If i Were Gainey

OK well lets start…Gainey made a great move by signing Samsonov…we all know that. We also know that he didnt adress the issues that needed to be adressed (big Center, stay at home d man).

Gainey i HIGHLY doubt will go get Gomez considering we cant afford him and and we already have too many small guys. At this point Gainey should: (in my opinion)

1-trade Radek Bonk to pittsburgh or Washington-since they need to add 10 or 14 million to reach the league minimum

2-Trade Aebisher, Ribeiro,2nd or 3rd pick to Detroit-for Robert Lang

3-Trade a little youth and Dendenault to someone for a stay at home d man such as Witt.

This would make Montreal a great team:





Note: rookies might move around depending on performance.

The Lang trade would be essential because samsonov needs protection…hes god on open ice but in the corners he gets raped.

just my opinion on what i would do…let me know what you think.