Iginla, Palffy, Nolan, and some other stuff

Where are these’s bumb’s heading?

Iginla afer having a terrible year with the Calgary Flames will most likely be on the market. The flames will miss the playoffs for the sixith or seventh straight year, it’s hard to remember the last time they were there. Anyways, expect the NYR to make a dive into another decent player so that they can over pay them for under production. Iginla is not worth the money he makes and Calgary should have signed him to a short deal with less money. Therefore if he would have performed again he may deserve the money he’s making now.

Bar’s Prediction:

Iginla stays, Calgary will not throw away their one draw to the box office. If Calgary ships Iggy away the team mine as well pack up and head to Houston, New Orleans or whatever hockey idiot U.S. city which has never seen a zambonie, yet wants a “hackey” team.

Next is Palffy, or Palfy, I don’t even know how to spell his name. It’s probably because he plays on the west coast and doesn’t get to much exposure to us east coast people. His day’s in LaLa land are numbered. His production is only average compared to when he was on the Isle, and he seems almost non existent when once was considered and up and coming star. I don’t know who would want to take Palffy in a trade. It may be another safe trade for NYR since they would not have to give very much in return, Palffy’s trade value shouldn’t be very high. Iginla on the other hand is only 25 and it may take a package of young players to pry him away from Calgary.


Palffy can join the other power puff’s, Bure, Lindros, Holik, wow do they ever stink in NYR. Good move for Kovalev although too bad Super Mario needed the bling bling. Palffy won’t help the Rangers too much, just give more superstar players less ice time to work with. I don’t understand what Glenny is doing in New York. Remember that Oiler team he built from scratch when he had no money. Give him the richest team in the NHL and he just tries to buy every washed up superstar. Phhh Glenny i like a few of the guy’s you got, but the some of them are just big wastes of money. You guy’s are in trouble when the CBA comes to town in 2004. I’d like to see you keep that entire team under a $50 million salary cap.

Finally Owen Nolan, what a great man. Great player, lots of grit. Too bad he’s been in a slump since the Olympics finished two years ago. He’s on his way out of a decent team that just ran into a tough season. Where would Nolan want to go, hmmm, tough question. I say if the leafs make a splash they may do so with Nolan.


As much as I pray that the leafs get a Nolan, Pat Quinn doesn’t like to give up too much in return. Him and B. Burke of Van town are the two smartest players in the game. It’s just sad that the leafs had so many injuries early on or else they could be going on 10 game unbeaten streaks too! Anyways, I say the leafs if they go for Nolan are going to have to part with something they may like. Now i don’t know what that may be or what San Jose is looking for but don’t expect the leafs to give up too much. P.Q. is all about his teams chemistry. Maybe if he relinquishes the GM job because bell canada doesn’t like the idea of him being coach/GM, he might get a trade, but he might loose something he likes. Anyways…

I’m Bar1069 signing off

Just like to say im a huge oilers fan…boy are those guys not going to make the playoffs again and still finish with 90+ points or what…it’ll be a close race…


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  1. Slovakiaz says:

    Hey looser, this article wasn’t about 3-4 words you and everybody didn’t understand’… and imagine that world is far bigger than ENGLISH speaking countries. You’re an idiot, hehe …

  2. beckfan says:

    See you two Islander freaks just proved how dumb Islander fans really are! Your talking about yesteryear. You bitch that all the news is Ranger and Leaf related. I said to post something about the Islanders and you post that they have new owners (that happened two years ago) and they made the playoffs ( that happened 10 months ago). Way to keep up to date boys!

    And ya know what else, Thrasher and Canadiens fans post about their teams and how often do those teams make news?

  3. Slovakiaz says:

    I forgot he’s from east coast ! I’m taking my harsh words back, sorry … he’s some kind of ??? :o)

  4. batesismyhero17 says:

    Thats a great illustration of your reading comprehension skills, because i was also talking about the playoffs this year.

    Most fans including myself, dotn feel the need to waste everyones time by instantly assuming that my team will get an available player, which seems to be the case with ranger and leaf fans

  5. beckfan says:

    Then dont complain about posts until your or that other Islander dope post something!

  6. BULLITT says:

    figures an oiler fan would say all that smack about iginla name one oiler player with more goals than iggy you can’t not even close they might have more points but they will be playing golf the same time as the flames hahahaha

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