If The Maple Leafs Organization Was Smart

If the Toronto Maple Leafs organization was smart than they would trade all of the players for which they can obtain draft picks in the first round, and trade them now. In doing this Brian Burke should be hoping to hell that he can fix his mistake of trading away his 1st round draft pick for 2011.

Once again the Toronto Hockey Maple Leafs are simply not good enough to make the playoffs, and there is no mysterious reason for the leafs failure/mediocrity. The reason is they simply aren’t a good enough team; they don’t have good enough players up front. There is no need to complicate things any further than that because that is as compicated as it is. Phil Kessel is an okay player, but he isn’t a great player; he can’t do anything but shoot the puck. In order for a team to win, it must have a bonified number one center; the leafs have Tyler Bozak. And the answer isn’t to bring in some wash up like Brad Richards; he is better than Bozak, but he alone would not be enough to improve the leafs to playoff contenders. What is needed is an 80-100 point scorer who is a solidified top 10 player in the NHL.

Now, the leafs really don’t have enough to trade for this kind of player without depleting another part of the team that would end up keeping them in the same position they are in now because of a lack of talent.
Now I think the only thing which is quite obviously the only viable option for the team you can guess; trade away all of their good players for draft picks. Kaberle, Phaneuf, and Kessel should all be immediately shipped off, in whatever kind of combination, for as many 1st rounds and if not other draft picks as possible.

Brian Burke was brought in, at least one would think, to make the team better; not to keep the team the same save a slight change in style of play. I don’t see any of the things I put forth in this article actually happening; I just wanted to point out the obvious path that the leafs should take but won’t.