If the Awards Were Handed Out Today

This is just a personal and opinionated speculation on NHL Awards, and if they were to be handed out today.

Stanley Cup: Ottawa Senators; early season favourites thus far. Lead the Eastern Conference and have played less games than most.

West Champs: Detroit Red Wings; the season is still young, and Nashville is tight, but the Red Wings would have the best shot between the two.

Conn Smythe: Daniel Alfredsson; if Ottawa’s winning the Cup, it’s going to be on Captain Clutch, 3 game winners and two shorthanded goals in 6 wins.

President’s Trophy: Detroit Red Wings; they do lead the league, don’t they? Regardless of games played.

Art Ross (top scorer): Jaromir Jagr; Jags looks to be back to his old self with a new attitude.

Hart Memorial (MVP): Tomas Vokoun; it’s a tough call, but Vokoun has kept his boys in every one of their victories. And their losses? Well, they don’t have any.

Lady Byng (gentlemanly): Todd White; Why not? Who really gives a crap about the Lady Byng anyways. The line on White, 2 goals 9 assists +7 and 0 PIM. Not bad considering the influx of penalties.

Vezina (goalie): Tomas Vokoun; read the Hart Trophy explanation.

Lester B. Pearson (MVP as judged by players): Jaromir Jagr; I’d hate to play against a guy that scores a third of his team’s goals.

Calder Memorial (rookie): Alexander Ovechkin; any question about this one? 10 points in 8 games on a bad.. (no) horrendous team!

James Norris (defenseman): Tomas Kaberle; on a volatile and rushing team, Kaberle is carrying a load on defense. Averaging close to 30 minutes a game and is carrying, the mostly offensive minded, Bryan McCabe’s sloppy play. Kaberle has 7 points and a +5 rating on a team that, although hot, is only a game over .500 on the year, if you count OT losses as ordinary losses.

These are the early season favourites. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if we see some changes as the season progresses.

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  1. habs79 says:

    Cloutier has proven year after year after year, he is a playoff flop. The jury is still out on Esche to see if he can get the job done. Cups are won and lost in goal, and unless Hasek goes down he is the far superior goalie of the three.

  2. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    McCabe will burn out Quinn has him and Kaberle playing too many minutes.

    Oh and do McCabes ‘own’ goals count toward his point total?

  3. shapter07 says:


    haha sarcasm

  4. thatleafsguy says:

    Jose Theodore is nothing special himself.

  5. DannyAvsRock says:

    Liles for the Norris?? Hes the leading scorer for the avs and will probably be their best defenceman for years> 10 points

  6. G0LEAFSG0 says:

    No way is ottawat going to win the cup for how many years in a row they got thier asses handed to them in the playoffs at the hands of the toronto maple leafs. Further more Jagr is the most over rated player in the NHL cough “crosby” cough Scoring title is going to go to lindros IF HE STAYS healthy i say toronto might not win the cup they will be a serious contender.!.

  7. habs79 says:

    The thread was about comparing Vancouver and Philly to Ottawa, the most glaring difference is in goal. What the hell does Theodore have to do with any of that. You only brought him up because I have Habs in my name. Why don’t you try making a valid point for once instead of just blurting anything out.

  8. habs79 says:

    If he keeps his point totals up and stays around the top 3 or even leads the league in defenseman scoring, he could very easily be a finalist. Norris nearly always goes to the defenseman that displays the best two-way game.

  9. Wicky says:

    i agree…ottawa is a biased opinion considering they are obviously your favourite team, and what about the canucks i beleive they are leading the league, maybe the nux wont win the cup but they have a good chance aswell as at the presidents trophy.

  10. habs79 says:

    Wow you made some valid points. Let me give you some updates. Lalime is no longer Ottawa’s goalie, so no easy goals this time around. The last time Toronto saw Hasek in the playoffs, which was way back in 99 I believe, and I also believe Buffalo beat Toronto in 5 games, but I’m not sure on either fact. Jagr is not the most overrated player. Everyone knows that he has loads of talent, but everyone questioned his team play and passion. I’ve watched only two Ranger games this year, in those games Jagr looked like a team player. For the first time in a long time Jagr looks like he wants to play hockey, maybe the new rules reinforced his intrest. Whatever the reason Jagr is on a tear this year. As for Lindros winning the scoring title, won’t happen healthy or not, what do you think will happen to him when Sundin gets back? His ice time is going to take a plunge unless he shifts to the wing. As for Toronto being a serious Cup contender. Not unless they make serious improvements to the defense which has always been their weakspot and kept them from reaching the finals.

  11. monley89 says:

    you forgot the jack adams award! the most important of them all shame on you zdeno_duchesne! no im only kidding good article all of them seem pretty good

  12. Marky2Fresh says:

    Yeah I know who he is, he uses video game sound effects in his shitty music, as well as random phrases in Spanish.

  13. zdeno_duchesne says:

    you’d have to watch him. he’s really solid this year

  14. zdeno_duchesne says:

    it’s a hockey board.. what are you doing on here if you don’t want to see hockey speculation?

  15. habs79 says:

    Jacques Lamaire has to be considered the front runner right now, but so much season left to go.

  16. Habsnumberone says:

    Rookie of the year talk already? This will be the toughest award to hand out this year. I feel bad for the rookies who wil lhave a great year, but then get over looked because of the AO and Sid the Kid. While everyone attention is on them what about the likes of Perezhogin for the habs, doesn’t have 10pts but 7 pts in 8 games ain’t too bad. He gets no credit becuase he plays for the habs. Then you got Perry with the ducks, Richards for the Flyers, Parise playing for the devils. I’m sure all theses players will have good years, but don’t stand a chance with AO and Sidney. I think its good for the game with all the young stars playing up to their potenial, hopefully this will make people in the U.S. start watching hockey again. As for the Rookie of the year, I hope Sidney gets it, i was watching this kid since he was 12 playing against 16 year olds and making them look sick.

  17. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Remember, it’s puff, puff, pass. I think your on the pass part cause your friggn’ baked if u think lindros is winning the scoring title.

  18. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    You forgot Thomas Vanek hes outplaying like all the rookies you metioned and what about Ryan Miller and Cam Ward those 2 are doing great things for their teams

  19. BigCanuck says:

    You have to realize the Predators have 6 points from shootout wins. That is testament to great tending, however with worse luck they could have 3 less points.

    Also, I agree the Wings are doing fine, (but me being a LITTLE biased), I seem to remember the Canucks handling them.

    And you are correct in saying we have to wait a little longer to see what will really happens.

  20. chanman says:

    Yes, but haow many games have these guys played, and how many wins? nothing in comparison to Miller, 6W 2 L, played all 8 gms. This guy hasa shot better than Lundquist or labarber

  21. Beckfan5 says:

    Barry Beck idiots.

  22. habs79 says:

    Wins are not the only catagory.

    Miller- 6 wins, 2.70 GAA, .914 SP

    Labarber- 4 wins, 1.50 GAA, .942 SP

    Lundqvist- 3 wins, 1.64 GAA, .936 SP

    It is very early in the season, but right now despite his extra wins. Miller is well behind in goals against, and save percentage. There is alot more Hockey to play. Miller is Buffalo’s starting goalie. Labarber may take the starter job or continue to share with Garon. Lundqvist should be the Ranger starter cause Weekes plain sucks.

  23. Marky2Fresh says:

    Yeah our mistake that beck could have meant 50 different people. Jackass.

  24. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Mike Ribeiro took a dive on top of a bunch cables and severed the feed.

  25. quick_stick says:

    I agree… I hate when people do that. ….



    Bonk’s a jerk………


  26. quick_stick says:

    Yeah, Bonk will

  27. quick_stick says:

    You’re exactly right. Toronto needs to improve their defence, specifically getting Belak out of there… if Quinn wants to keep him, he can be a serviceable 4th line winger…

    Lindros won’t win the Scoring title. If he keeps playing the way he is, and gets a couple lines mates that can score, he could end up in the top ten, but there’s NO WAY he’ll get the scoring Title playing with Domi (10-12 goals) and Kilger (even if he managed 20 goals). Lindros could score 60 goals this season (not very likely, even in the “new” NHL) and still end up with only 80 points.

    Lalime, however, was no more to blame for Ottawa losing their series than ANY Sen. He really only blew 1 game (game 7 in the last series). Most other games he played very well in every season/playoffs against the Leafs. I’d say the Sens losses were a team effort, but even so, they’re an older team now, with a different atomosphere so it’ll be a new series when they play again.

  28. robinson19 says:

    after 50 years the Soire has been bought out on Saturday nights by RDS. Since CBC only shows the occasional Habs game when they happen to be playing boring Toronto, if you don’t have cable you don’t get to see many games anymore. This for the most popular team all over North America and Europe. Doesn’t really make sense. Of course, with Saturday’s game aginst the Isles a 22nd consecutive sellout at the Bell Centre they’re not exactly hurting… but the whole TV deal has a bad, elitist stench about it.

  29. robinson19 says:

    Kaberle. What a joke.

  30. WYflyerfan says:

    Everyone keeps talkig about Sid the kid and how great he is. Sure he is leading the rookies, but there are other players right behind him. There are several things that standout. 1st his ice time he is averaging more ice time then fellow rookies. 2nd which I think is an important stat is plus/minus he is a minus 2 whcih tells alot about his overall game. If you look at the other players like Richards he is averaging a point a game and is a plus 5. Now I know he is no where as talented as crosby but right now I would take richards. Especially how the game is played now you have to be responsible in the defensive zone too. So he probably win the point total but you have to think how great is a player when he is on the ice for more goals given up then scored.

  31. The_Cramp says:

    What about the Rocket Richard Trophy: I’ll go with Jagr for the moment….obviously!

  32. Linden_Rules says:

    If you are just bashing football as a whole then i’m in total agreement with your comment


    If you are saying CFL is a joke compared to the NFL I totally disagree. I’m an on again, off again fan of both leagues but find the CFL to be much more exciting to watch (more big plays, more frantic action) and the players to be a refreshing change from the usual big league stars. The NFL may have the star talent but the game is SO SLOW. Yesterday I was watching the final 3:30 of the San Diego – Philidelphia game and it took almost 30 minutes to finish – BORING!

  33. zetterberg says:

    HANDLED them?? The wings couldn’t have played worse and vancouver barely won!! They had an empty netter but they definitly squeeked by. I was at the game and vancouver has a lot of work ahead of them. Not to mention they got their asses handed to them 6-0 against the wild the next night.

  34. PontiacTorrent says:

    typical hab fan jackass comment

  35. zdeno_duchesne says:

    people love to hate the leafs, but give kaberle credit. he’s a solid dman. pay attention to his game.

  36. PTack says:

    whoa hold up now…maybe youve seen some extended version or something but the best buns in the CFL goes to the chick on the left not the black one by the way. Shes a rare find but its worth the look. Shes only in one scene of the commercial right at the begining when theres three girls. haha

  37. habs79 says:

    I know isn’t it annoying…………..gessshh……..*cough*…..toronto’s defense sucks……*cough*

  38. habs79 says:

    Playing with Domi and Kilger, to get 80 points, Lindros would have to pot at least 50-55 goals. The main reason Toronto always beat the Sens was the goalies. If you look at Toronto’s losses in the playoffs, they normally get beat when the other team’s goalie is as good or better then there. Like when they faced Hasek, or Brodeur. Except against Carolina, I didn’t see that one comming. As for Esche he is not as good, but was good enough.

  39. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    No, but I think Havlat’s kick to Gill’s cash and prizes got the Renegades a FG

  40. mojo19 says:

    If the awards were handed out today, McCabe and Jagr would split the Art Ross.

  41. Mullet says:

    this new nhl sucks! no hits no grappling no fights its just that european hockey crap! oooh lets watch this little guy weave through the ice cause no one is allowed to touch him. i liked better when it was lets watch this little guy weave through the and bam he gets smacked with his head down. the new rules are causing players to hold back so they don’t get a penalty. plus all these penalties are tickin me off. i can only stand to watch a team ice the puck on the penalty kill for so long.

  42. thatleafsguy says:

    better than the habs ……*cough*……… barf………. puke

  43. habs79 says:

    Not really, just look at how rough Belfour has it, only him and Thibalt have it that bad. 51 shots by Boston. If it wasn’t for Belfour Toronto would be in serious trouble. They are in serious trouble, Belfour can’t save them every game.

    Belfour- 8 games, 252 shots against

    Tellqvist- 1 game, 33 shots against

    combined- 9 games, 285 shots against

    average- 31.67 shots per game

    Theodore- 7 games, 167 shots against

    Danis- 1 games, 32 shots against

    combined- 8 games, 199 shots against

    average- 24.88 shots a game

    I’m don’t even have to cough, the numbers speak for themselves. Of course you would know that if you actually watched a Leaf game and seen for yourself how many times Belfour or Tellqvist had to bail out the defense.

  44. habs79 says:

    Has a defenseman ever won the Art Ross?

  45. zdeno_duchesne says:

    what am i smoking now?

  46. zdeno_duchesne says:

    SMRT.. love it. canucks didnt make the playoffs, flyers didnt make it out of the first round..

  47. zdeno_duchesne says:


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