Igilna to be King

Restricted Free Agent Jarome Iginla is looking for a new team that can afford him after his tribulations with the Calgary Flames. He is not happy with what the Flames have to offer in more ways then one. Now that he has become a superstar he wants a better team. He is looking at a team that is serious about winning the Stanley Cup. A team that is looking ahead and don’t underestimate what Jarome can do. The Los Angeles Kings seem to best fit the profile. He is probably going to move for a draft pick most definitely soon.

Jarome is having many problems with the Calgary Flames that are just not being resolved. First off, the Flames have a relatively low budget and are not sure Iginla will always be as productive as this last year. Or if he is worth the money he desires anyway. Second, the Flames are looking for some youngsters and draft picks. They think that they could get more with the money that they would be spending on Iginla. The only problem is the fans love him and would hate to see him go especially to a rival (remember the huge fight). Third, Iginla is disappointed with the Flames pathetic attempt at getting some new players for the team. He is looking at a team that have these qualities, the Los Angeles Kings.

The Kings are looking at a second line forward. A skater that can get the job done while the first line is resting. To take a little pressure off Deadmarsh, Palffy, and Allison. They have realized that the team isn’t very productive when the first line is off the ice. So they new that a legitimate goal scorer would be the end of that problem. A sniper like Iginla was the ideal candidate.

Since Iginla is a Restricted free agent the Kings see their opportunity. They Iginla, the highest goal scorer last year, meets more than what the Kings thought they needed. Also it is oddly convenient cause the Kings are particularly low in centers. The one problem is that Iginla is more likely a first line player. There is no way that that he can moved up cause the Kings first line is working so well.

In my opinion this plan will work efficiently for both the Kings and Iginla. The Kings can easily afford him so Igilna wouldn’t have to complain about salary problems. The Kings could will put him in a second scoring line and that means more time for the first line to rest and when players are well rested they definitely play better. But that’s just obvious. In addition Iginla would enjoy the luxurious Los Angeles life style too. With all of this he might move very soon.

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  1. Canucks1stCup says:


  2. Canucks1stCup says:

    according to his agent, Don Meehan, no teams have approached him about potential trades or offer sheets.

    A draft pick? why the hell would the flames trade him for ONE pick when they can potentially get FIVE?

    Anyways, Iggys name is being dragged through the mud in Calgary, and i expect them to split the difference and sign for around 6 million or so…if hes a real man, he should sign a 1 yr deal and prove his worth, then sign a 4 yr deal for 8+ million or something.

  3. NemiNA says:

    Are you talking about a 3 way trade with the NYR, LA, And Calgary?

    that would make some sense. all teams are constantly looking to improve.

    Calgary gets: Radek Dvorak-Tomas Kloucek and a 2st round pick

    NYR- Ziggy Palffy, Steve Heinze

    LA- Jarome Iginla, Oleg Saprykin

    I don’t know, I’m open and would like some comments

  4. Jcclark says:

    Are you joking?

    Palffy is untouchable.

  5. Jcclark says:

    There is simply no place for Iginla on the LA Kings. Why would the KIngs pay 7.5 million for a second line winger. There is no way he can break LAs top line. Iggy should stay in Calgary to show everyone he is truely an elite player in this league.

    Even if something is going to happen to the Kings, they usually are tight lipped about it.

    You find out the day the deal is done and dont hear much for rumours. (There like the AVs organization in that regards)

  6. aafiv says:

    I say let Iginla sit out the season and not play hockey. He’s not worth the greedy 7.5 mil he’s asking for. He’s just a kid. Let him sit out and look like another Yashin. That goes for Theodore too.

    These players are good but what does this do to player salaries when the kids are making 6-8 mil a year?

  7. guinsfan4life says:

    You see, everyone can demand that you have a source for what you post, but when it actually comes time to put one down and someone doesn’t, they post it anyway.

  8. guinsfan4life says:

    If it made noise I’d say it sounded like

    NO WAY! That deal would never go down. Calgary would need more of an immeadiate fix to somewhat fill the gap left by Iglina.

  9. guinsfan4life says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. A month ago I sent in a post about Herb Brooks being promoted in the penguin organization and they didn’t even post it, which was clearly backed up with sources; instead we get crap like this.

    I’ll tell you, this is one reason why I, and alot of others, don’t bother to visit this site after a few days.

  10. guinsfan4life says:

    To follow up on what you said about 2004 approaching, I think alot of teams are really worried about that. Bettman has said and been quoted as saying that he is pushing for a salary cap-straight cap. He believes it has to happen for the league to succeed. Personally, I agree with him, even though he is a dolt. So maybe these guys should start sitting down at the table now and hash out an agreement and come back with something that will work, not like MLB just did by putting a bandaid over a gushing wound.

  11. ForeignObject says:

    This person is obviously very “special”! Here it is gang, NO US TEAM will sign Iginla. Why you ask? Well it is because Canadian teams get to match any offer from a US team, in Canadian dollars. Therefore, even if the Kings offered Jarome 10 Million US, the Flames could match in Canadian dollars, and at the current exchange rate, that would still be a good deal for Calgary.

    Iginla hasn’t signed for one reason, and one reason only, the NHLPA. They aren’t going to let him sign for less than 7 million.

    Finally, you Toronto fans need to wake up, and realise Cujo is gone, and you have three sad sack goalies in camp. Oh, and after McCabe, your defence is awful. I see a lot of goals being scored in bean town, and they aren’t by the blue shirts!

  12. i_am_beast says:

    You really must think we are stupid….well stupidier than you. You have nothing to back this, contradicted yourself, and just plain stupid.

    1) Calgary will sign him then trade him if they can’t afford him.

    2) your stupid

    3) Calgary doesn’t repeat doesn’t want any draft picks or “up and comers”

    4) he’d be on any top line

    5)your stupid

    6) your what…an La fan?

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