Iginla a as panther?

Jarome Iginla is going to be a RFA at the end of this season, and he is going to win the scoring race by a considerable margin. As a canidate for the Hart Trophy on a nonplayoff team, this guy is going to want a ton of cash for the next few seasons. Money, that the Calgary Flames probably won’t be able to put together.Iginla is a power forward that does everything. Fight, get in front of the net, play defense, be gritty, and still score alot of goals. What better definition of a Mike Keenan type player do you need?

The Florida Panthers cleared out 10 million in the budget by dumping Pavel Bure, and acquired a decent prospect and a 1st rounder to deal with. If the Flames cannot sign Iginla, he may want to find a different home. Florida probably isnt the best hockey city to play in, but at least its warm there. The Panthers could make a deal to acuire the rights to Iggy and then sign him.

Iggy would be something for the Panthers to build around in the future, and again he is the Keenan kind of power forward that he wants.

Kristian Huselius is something that the Panthers could offer to the Flames, along with the extra first rounder they got from the New York Rangers, and then maybe add Trevor Kidd to replace Vernon as their backup goalie behind Turek. They probably will have to add another 3rd or 4th round pick to this to get him, but they are going to have to give the Flames something to build on. Huselius might be what they need in exchange, as a potential rookie of the year cannidate, but he isnt the franchise player that Jarome is.

Iginla is Calgary’s franchise player, and it is going to take a ton to get him out of Calgary, and he is going to have to decide that he doesnt like the money offered by Calgary. If they can’t resign him, what better fit then with the panthers?

Whada u guys think?

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