getting third line ice time. Quinn is known for rolling four lines (though I’m not sure about that…) and Eric will get plenty of power play time. But really, it’s hard to score 50 goals, or to show off to Kevin Lowe, Wayne Gretzky, and Bob Nicholson on the third line.

Antropov says he can score 20 goals, if Nik scores 20 this year, I expect Poni will do well too.

So all things considered, I am going to say in 70 games, he’ll score thirty goals, 80 points, and because he gets the media attention of Toronto, he’ll make an all-star appearance, a fair crack at the Olympic team, and maybe some slight MVP consideration.

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  1. hockeyhead says:

    sure they will…

    i thought you were banned???

  2. hockeyhead says:

    mariusz can do back flips on skates!

    bet you didnt know that.

  3. wingerxxx says:

    In his last year as a Ranger, he was actually pretty good! He was the heart and soul of the team that year because he started playing Lindros-hockey again and was a physical force. Those 39 games were great. Problem was…it was only 39 games that he lasted while playing that style. You see what I’m getting at here.

  4. wingerxxx says:

    We’ll just have to wait and see. And no, I don’t believe Lindros was brought in to play in a checking role, because he is a below average defensive player. If he can approach a point per game total, and play in 60 or more games, I’d call this season a success for him. Mainly because he simply has not averaged over a point per game in a pretty long time, since before his Ranger days, and he isn’t playing with an in-his-prime LeClair anymore. Czerkawski is well…Czerkawski (meaning it’s tank-time at any given notice), and O’Neill is as streaky a scorer as they come. Those are Toronto’s top scoring threats on the wing. Who has he been playing with in the preseason? I’ve only seen one Leafs preseason game, I’d like to know.

  5. wingerxxx says:

    I would NOT want him getting into fights this year if I were Quinn. There are going to be lots of players that would love to get their mitts on him this year.

  6. Leaf_fans_can_blow_me says:

    What does that have to do with the best defensive forward?

  7. SensfanVone says:

    If Lindros can keep his head and play with grit and score like he can…..then people should worry but if he can’t Im not worried bout him….

  8. nonhl2005 says:

    If Lindros doesn’t go to Philly then the Avs probably never get Roy. Quebec took Jocylen Thibault with Philly’s 1993 pick. Thibault, was the major piece in the Colorado Avalanche deal that brought in Patrick Roy.

  9. cgolding says:

    actually, if he plays 82 games with the kind of open space we’re expecting i think that is more than reasonable.

  10. Leaf_fans_can_blow_me says:

    He’s a 3rd line center. First line centers struggle to get those numbers

  11. hockeyhead says:

    it was totally off topic like your post.

    it was about lindros not the polish one.

  12. nonhl2005 says:

    No one seems to mention the big baby’s biggest headache is still around, or I should say 2 biggest. Mommy and Daddy, if they would leave the kid alone and let him play hockey and stay out of the coaches and GM’s office then he can possibly have a 30g 60 point 70 game season. If not and they start on Fergie the way they did with Clarke and Sather then a short season he will have. No matter how much you say that won’t effect your on ice play it’s is always there.

    They kept this kid always in the group “they” thought he should be in and never listened to the people around them suggesting he play with better/bigger kids. He ended up being very dominate at every level but at the same time never learned how to play the game ‘properly’. If he would have learned at an early age to play with his head up who knows what he would have done. That would have been fun to watch. People can bitxh all they want about who destroyed his career, I think the problem starts at Mommy and Daddy. You talk about his faults I think that’s the biggest fault.

    What flukes, he came back too early one year and that hurt him and the team, that was no fluke, everyone in the stadium, all over the city knew Stevens was going to come across and nail him, everyone except him.

    Detroit just embarrassed the Flyers the other time, it was no fluke, they had the better team, the better coach and the better captain.

    What’s with the CAN protect him, you don’t think the Rangers and Flyers protected him? Ask Dave Brown, Sandy McCarthy, Dan Kordic, Craig Berube, Dale Puriton what they think of that. Hell Craig MacTavish even had to stand up for him sometimes. He drops the gloves when he wants to, not when he should. We all know there is a time and place, he never cared about that, it was always on his terms, not what was best for the team. If his team was down 3-2 late in the third and someone hit him too hard he wouldn’t care about the man advantage he just gave the other team. Again it goes to how he was taught the game, which was not the right way. Even Wayne knew when to drop the gloves, I am pretty sure his first time was against Minn and they were down by a few (3-4) late in the game and he dropped them, if not mistaken, it also happened to be the night he was awarded the SI ‘Sportsmen’ of the year award, very fitting. Only ‘The Great One’ can do that.

  13. GretzNYR99 says:

    “Buy A Porsche Hextall.”

  14. thatleafsguy says:

    mostly the kids so far, hes played in 2 games. they have been mixing the lines alot, he was with poni and atropov, and then thomas and steen, they have been mixing and matching every game.

  15. hockeyhead says:

    dude you posted that before.

    pelle lindberge is not ron hextall. not very tasteful.

  16. LF2004 says:

    Bottom line is if any of your predictions (by that I mean peoples replies) come true, we come out on top.

    Other teams have paid more and recieved less in return.

    But one thing is for certain, Lindros will have to really consider what the consquences of seriously getting hurt are.

    Many players have retired after having less concusions. ie. Adam Deadmarsh, Pat Lafontaine etc.

  17. gigz says:

    Please tell me you did not just compare Lindros to Lemieux. I don’t care what means you use to justify this, that is completely and utterly obsurd.

    He’s only talented while he’s skating and staring down at the puck, something that got him KO’ed 8 times, among a score of other injuries.

    Basically what it seems the leafs did was start too late in the free agency scrum, lost the big names, then was forced to take a gamble on the injury prone players. If they all stay healthy, yeah, Leafs will be a power team, if not, then look for them to be below average, all in my opinion of course.

  18. rocapads says:

    hockey news predictions;

    sundin-78 points, 33 goals, 45 assists







    **if they stay healthy

  19. oilfans_suck says:

    Lets see


    Francis… GONE,

    Mogilny… GONE,

    Nieuwendyke… GONE,

    Nolan… GONE,

    Reichel… GONE,



    DO you really think that Lindros Allison and ONiel can make up for all that. Granted Leetch and Francis werent there all season.

    Belfour didnt play last year and he will probly get injured then what will they do? The leafs are done.

  20. oilfans_suck says:

    i thaught you were banned?

  21. habs79 says:

    In fairness to Lindros he was were he has spent alot of his career, on the injured list. I still do agree with you.

  22. habs79 says:

    I’m not going to make a big article about how wrong you are. I’m just going to ask when has he put up Lemieux like numbers.

  23. dcz28 says:

    There was another player who refused to play for the team that drafted him besides Lindros…Brian Berard who was taken 1st overall by the Sens but he did not want to sign with them so they traded him for #2 overall Wade Redden with the Leafs involved in that trade…although it has turned out good for the Sens they have not won the cup like the Avs yet but it could happen in the near future

  24. quick_stick says:

    Yeah, I hear ya… I’m a Leaf fan, but while I’m excited to see Lindros try and prove all the critics wrong, I have pretty moderate expectations. I’m curious to see how he’ll handle not being the “MAN” the team depends on. Some guys fold if they aren’t the go-to guy.

    Hopefully Lindros will embrace his role as a Leaf and Bring 50-60 points our way.

  25. quick_stick says:

    Yup, just saying I don’t think Belfour in particular is a huge if.

    I don’t think he’s the top goalie in the league, but he’ll be better than most.

  26. Mullet says:

    I’m a BIG Leafs fan but I really think that Jason Allison is being a little over-rated. I don’t think he’ll be that good! What the Leafs need to do is pick up someone like Chuck Kobasew of the Flames who plays with a lot of heart and combines that with terrific talent. Plus he’s still very young. He reminds me a lot of Gary Roberts. What the Leafs should do is get Kobasew from Calgary for Nik Antropov and Ian White!

  27. WeedIan says:

    1. He’s finally where he wants to be, he never wants to be.

    2. He doesn’t have the number 1 center pressure yes he will have the pressure of being in the Hockey Center of the universe toronto but he’s alot happier being at home.

    3. With more penalties being called it won’t be as easy for him to get head hunted.

  28. dlo44 says:

    I think you pretty much nailed it.

  29. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    jesus 80 points/MVP/Olympic/all star considerations??????????????????????????? i guess when a player goes to the leafs he becomes god

  30. Marky2Fresh says:

    Yeah he can stand, thats an amazing asset. He helped on 1 goal but messed up on 2 Sundin passes that were for sure goals and 1 empty net.

    He’s such an amazing player, no wonder all these teams want to trade Gaborik or Doan for him.

  31. thatleafsguy says:

    when he first broke into the league check them on nhl.com.

  32. habs79 says:

    That was what 10 years ago? Just cause he plays for the leafs he is not going to revert back to the young pre-concussion Lindros.

  33. mojo19 says:

    add brother Brett to that list

  34. mojo19 says:

    jojo the indian… what was it again?

    Chuck Kobasew, as far as I know, is not on the market. But I find it really funny that you keep writing that.

  35. hockeyhead says:

    i dont know…..do you?

  36. JeffBurnz09 says:

    My take on Lindros is that he’s basically done as an elite player in the NHL. If he stays healthy, he can be a solid player, but I don’t think he’s going to be a superstar.

    I can’t see making Team Canada at all. There’s just too much talent to choose from to pick Lindros. His game is to be big, physical, and score…Joe Thorton can do that, and do it better than Lindros at this point. He won’t make Team Canada.

    Hoping he can play the way he did for Philly is all well and good…but his days in Philly wern’t yesterday.

  37. garyroberts7 says:

    Khavonov for Leetch

    Lindros for Roberts

    Allison for Nieuwendyk

    O’Niell for Nolan

    Czerkawski for Mogilny

    Stumpy for Francis

    Don’t want Reichel or Renberg

  38. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Berg, Hoglund, Reichel and Antropov might have something different to say about the Toronto media.

  39. fanboi says:

    Philadelphia was a while ago, better look at the New York Rangers era, he is abused, but still has the core of an elite player, he commands respect on the ice. If he can play like he did early in the Flyers era he can be a gold mine for Toronto, if he plays like the concussion era …well :o(

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