Ig-nore those trade calls

Flames shouldn’t even consider moving franchise player because of scoring woes

While Wayne Gretzky’s trade taught the sports world everybody has a price, the cries to trade Jarome Iginla are both irrational and based largely on emotion.

The Calgary Flames missed the playoffs because of the team’s inability to score. So what sort of logic suggests the answer is to trade away your perennial scoring leader?

Despite faltering down the stretch to punctuate an admittedly off-year, only

15 players scored more goals than Iginla’s 32 this year — that despite the fact every team in the league aims solely to shut down Iginla to beat Calgary.

No worries though folks — even if Iginla waved his no-trade clause, these community-minded owners won’t allow anyone as valuable, popular or as wholesome as Iginla to be traded anytime soon. All that said, he needs an attitude adjustment as the apparent stalemate between the captain and the coach can’t continue.

Now for more notes, quotes and anecdotes from a sports world wondering how Darryl Sutter will respond as early as today when asked about the story broken in Sunday’s Sun he and brother/coach Brent weren’t on speaking terms most of the year.


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  1. number15 says:

    it really depends which direction Calgary wants to go.

    If they keep Iginla and Kipperofos, then why can easily put together a playoff team with a few major changes. They have some nice pieces even though theres huge holes…….. get Iginla a true first line centre and get rid of Bowemeester some how. Biggest change would be a coaching change and phylosophy of the team, maybe even a new GM….. build around Iginla, Kippersof, Hagman, White, Regher, Bourque and Stajan who is a decent 2nd line centre. see thats not bad…… just have a fire sale for the rest. lose anyone just for the sake of losing them.

    *** but if they wanna rebuild, Iggy AND kippy must go. hopefully he they dont have to deal with a Sundin-Leafs scenerio

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