If you could only keep what you drafted?

Reading the article about trading 5 first rounders for a Restricted Free Agent got me to thinking. What if a team could only keep who they drafted. No trades, no free agent signings. Only the players that they drafted could be in their lineup.
Some teams like the Devils, Avalanche, Isles, Flyers, and some other teams have not done a bad job drafting players. Others have not fared so well. If there was no trades or NHL free agent signings, how well would your team fare?

If a player your team drafted is no longer playing for them. Now is your chance to have him in your lineup. Put the players in the spot that you think they would play in. Have a little fun making your lineup.

After you put your list together also add whether you feel your team would be better or worse if that was the everyday lineup. Since I am a Devil Fan, I did them. If your a fan of a team that has really done an awful job of drafting, I wish you the best of luck in trying to put the team together.

The forwards I chose are as close to their actual postion as they play. There are some that are not in the right spot. Also if you feel I left someone off the lineup that should be there, please change it. This is just an opinion.

For some of the older players, I took them in their prime, you can do that, or you can take them as they are now.

New Jersey Devils:

Elias Muller Shanahan

Rolston Verbeek Geurin

Gomez Morrison Sykora

Brylin Sullivan Pederson

Niedermayer Smith

Souray Weinrich

Daneyko (Modry or White)



I think the Devils would be about the same as they are now. This offense is better, but the defense is a little shaky. And I admit, Im pretty lucky with that goaltending.

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  1. Overtime says:

    There are 2 Petr Sykora’s. I kid you not. As it turns out, we are both correct. Detroit did draft Petr Sykora – Center, in 1997 on the 3rd round, 76th overall. New Jersey also drafted Petr Sykora – Right Wing, in 1995, 1st round, 18th overall. Go to this site: http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/players.html and do a search on Petr Sykora and you’ll see what I mean.

  2. Overtime says:

    There are 2 Petr Sykora’s. As it turns out, we are both correct. Detroit did draft Petr Sykora – Center, in 1997 on the 3rd round, 76th overall. New Jersey also drafted Petr Sykora – Right Wing, in 1995, 1st round, 18th overall.

  3. leafwatcher says:

    We’ed also have d Kenny Jonsson, d Drake Berehowsky, d Keith Carney and f Ryan Vandenbussche.

  4. ManillaKilla says:

    The wings drafted Probert, Kocur, and Grimson in the same year.

  5. leafwatcher says:

    The Avalanche/Nordiques are one of the the strongest;

    centers-J.Sakic, E.Lindros, M.Sundin, C.Drury

    wingers-A.Tanguay,M.Hejduk, M.Parrish, A.Deadmarsh, A.Carter, O.Nolan, T.Kalio, R.Vrbata.

    defense-A.Foote, G.de vries, M.Skoula, C. Leschyshyn, R.Regehr, R.Berry

    goaltending-B. Johnson, J. Thibault, D.Abischer

    There’s your team, a bit weak at d, but the offense will carry you away.

  6. garry1221 says:

    what’s w/ the ‘what the hell’ …. i know they drafted the grim reaper, but frankly he didn’t do as much for us so i didn’t put him on the roster

  7. aaron says:

    I think he’s surprised b/c they’re all great enforcers.

  8. aaron says:

    Yeah, I knew there were two Petr Sykoras. But Faceoff.com listed the one Detroit drafted as the one NJ drafted.

  9. Bishop7979 says:

    and dopitia was drafted by the pantherrs who then traded his rights to Philly who then traded his contract to edmonton

  10. Bishop7979 says:

    I said this to the person who did the bruins a few posts up, dopitia was the property of Fla before trading the rights to Philly and then being dealt to the oilers

  11. Bishop7979 says:

    Naslund Mario Jagr

    Straka Hrdina Recchi

    McEachern Kraft Morozov

    Peterson S. Aubin Pittis

    D Bodger Melichar

    Rozival P Laus

    Orpik Ference

    Lalime Tabaracci (or J.S Aubin)

    Mario, Straka, Recchi, Jagr, Naslund, along with Morozov McEachern and Hrdina scoring wouldnt be a problem, but defence is a definite weakness. But guys like Orpik, Whitney, Melichar, Rozival, Ference are all Pens draftees so the future on D is looking really good. as far as Goal tending goes its pretty solid.


  12. GrimReaper says:

    Whoops! I don’tknow how I forgot Jonsson and Berehowsky. Carney was drafted by Buffalo. I knew about Vandenbussche, but the other guys were ebtteer then him so I didn’t bother.

  13. GrimReaper says:

    Updated Toronto, it actaully is a decent team now.

    Modin – Damphousse – Berezin

    S. Thornton – Perreault – Steve Thomas

    Marshall – Hendrickson – Mike Johnson

    L. Wilson – Eastwood – Domi

    Spares- Adam Mair, Nik Antropov, Alexei Ponikarovsky

    T. Kaberle – D. Markov

    Tremblay – Richardson

    K. Jonsson – Berehowsky

    Spare- Dempsey



    The defense is really good. The goaltending is decent. The forwards could have trobule scoring.

  14. leafwatcher says:

    Sorry, must have been a typo in my book about Carney. But I think that Ryan.V could make the spares.

  15. rrudd says:

    Dallas/Minnesota aint too shabby. Many of these names are real blasts from the past, but I assure you, the Bellows/ Smiths/ Lawtons/ and Paynes of the world were extremely usable to excellent players.


    Bobby Smith-Mike Modano-Brian Bellows

    Brian Lawton-Neal Broten-Jarome Iginla

    Brendan Morrow-Steve Payne-Jere Lehtinen

    Jamie Langenbrunner-Roman Lyashenko-Todd Harvey

    Patrick Cote-Pavel Patera-Don Hay/Jon Sim


    Derian Hatcher-Richard Matvichuk

    Ron Wilson-Craig Hartzburg

    Frank Musil-Enrico Ciccone

    Dan Keczmer-Doug Zmolek


    Don Beaupre-Arturs Irbe-Roman Turek-Marty Turco

  16. ManillaKilla says:

    I just couldn’t believe they took all those guys in the same draft. They were either getting yzerman protection or looking to kick some serious ass.

  17. Kariya-09 says:

    i went to faceoff.com , they said boston drafted dopita

  18. Kariya-09 says:

    On faceoff.com it said Oates was drafted by boston

  19. Kariya-09 says:

    didnt they draft Nedved in 91?

  20. Stretch says:

    Ok if you’re slotting Chelios in, and assuming all players are in their prime.

    What if the season started today? Look at everyone still playing with objective eyes, keeping in mind their capabilities, status and roles today. What would a hypothetical 23-man roster look like? How would you put such a team together? Here’s mine:












  21. jofa says:

    If the Flames could have held onto the players they drafted, Calgary would have an awesome mix of youth and veteran experience, goalscoring and defense, and natural leaders that would take them to the cup finals. And goons… this team has drafted some of the premier goons of our time…

    Ok, so its not perfect (ex. Vernon/Kidd combo in goal), but I have to hand it to Calgary for some decent drafting over the past two decades.


    Gary Roberts – Joe Nieuwendyk – Brett Hull

    Jonas Hoglund – Robert Reichel – Theoren Fleury

    Chris Dingman – Cory Stillman – Chuck Kobasew

    Stu Grimson – Marty Murray – Sandy McCarthy

    Extras: Ronald Petrovichy, Ted Drury, German Titov, Clarke Wilm, Daniel Tkachuk


    Al MacInnis – Derek Morris

    Jason Smith – Gary Suter

    Robert Svehla – Denis Gauthier

    Extra: Toni Lydman


    Mike Vernon

    Trevor Kidd

  22. Habfan1234 says:

    Looks good to me.

  23. big_booty says:

    Any line that consists of Robert Reichel and Jonas Hogland will not take you to the Cup finals. The Maple Leafs were ample proof of that.

    Additionally, I wouldn’t exactly call Grimson and McCarthy “premier” goons. They do their job, but they’re not the best. I would take the likes of Worrell, Laraque, Ray, Fedoruk, and Brashear ahead of them.

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