If you could only keep what you drafted?

Reading the article about trading 5 first rounders for a Restricted Free Agent got me to thinking. What if a team could only keep who they drafted. No trades, no free agent signings. Only the players that they drafted could be in their lineup.
Some teams like the Devils, Avalanche, Isles, Flyers, and some other teams have not done a bad job drafting players. Others have not fared so well. If there was no trades or NHL free agent signings, how well would your team fare?

If a player your team drafted is no longer playing for them. Now is your chance to have him in your lineup. Put the players in the spot that you think they would play in. Have a little fun making your lineup.

After you put your list together also add whether you feel your team would be better or worse if that was the everyday lineup. Since I am a Devil Fan, I did them. If your a fan of a team that has really done an awful job of drafting, I wish you the best of luck in trying to put the team together.

The forwards I chose are as close to their actual postion as they play. There are some that are not in the right spot. Also if you feel I left someone off the lineup that should be there, please change it. This is just an opinion.

For some of the older players, I took them in their prime, you can do that, or you can take them as they are now.

New Jersey Devils:

Elias Muller Shanahan

Rolston Verbeek Geurin

Gomez Morrison Sykora

Brylin Sullivan Pederson

Niedermayer Smith

Souray Weinrich

Daneyko (Modry or White)



I think the Devils would be about the same as they are now. This offense is better, but the defense is a little shaky. And I admit, Im pretty lucky with that goaltending.