If He can play like he did as a Flyer…. what Can Eric Lindros do?

Eric Lindros’s season will be an interesting one to follow, without a doubt, he’s saying he can play without getting hurt, he’s finally playing for the hometown Leafs, and he’s had a great training camp/preseason so far. What really is his potential, 100 pts? 40 goals? 50 goals? MVP? Olympic team? An all star appearance? A Stanley Cup? Well… aside from the cup, and fifty goals, he’s done it all. The cup he’s lost by flukes a time or two, and the fifty goals… well… he once scored 47 in 65 games, is it really his fault?Lets look at the facts, Eric is playing on a tough, competitive team, that CAN protect him. He’s not incredibley aged, and he’s entering the “new NHL” where scoring and free flowing hockey will be consistant.

The problems with his chances. His protection will be weak scorers Nik Antropov, and Alexei Ponikarovski. One must wonder, will he make them better, or will they make him worse?

Another issue is him getting third line ice time. Quinn is known for rolling four lines (though I’m not sure about that…) and Eric will get plenty of power play time. But really, it’s hard to score 50 goals, or to show off to Kevin Lowe, Wayne Gretzky, and Bob Nicholson on the third line.

Antropov says he can score 20 goals, if Nik scores 20 this year, I expect Poni will do well too.

So all things considered, I am going to say in 70 games, he’ll score thirty goals, 80 points, and because he gets the media attention of Toronto, he’ll make an all-star appearance, a fair crack at the Olympic team, and maybe some slight MVP consideration.