Iggy talk clause for concern

No telling if captain would ever agree to be dealt

Mats Sundin screwed the Toronto Maple Leafs.

If, or when, the time ever comes for Jarome Iginla to make a decision regarding the franchise he loves, we’ll find out where his loyalty lies.

If ownership, via the GM, ever asks the Calgary Flames captain to waive his no-movement clause to help the club potentially find the next Iginla-like prospect, doing the right thing might come easier to the local nice guy than it did Sundin.

Leaving the Leafs after his contract expired later that year rather than when they asked him to go elsewhere at the

2008 trade deadline to help them rebuild, Sundin chose to cling to his no-deal clause and stick around. Convenient.

For him and his family, maybe. But he could have helped out the club he considered family and still returned as a free agent the next year.

He joined the Vancouver Canucks instead and became the rental player he swore he never wanted to become.

For every Steve Yzerman or Joe Sakic, there are dozens more longtime NHL stars who were traded in an effort to improve.

Talk used to centre around the idea Iginla would be a Flame for life. That was before the team missed the playoffs for the first time in six seasons.

Forced to look deep into the system, people are realizing the cupboards are pretty bare when it comes to prospects.

Turning 33 this summer, Iginla doesn’t have more than a few years of productivity left. At best.

And it doesn’t matter that he’s one, of if not the most fit, athlete in that locker-room every fall — age eventually becomes a factor in performance.


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  1. pezzz123 says:

    Iginla and Sarich to Florida vs. Nathan Horton, Cory Stillman, Keaton Ellerby, Michal Repik and a 1rst rounder

    Regehr and Pardy to Washington vs. Karl Alzner and a 1rst rounder

    Langkow to Toronto for Jeff Finger

    Kiprusoff to Tampa Bay for Mike Smith, Kari Ramo, Paul Ranger and Richard Panik

    Waive Kotalik
    Waive Finger

    Sign Brendan Morrison, 1 year, 1.5 million

    Resign Vesa Toskala, 1 year, 1.5 million
    Resign Paul Ranger, 3 years, 6.75 million
    Resign Eric Nystrom, 3 years, 3.75 million
    Resign Ian White, 3 years, 8.25 million
    Resign Jamal Mayers, 2 years, 2 million

    Hagman – Stajan – Bourque
    Stillman – Backlund – Horton
    Glencross – Morrison – Moss
    Dawes – Nystrom – Mayers

    Bouwmeester – Giordano
    White – Alzner
    Ranger – Staios


    This team sucks, but it's very young, and full of potential. The prospect cupboard is also restocked (Alzner, Repik, Ellerby, Panik, Ramo), and we have a lot of draft picks in the next 1-2 years. With this team, we should be able to draft top 5 in 2011.

    A lot of contracts are also coming off the books in the summer of 2010 and 2011, so this should give us plenty of money to be very competitive again (read : Stanley Cup potential) around 2013.

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    Well thought out and some good ideas. It is gonna be hard for the flames to bury those contracts though, no?

  3. 93killer93 says:

    Sundin royally screwed the Leafs.  He refused a trade to Vancouver that would have given the Leafs Kesler and a 1st only to sign with them the next year.

  4. kilter says:

    i,m no Leaf fan,not even alittle bit actually,but i think what your sayin about Sundin is Bullshit,he earned the right to say no to the Leafs,he was their heart and soul for 13yrs,without him,they would have been even more pathetic than they were,i never liked the Leafs organization but i respected them and their history,but after what they tried to do to a hockey legend like Sundin made me sick,i hope they rot in hell,why anyone would want to play there is beyond me,he was half the reason people wanted to go there was the chance to play with a great like him,he did,nt owe them a damn thing,they owed him! the fact that he did,nt want to give up the team he tried to make win everynight and the city he loved after all he had done for both is not a bad thing,its not like they were gonna go out and trade him for another Sundin,your supposed to build your team around you star players not let the team go to hell,then try and get the guy who's bled for you for 13 yrs to just say …"oh ok trade me and make this team that ive tried to make a winner my entire career without me"…nope thats not how it done!!!…GOOD ON YA SUNDIN!!!

  5. kilter says:

    THE LEAFS SCREWED THEMSELVES,what the hell is wrong with you people,if he was or had,nt had 30+goal seasons EVERY year he was there you might have an argument,but the man was top notch every year and was REWARDED with a no trade clause contract that he TOTALLY EARNED,he did,nt  scew the Leafs,he stuck with them when any sane player would have jumped the sinking ship years before,man you need to learn alittle more about how the world of hockey works!!!!

  6. Magleaf says:

    Sundin may have earned the right to, in his words "go down with the ship"

    But sundin did not earn the right to say that and then go down with another ship

  7. kilter says:

    i don,t care what he did after the Leafs,i,m just sayin that not wanting to be traded after all he did for them was his right and he earned it and he should be respected for it!.I,m a die hard Habs fan and wished for someone like him or Clark another player the leafs screwed over,for years,how they treated him after all he did for them and never left really pisses me off!

  8. Magleaf says:

    how were they screwed over?

    by becoming captain, by making so much money?

    I understand the fans werent to happy with sundins play but i dont see how clark was screwed

  9. 93killer93 says:

    Ya he did do alot of great things for the leafs and he was a great player who deserved a no-trade clause. But the fact that he refused to go to Vancouver as a rental player only to sign with them the next year as A RENTAL PLAYER kind of hurt the Leafs.

  10. DannyLeafs says:

    The Sundin situation was badly handled by the Leafs. It was a one year deal with an NTC. If you are going to give a player an NTC on a one year deal, don't even bother asking him to be traded, let alone going behind his back and making agreements with teams on deals so that you can try and save face. After that mishap I don't blame Sundin for not wanting to come back, and I really don't think his late season return was as big deal as anyone made it out to be.

    He simply seemed like a guy that was very torn, he no longer had as much desire to play hockey as he used to, which happens to all great players, but he still really wanted to win a cup. He took a long time to make the decision, but who's business is that, other than his own. The media blew it out of proportion because they had nothing better to do.

    In reality Sundin was the greatest Leaf player of all time, he was a class act and a model of consistency. After 13 seasons with the Leafs, giving everything to that organization, he was treated with absolutely no respect.

    Seriously, just think about it, he worked his ass off and earned an NTC on a one year deal. Fletcher then tried to deal him anyway just hoping that he didn't really mean it when he said he wanted to play the entire season for one team. You can't be much more disrespectful than that.

    Also, I don't think the situation with him going to Vancouver was the same as a rental. He didn't just wait and go for the best team, I think he already knew what team he would play for, he just wasn't sure if he was going to play. Also, he didn't want to be just shipped out like luggage so he could go for a cup run. He didn't want to just be a hired hand, start the year with one team, then move to another, he wanted to play for just one team for his entire season, which is what he had done.

  11. cam7777 says:

    all they did was ask him if he'd like to waive his ntc to go to a contender.  the idea was that he could have returned to the leafs the following season, with a winner built for him.  instead, he chose to say no, which is fine, but then he jumped ship to vancouver.  why not just let the leafs trade you to vancouver if you're going to go there anyways?  i don't really see asking someone if they want to be traded as a huge disgrace.  you need to get a grip a little bit.

    if all of fletcher's trades had gone down, sundin would have been returning to a cup contending team:

    kaberle to phi for carter and a 1st (john carlson)
    sundin to van for kesler and a 1st (cody hodgson)*
    mccabe to fla for vanryn and a 4th
    kubina to sjs for clowe and a 2nd
    tucker to col for a 2nd

    *though trading Sundin likely would have bumped their pick up, there's a chance that pick turns into Tyler Myers.  Conversely, getting rid of these guys would have bumped our pick down, possibly as low as #2 (Doughty)

    these were all pretty much on the table at the time of that deadline.  if sundin came back 2 months later, the team would have looked like this:

    poni – sundin – antropov
    hagman – carter – clowe
    blake – kesler – tlusty
    steen  -stajan – mayers

    myers – schenn
    vanryn – white
    colaiacovo – stralman

    toskala – cujo

    and that assumes no free agents were hired.  yea, leaf fans have some reason to be angry.  instead, those five players turned into:

    6 years of 1 million dollars on the cap (Tucker)
    Exelby (Kubina)
    VanRyn (but minus a 4th round pick)
    and we still have nothing for Kaberle, and nothing for Sundin.

  12. cam7777 says:

    Fletcher would have built a winner with all he could have got from those trades though, and welcomed Sundin back with open arms.  I think it is a bit of a misconception that we just threw Sundin out the door.  He wanted to build a winner with Sundin at the helm.  And he would have if Sundin had waived his NTC.  It's just, Sundin could not see how good those trades would have been.  Our own pick might have fallen as low as #2 (Doughty), and Vancouver's pick would have been about #13 (Myers).  Imagine that top pairing.  Not to mention Carter, Carlson, and Kesler. 

  13. pezzz123 says:

    Can we stop talking about Sundin or the Leafs for god's sake??? It's been 4 Flames threads and all we hear about is either the Leafs, Sundin or Gilmour.


  14. leafmeister says:

    Haha, its the offseason, and the Leafs have another disappointing season. Get ready for a shitstorm of Leaf talk.

  15. cam7777 says:

    They won't send Iginla to a shit hockey town like Florida.  Why not Los Angeles:

    To LAK: Iginla, Sarich, Dawes
    To CGY: B.Schenn, Johnson, Moller

    This makes LA a legitimate contender immediately, and adds three pretty stellar young pieces to the Flames.  They hate Johnson, and have already dangled Moller, so the only real piece the Kings have to give up is Schenn.  Maybe throw more picks going to CGY.

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